Family Guy Review: "Friends of Peter G."

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Welcome back, Death! 

Unfortunately, this character's return was the most interesting part of a Family Guy episode that featured one good song and a valuable lesson for Peter and Brian. Let’s break it down.

A Sermon by Peter

With their drinking hitting new heights, Brian and Peter are sentenced to 30 days of AA meetings. Deciding that the meetings are dull and the people uninteresting, they devise a clever way to make the gatherings more lively: beer.

When Joe comes to investigate, the entire AA gang break into song about the evils of alcohol. This is all for show, of course, and while drunk driving back home, Peter dies in a car accident.

Enter Death. He shows Peter, due to his infinite wisdom and space-time altering skills, that it’s all about moderation. We get to see Peter as a 50s-sitcom dad who looks like he came straight out of a Dilbert cartoon strip. 

Overall, a slower episode, but let's toast to Death with the following Family Guy quotes:

Death: You members of the human race have the power to send a man to the moon and make Justin Long a movie star.
Peter: We did it with Justin Long didn't we? America said no but we kept at it! | permalink
Peter: You know what? I was so drunk, my ghost is drunk. | permalink
Peter: Alcoholics... transform! | permalink
Stewie: She slams us against the monkey bars but none of us have the language skills to call her on it. | permalink
Brian: Uh no... uh I'm going to meet Jenny's cats.
Peter: What are you talking about? You hate cats.
Brian (gritting his teeth): I'm... going... to... meet... her cats... | permalink


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Family Guy Is My Favorite TV Show.


Oh my. I do love the holier than thou folks who commented here. Being an alcoholic in recovery myself (a couple of decades and counting, one day at a time), I found this episode to be simply hilarious. Especially the musical number presented for Joe's bamBOOZElement!! Good golly, if I can't laugh at this AND myself in the process, then recovery has served me wrong all these years.
And someone mentioned a "moral"? Uh, but we are talking about Family Guy, right? Since when did morals or morality ever take precedence in Family Guy? Bag o' weed, anyone?? nyuk-nyuk....


What a crappy episode. Kinda Overlooking the fact that alcoholism is deadly and that when you have that addiction, there is no moderation, otherwise, if they could control themselves, they would. Or the idea that not drinking would turn you into a douchebag. Real respectful for those trying to turn their lives around after suffering for so long. Thinking that moderation is the cure for an alcoholic is like Tom Cruise saying that Schizophrenia can be cured with vitamin C and exercise. Yeah. Sure. So funny. Not. And family guy was one of my favorite shows too. But then they show this crap. Talk about what you know Seth, not about what you don't.


The worst part is the moral of the episode about drinking in modernation and mocking the AA was something south park did like 3 seasons ago.


THANK GOODNESS it is not just me. I purposefully looked for a thread like this just to see if other people noticed how much this episode sucked. This was horrible. The only purpose of the horribly long song was to waste time because they couldnt think of real jokes. Same with every other "joke". Just stretched out unfunny crap. I also don't appreciate the christianity mocking. It wasn't witty. It seemed like they just did it cause they once again couldnt think of funny jokes. Might be the worst episode I've seen.


THANK GOODNESS it is not just me. I purposefully looked for a thread like this just to see if other people noticed how much this episode sucked. This was horrible. Th


Hey, folks, "Mr. Booze" was NOT a FAMILY GUY original song! It was from "Robin & The Seven Hoods" starring the Rat Pack and Bing Crosby. Except that, in the movie, it was a casino turning into a revival meeting to fool the cops. Here's the original, classic clip:


Just awful. So awful that I actually looked for a forum to post how awful it really was. A very slow and dull opening sequence -- actually, make that the entire episode. Aside from Stewie's abusive teacher, the sock puppet, and the Rosie reference, nothing in this episode was funny. The reference to the magical baby being born in Bethlehem had potential to be funny if 1) it actually made sense (um, people have never "gotten along" even WITHOUT religion), and 2) I wasn't so sick of MacFarlane soaking his episodes with his scathing hatred for Christianity (and seemingly no other religion). Once MacFarlane began treating his TV show as his pulpit, the comedic quality of FG REALLY began to suffer. I wish he would take an approach more akin to South Park, in which ALL ideas and religions are subject to scrutiny; his one-sidedness really drives me away from this show. Otherwise, the musical number (the one thing that could REDEEM this episode) was too long and nothing we hadn't seen before. I think someone else mentioned it was too reminiscent of the Weed song; I agree. Family Guy has definitely jumped the shark.


Does anybody remember when Family Guy was must see tv and was actually funny? Oh, how I miss those days. The fluff that has passed off as episodes lately is just tragic. As for this episode, it was rotten from start to finish. The idea was alright, but the execution was lackluster. The Mr. Booze song reeked of the Bag of Weed song and I lost interest about halfway into the episode. I am so glad that this episode wasn't one of the first episodes, or FOX would have pulled the trigger on this show years ago. Seth should be ashamed.


Are you guys crazy? This episode was brilliant. Not only was it laugh out loud funny, but it had a bunch clever commentary on a wide variety of subjects (alcohol, AA, religion, chiropractic). What more do you want from an episode of Family Guy? I mean, just don't watch it if you're a cynical, nitpicking prude.

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She slams us against the monkey bars but none of us have the language skills to call her on it.


I see you have something new going on this week but there's a new teacher in pre-school who deactivates the camera and hits us.