ABC Renews Sextet of Favorites

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ABC has given early renewals to six favorites.

It's anything but a shock for these shows to have already been picked up for next season, but the news should still bring a smile to fans of...

On Call Callie
The Pritchetts
Kissing Castle

Of more note might be the shows NOT included on this list, including mainstays such as Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters. It is early, however. There's a good chance both those shows will be picked up.

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Dag nabbit good stuff you whippersanperps!


no shockers here




Yay so excited for Grey's and Private Practice, but I didn't doubt it for a second!


Glad GA has been renewed. PP needs GA to preceed it. I don't think PP would survive otherwise IMO


i hope there r more than eight seasons of Grey's and i hope ep and pd wld renew their contracts becoz no amount of MD is enough I have a feeling they wld they so wld renew their contracts if Shonda can cme up wid compelling SL So yeah m keeping hope alive "fingers crossed" But for now yeah to another season of Grey's and MerDer


Very happy Cougar Town was renewed I love that show.


Woohoo! Definitely glad to know that both my favorites will be having another season. Yay for Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy! :)


yay for greys and PP!!! So exicted and hope it isnt the last season of greys but i would like to see it end on a high... but actually @bren032 seasons 1,2,3 consisted of mer, cristina, alex, izzie, and george's intern year. I'm not positive about the time frame for seasons 4-7 but still that would leave at least 2 more years of residency since the chief said it was 7 yrs in the series premier.


I'm glad my 3 fav's are coming back, Grey's, Private Practice and Castle. Wow season 8 of Grey's Anatomy.

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