Family Guy Review: "And I'm Joyce Kinney"

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In a totally awesome Family Guy episode, we find out that Lois made Flintstone-style porn, Stewie might be a “porn baby,” and that maybe Mary Magdalene could’ve been a porn star.

In an irreverent and hilarious way, Lois gets star billing during “And I’m Joyce Kinney.”  By trusting her favorite anchorwoman and spilling her darkest secret about being a porn star back in the 80's (with a great throwback to Forrest Gump), the entire town of Quahog ended up shunning Lois after Joyce Kinney, who was actually a “Joyce Chevapravatdumron” back in high school, airs the news over the evening broadcast.

Drink Up, Lois!

Although her family iwas surprisingly blase about the news, the Quahog church refused to let Lois attend their services until she made a stirring speech comparing herself to Mary Magdalene.  As Lois owned it by sharing “Quest for Fur” with the congregation, everyone cheered and invited the Griffin family back to the flock.

It was moving to see. Below, we've compiled the best Family Guy quotes from the episode:

Tina Fey: I'm better than Jesus!
Lois: Yes, Tina Fey, you're better than Jesus. | permalink
Lois: Who did Jesus hang around? Mary Magdalene. Who was she? A
prostitute. Which means if they had cameras back then, I bet she
would've done a porno. | permalink
Meg [to Chris]: Yea Griffin! Your mom's gross and nasty!
Chris to Meg: Yea suck it! You're a whore daughter! | permalink
Stewie: Good lord! Am I a... porn baby?! | permalink
Lois: No, you're a lady bigshot... like Miss Piggy! | permalink
Stewie [as he spots a baby] : BILF! Total BILF! Yeah, it's going
totally good... I got about six pacifiers now. | permalink


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Lois has become an even more unlikable,hated character in family guy now thanks to Seth's dumbass.He's fucking up the characters. Why people dont watch Family Guy anymore. Peter-annoying,braindead,and a jerk. Lois-mean,careless,and stupid as well as a bad mother. Chris-retarded jerk. Meg-punching bag. Stewie-gay Brian-liberal atheist. Quagmire-jerk. Do those look like likable characters to you?HELL NO.Seth needs to stop being such a dumbass and putting his political views in the show because nobody really cares and why do you think the whole world hates him even more now.Cause he's an IDIOT.


This episode was just SHIT.I am really starting to hate Lois.Shes become such an asshole now.I hope she gets the shit beat out of her.ok and i know its a cartoon.


daniel you will just have to get the fact that Seth is now Bill "king of the douchesbags" Marher's mini-me


I read the quotes and they forgot about the quote where Peter tells Louis that if he'd porn pick was taking recently the black censor bars would be much lower! That line made me crack up for like 5 minutes straight! :D


This episode has some of the best quotes! =D


Agree with Daniel. Seth forgot that one of the fundamentals in Christianity is forgiving. I don't think any priest would ban anybody out of community for a sin from 20 years ago - it just wouldn't happen, so whole construction of the episode is ridiculous.


I entered the wrong info. Sorry.


Meh. more of the same. " Religion is bad " / " Religious people are ignorant ", " Liberals are good " / " Liberals are superior " pablum that Seth McFarlane has been heavily ladling out via Family Guy for the past several seasons. They've made an attempt to tone it down for some episodes, but FG has become Seth M's personal soapbox for spreading his message about how Conservatives & anybody who believes in anything else but humanism & materialism are ( very likely ) closed - minded & ignorant. I keep watching it in hopes of seeing real humor ( Besides the ever - present excrement / vomit / STD jokes ) on the show, but I think the search is in vain.


I like the Hulk opening that was cool they should do more of that


Great episode. And it gave me a new word to squeeze into my personal vocabulary: vajberry!

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Family Guy Season 9 Episode 9 Quotes

BILF! Total BILF! Yeah, it's going
totally good... I got about six pacifiers now.

Lois [as Stewie aims a blaster at her]: Well, let me just say, it's
nice to be standing here with no one trying to murder me.
Stewie: Yea, no you're fine...