A Very Glee Christmas: Round Table Discussion

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From a Grinch to a reindog to a belief in Santa Claus, the final Glee episode of 2010 gave us a sweet look at the holidays... William McKinley style!

It also gave us some solid songs, funny quotes and interesting questions to ponder. That's exactly what we do in the following edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table:

What was your favorite quote from the episode?
Matt R.: I just adore Sue. Even when she's being nice, she can't help but throw in a line such as: "I thought you might wanna put all of out of our misery and shave off that Chia Pet."

Steve M.: This may have been my favorite Sue diss of all-time, aimed in the direction of Emma: "You're a regular Agatha Christie. Except even more sexless."

Eric H.: Pretty much everything that was requested of Santa, from chapstick for Sam to less Channing Tatum for Mike.

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What was your favorite song from the episode?
Matt R.: The Finnchel duet of "Last Christmas." It was well-sung and fit the (sad) storyline between this pair.

Steve M.: Blaine pretty much has my heart at this point. He and Kurt's take on "Baby It's Cold Outside" made me want to stay inside for hours and just listen to this classic single.

Eric H.: I've always been a ballad man, so gotta go with Rachel's beautiful rendition of "Merry Christmas Darling."

Are you on Team Finn, Team Rachel or neither?
Matt R.: Neither. I don't feel a need to choose a side just because a couple has split. Finn lied about sex with Santana. Rachel cheated on Finn. Both these facts simply make it clear: these two shouldn't be together.

Steve M.: Team Finn! He said it best himself last night: both of his two serious girlfriends have cheated on him. That's scarring stuff that not even the nicest Christmas tree can fix.

Eric H.: Team I Just Want Them Back Together Again! Both sides definitely messed up, let's face it. But obstacles can often bring a couple closer and the show is simply more fun to watch when Finn and Rachel are together, don't you agree?

What are your hopes for the second half of the season?
Matt R.: Less Kurt. I love Chris Colfer in this role and think it's refreshing for a show to feature an openly gay student in such a manner. But storylines tend to get tiled in his direction - bullying causes him to transfer, yet the school doesn't react when a teacher throws a shoe at students?!? - and it's grown a little tiresome.

Steve M.: A new love interest for Will. Seriously, why not call up Holly Holiday, dude? Emma has moved on (to the never-seen Carl). It's time for you to do the same.

Eric H.: More action from the Cheerios, more of Artie and Brittany, fewer lectures from Will and, oh yeah, utter New Directions domination at Nationals!

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I don't think Finn & Rachel need to be together for a good story. Maybe because they haven't had much plot tv time lately, from what I remember of the past episodes it's been all about Kurt. Them breaking up was thrown at as like Sectionals was!


I agree that there isn't much consistency at all this season. What was great about last season was that all storylines flowed right to the end. The Will's baby, Quinn's baby, Will/Emma, Finn/Rachel/Quinn/Puck storylines, even Sue trying to destroy Glee Club was all consistent leading us to the finale. All the while PRACTICING and building up towards Sectionals then Regionals. This season the episodes have been a mess, to say the least. IMO the writers spent too much time on Kurt's SL. The first few were very Kurt heavy, not a bad thing I may add, but made the other characters SL stall. Now that Kurt has in a way been resolved, they crammed everyone else's SL in the past few episodes not to mention Sectionals with hardly any lead up to them. Now we get major character changes like Santana suddenly becoming an outright bitch. She wasn't that terrible during the first season. Despite all of these I will keep watching and will continue to hope that the writers will get it together soon and that the episodes will get better as the second half progresses.


oh come on! they just kissed! finn did the same to quinn, and he didn't even get why rachel was so upset. of course she's upset- it would be SO humiliating to find that out, especially when she's been so open about being a virgin. i would kill my boyfriend for lying like that, especially if everyone else knew. I think what rachel did was dumb, but she's a teenager, gimme a break. having everyone hate me would lead me to make out with the only guy who stands up for me as well.


And Rachel had better chemistry with Puck, Jesse, and even Will when she had a school girl crush on him, than she does with Finn. And Finn.... oh, that poor boy. Quinn, Santana, Rachel... He needs to find himself a nice girl.


@NADINE: When Finn did that, he would have been wrong by Quinn, not Rachel. Quinn had also slept with his best friend and was pregnant with his baby well before this. She was also controlling, manipulative, and emotionally abusive, and I believe that had there not been a baby involved, he would have left her much sooner. Rachel kissed AND tried to have sex with Puck to get revenge on and deliberately hurt Finn because he lied to her about something he did when they weren't even dating. There's a difference.


Team Finachel - Finn & Rachel belong together, so annoyed they broke this couple up :(


I love Finn and Rachel together but I honestly don't feel like they are a couple. I cannot feel the chemistry between them. It just seems to me that they are all over each other but when it comes to feelings I just don't feel it. I want them to be more passionate but also good friends. I also kinda feel that Rachel is always trying to get close to him, and all he ever does is wait for her to come round. I want him to be more romantic. I hope this isn't all they can show as a couple.




UGHHH FINN CHEATED ON QUINN TWIIIICE~ kissed rachel twiiiice why did everyone forget this.... finn is such a hypocrite


Overall a solid episode. Love Coach Bieste in this ep. I love her in every ep though. WTH with Finn's TWO stiff-arms to Rachel last night? He supposedly loves her and it was a major downer that he rejected her not once...but twice! We get it!! I just thought that it didn't fit with the rest of the show.......I don't care about whether they're together or not. She bugs the crap out of me; He's (usually) adorable. She ruins it for me. What I want more of in the second half of the season, or let's say what I WANT since there has been nothing so far, QUICK!!!!!!! Why the build up for these two last season for nothing??!!!! I could even take her with Sam if Puck was fighting for her. But nope. Puck just says his funny one liners and that's it. He needs a decent sl next half and Quinn needs to get with her baby daddy!!!!!

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