A Very Glee Christmas: Round Table Discussion

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From a Grinch to a reindog to a belief in Santa Claus, the final Glee episode of 2010 gave us a sweet look at the holidays... William McKinley style!

It also gave us some solid songs, funny quotes and interesting questions to ponder. That's exactly what we do in the following edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table:

What was your favorite quote from the episode?
Matt R.: I just adore Sue. Even when she's being nice, she can't help but throw in a line such as: "I thought you might wanna put all of out of our misery and shave off that Chia Pet."

Steve M.: This may have been my favorite Sue diss of all-time, aimed in the direction of Emma: "You're a regular Agatha Christie. Except even more sexless."

Eric H.: Pretty much everything that was requested of Santa, from chapstick for Sam to less Channing Tatum for Mike.

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What was your favorite song from the episode?
Matt R.: The Finnchel duet of "Last Christmas." It was well-sung and fit the (sad) storyline between this pair.

Steve M.: Blaine pretty much has my heart at this point. He and Kurt's take on "Baby It's Cold Outside" made me want to stay inside for hours and just listen to this classic single.

Eric H.: I've always been a ballad man, so gotta go with Rachel's beautiful rendition of "Merry Christmas Darling."

Are you on Team Finn, Team Rachel or neither?
Matt R.: Neither. I don't feel a need to choose a side just because a couple has split. Finn lied about sex with Santana. Rachel cheated on Finn. Both these facts simply make it clear: these two shouldn't be together.

Steve M.: Team Finn! He said it best himself last night: both of his two serious girlfriends have cheated on him. That's scarring stuff that not even the nicest Christmas tree can fix.

Eric H.: Team I Just Want Them Back Together Again! Both sides definitely messed up, let's face it. But obstacles can often bring a couple closer and the show is simply more fun to watch when Finn and Rachel are together, don't you agree?

What are your hopes for the second half of the season?
Matt R.: Less Kurt. I love Chris Colfer in this role and think it's refreshing for a show to feature an openly gay student in such a manner. But storylines tend to get tiled in his direction - bullying causes him to transfer, yet the school doesn't react when a teacher throws a shoe at students?!? - and it's grown a little tiresome.

Steve M.: A new love interest for Will. Seriously, why not call up Holly Holiday, dude? Emma has moved on (to the never-seen Carl). It's time for you to do the same.

Eric H.: More action from the Cheerios, more of Artie and Brittany, fewer lectures from Will and, oh yeah, utter New Directions domination at Nationals!

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The best song this week was by far Baby it's cold outside even though last christmas is my irl fav christmas song. it fit really well into the flirtation between the two and it was happy and upbeat as christmas songs should be


To clear up some confusion - Rachel tried to cheat on Fin with Puck but he refused to let it go further because he had already hurt Fin once. That is the reason why Fin isn't mad at Puck and is only mad at Rachel


sorry one more thing...i find this really funny...was watching season 1 tonight again with my mom...in one of the first episodes Emma makes a comment about John Stamos (not his character on the show but the actor) to Schue...find it funny she is "married" to him now


Beth is Rachel's little sister sorry just read it back and realized it sounded like i said Idina's sister oops my bad lol


So i have to say love Finnchel! think they are cute together....honestly Finn does need to get over it...i see his point because Rachel didn't just cheat with a random guy it was the guy that got his ex preggers...kudos to puck though for backing off....but Lea's solo was fantastic (loved the snow on stage very sweet) he just needs to chill and figure stuff out...the last little look before the end of the episode over the tree decorating makes me believe they are foreshadowing there will be a Finnchel again....personally I am thinking what will be written is a completely spontaneous makeout/hookup (not orchestrated by Rachel like the tree hunting kiss) between them which will lead to Rachel being all Finn-crazy and Finn being all She-Cheated-On-Me-Crazy but ultimately realize he actually does forgive her... oh and as a fellow Brittany (which isn't used enough as supporting or lead character names regardless of how many girls have that name now) i liked her before hand....absolutely love her now yes she is dumb but her innocence is amazing and endearing! Never thought in the beginning of S1 that Artie and Britt would be together....ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS MADE IN SL YET! Coach was amazing shipping "legs" in for Artie...probably the most generous (because you know those weren't cheap) and beautiful gift that could be given... On Baby Beth front...i truly believe they will bring Idina back in...after all Beth is her "little sister" adopted or not...but also because Idina's character went through giving her baby up for adoption and i think Quinn and/or Puck will want to see the baby and she won't hinder that because she went through the same thing....she will be back (thank God because i love Idina I believe i have cried almost every time i have heard her sing on Glee)


Disappointed with finn and rachel breakup as well. Do not think will watch show anymore if they do not get back together. People should leave quinn and sam alone they are cute together and really like one another. Puck should get together with new girl as this would show that people are beautiful even if overweight and she seems to really like him. Jesse was a loser and should never be back on show.


Ok, i just loved this episode. From tearing up during the finchel tree hunting and the wonderful music, it was a win for me. Before hand i was in target and bought the CD, and it has not stopped playing in our house ever since =D


more puck, less sam! oh and more quick and less quam or suinn, whatever the hell name this incestuous looking couple have. there was so many times in the first half of season one when quinn and finn were still together that quinn and puck shown interest in each other, then when they are finally both free to be with each other ryan murphy gets stupid sam in!


i want Glee consistency please.
What happen to Quinn's and Mercedes blossoming friendship? The baby (I miss Idina)?
I just hope they manage to create a strong storyline like last season. I feel that this season every single episode has jumped in different directions, following no set course. Stop caring about tributing artists Glee writers and write some good stuff please. I'm being optimistic because I love the show but think that nothing will change. Is this why Glee's taking a break: the writers are stumped? It feels like it.
P.S: Call me for ideas :)


What I want for the rest of the season? Uhm, Jesse St. James, please.
And I'll say this as nicely as I can - Finchel needs to GTFO of my TV screen.
When does Asian Santa get here?

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