The Mentalist Review: "Bloodhounds"

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The Mentalist returned this week with “Bloodhounds,” an episode filled with Jane’s antics and one giant Rottweiler but, sadly, no actual Bloodhounds. 

At least we got to hear Jane and Lisbon rhyme as though they had stumbled upon the murder of Dr. Seuss.  They just couldn’t seem to stop themselves. One of the highlights of The Mentalist for me is the banter between these two.  I only wish “Bloodhounds” had more of it.

Jane and Dr. Montague

Now, what did Jane do with Lisbon’s couch and why?  Any ideas?  I love how Lisbon just shakes her head and gives a resigned sigh as she wonders what the heck happened to her sofa.

And why was Jane asking everyone if they knit?  The question was amusing because there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to it.  It’s great how he asks Lisbon, but doesn’t wait for her to answer and answers it himself: “No, of course not.  You grew up surrounded by boys.”

Dr. Montague was an interesting distraction, but a distraction nevertheless.  I prefer it when our CBI team works together without outsiders and I felt Montague’s presence just replaced what would have been scenes with Jane and Lisbon.  Perhaps they just needed someone to play Jane’s foil, considering Lisbon knows most of his tricks.

The conflict between Cho and Rigsby was practically brushed aside.  Cho is obviously still ticked about having to lie to investigators to save Rigsby’s career while simultaneously putting his own in jeopardy.  Rigsby tries to discuss it once.  He comes off whiny and immature and then they are interrupted. 

At the end, Cho hands him a soda and all is right with the world again.  I’m not buying it.  I suppose Cho has to get over it if they are going to work together, but this was a serious issue and I’m hoping it comes back again before the end of the season.

It looks like we’ve got another week with no new episode.  Ugh.  But that does give us plenty of time to discuss this one so feel free to share your thoughts:  Did you enjoy Dr. Montague?  Have you had enough of the Cho / Rigsby story?  Can you imagine Lisbon rapping?


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What is the real name of this Dr. Montague? any one know?


I too am tired of repeats, one after the other. However, when I watch BBC programs, I realize that their seasons are often limited to 10 or twelve episodes or less, so we get to see about 23 episodes of our favorite show. Did you just love it when Jane is trying to explain to Lisbon that he is on a bus and she doesn't get it, and how can he by just tasting the beverage know that it contained glycol?


I didn't like Dr.M. For me her character was flat and dull and added nothing to the show. I agree that she kind of replaced what could have been scenes with Jane and Lisbon. I loved that Jane bought Lisbon a new couch though I assume he did it alone for his own benefit. After all he likes to nap in Lisbon's office pretty often and that old couch of hers didn't look particular comfortable for him.


I didn't hate Montague but I didn't love her either. What I did like was Jane and Lisbon rhyming. They are both such serious people and it's nice to see them bring out one another's silly side. What's up with all of the repeats? I want new episodes already.


Great episode. I hope to see Montagu again.


We here suspect that Lisbon's couch is in Jane's new home upstairs.


Beam Dr. Montague up to the next story !!!


Dr Montague was an interesting diversion, however I liked the way she quietly attacked Jane with her comments about his being depressed and the apologised. His look was priceless. And Lisbon did ask the crew to find her couch but later on was seen trying to enjoy thenew one. Cho and Rigsby will never get over their problem, the lie has created a chasm that cannot be breached especially with soft drinks. Did anyone wonder where Jane got the 2 kidneys. They did look to be human in size.


Sorry for typos and spelling -- I shouldn't type directly in!


I liked Montague too. The knitting was about the 2 victims both having something knit by the same person. I didn't think Cho was over what Rigsby had done as much as much as pragmatically taking steps to get Rigsby to leave him alone about it (in part because Rigsby bringing it up at innoportune times like he was would eventually lead to the truth coming out) -- of course, I'm probably giving too much credit to what the writers expected us to figure out about it??

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