Glee Review: Take This, Dina Lohan!

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Despite the expensive price tag and the endless hype for "The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle," producers insisted: this was essentially a regular episode of Glee.

They were right. The hour was comprised of the typical recent formula for this musical comedy: a significant majority of public service announcing, with a bit of teenage soap opera mixed in to get fans talking.

William High Football

Everything about the plot was predictable:

A feud over how lame it was to sing in choir; an attempt at peace with the football players; a cliche-filled speech from Puck to recruit Karofsky and company back on to the field; a wholly unrealistic ending to the game (no team in gridiron history has lined up in shotgun formation with 11 seconds remaining and a lead); and then a random, unexpected kiss - with no build-up between the characters - to conclude the installment, leaving fans in our Glee forum to debate their favorite couples.

All this said, I didn't even hate the episode.

I haven't come to expect much from Glee in the way of plot development, except for the occasional eye roll over how much it feels to be preaching to its audience on a weekly basis and how lazy it can be in its storytelling (I said it from the outset: making Karofsky gay is a major cop-out in how to handle the issue of bullying).

I mostly watch at this point for the musical numbers, and there was a nice mix on this episode (from an understated Puck/Rachel duet to the elaborate "Thriller" mash-up) and the quotes, of which there were also a few classics (who knew Brittany likes One Tree Hill so much?!?).

There was also the incredible question from Katie Couric to Sue, the one that hilariously took on Dina Lohan and her whining about the show mocking Lindsay back during the Gwyneth Paltrow installment:

Katie Couric: You beat out the following losers: the economy, Mel Gibson, Dina Lohan... and Sparky Lohan, who is Dina Lohan's dog and, apparently, also a loser. How do you deal with that?
Sue: I've been drinking a lot of bleach. | permalink

That exchange practically made the episode on its own. It also opens up an intriguing storyline: how will Sue handle defeat?

What did everyone else think? Are you invested in the ongoing Karofsky storyline? Or does it feel too obvious that he will eventually come out and make things right with Kurt? Also, sound off now: yay or nay on Quinn and Finn?


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boom boom and no pow hahahahaha


Finn needs to be with Rachel! Not QUINN. SAM EVANS IS AMAZING. SHE HAS TO BE WITH HIM!!!!!!!! QUINN IS STUPID, not my fault. goshhhhhhh.


This episode in general was not too bad. I though the songs were very well performed and I thought it was hilarious when the girls attempted to play football and when Sue lost her cheerios competition. As for the Quinn and Finn kiss I found it completely disgusting and pathetic of Finn allowing her to do that after the way she treated him in the past. Finn and Rachel are my favorite couple and I can't wait to see all of Quinn's two-timing and self centred ways be thrown right back in her face. All in all, great music, I hate Quinn, angry with Finn right now and I looove Rachel. I hope she doesn't give up on Finn just because of his stupid decision.


Screw the storylines, I love and adore Sue! "No time for a 4some, ladies, bus leaves in five."


Poor drama, obvious outcome to the football game (with about seven of the most ridiculous plot points ever in a "Big Game" story) I thought the songs were good....But I thought that the coverage of the Thriller dance number was AWFUL! Thriller made it's name on the choreographed moves of the performers. The edit was all broken up so you didn't get to see really any of the moves. Just piss poor.
The Karofsky thing...Well, at least they're committed to the story line, however ridiculous it is. They couldn't tie it up like this, without a Kurt/Karofsky faceoff. Also, consider this. Karofsky joined the dance number only AFTER he saw that it would be beneficial to him. He didn't learn anything that was One To Grow On like all these eps are. He just saw that he stood to gain. I just fast forward through the Kurt stuff and the private school weiners. I find the character and the actor insufferable and I never liked private school weiners as a kid. The Quinn and Finn kiss (I'm against cute name combos)didn't bug me. The kiss was fairly chaste, and I could see where she'd be all jazzed about him this week. He did pull off some cool stuff And, damn, who wouldn't kiss her back? The woman is ravishing. I'm unconvinced that Sue Sylvester and the show's direction are a good fit anymore. She's still playing it as if the show was the fun creation from the first season. It's not that show anymore. It somehow thinks it's "serious" Sue is a great character, but how much room does she have left to expand? She just threw a tantrum that would have had any normal person giving her a slap...Coach Beiste could have pounded her into the ground like a tent peg, but she was allowed to go on. She was willing to KILL a cheerleader solely to entertain herself...How much broader can she go before it's just too far? I'm like the review author. At this point, I'm in it for the songs. The story is a disaster.


Loved the Rachel/Puck duet and the coffe shop scene with Kurt, Blaine, Rachel and Mercedes.
Other than that the episode was kinda boring. A few good one-liners and a bunch of boring cliches about football and unity...
And the Finn/Quinn kiss was plain awful. Where the hell did that come from and why in the world would Finn be so sweet on Quinn so short after his break-up with Rachel. And lets nor forget what made him break up with both of them? Why forgive cheating, lying and a baby but not a stupid kiss???? And when did Quinn start to like Finn again when she seems happy with Sam???? I hate how the show is trying to toss new situations at the viewers just to create some new conflicts. No build up, no real development or logic. There was a time when Glee was full of fun AND great characters AND good storylines.
I MISS THOSE TIMES!!! But to be fair, there were also some really good episodes this season, so maybe this Football-Special was just a weak attempt to interest new viewers and Glee will be back to normal in no time :-)


YAY FINN AND QUINN! WOW I LOVED THIS EPISODE. puckleberry were great too! loved finn and pucks bromance!


@Adam, of course Artie got reated differently than Kurt! They didn't do anything, but they did tried to help Kurt (Mr.Schue, the principal at the time who was Sue). And believe me, when someone bullies(slushies) someone to that extent , it becomes a problem for the school autorities because it's wrong that these recur to violence to hurt the other team, and usually, they take care of this cases, but not in the show. The only one here who they really helped was Kurt and period.


@Matt Finn told the bully he needed to make peace with Kurt before he could join the glee club. He declined and continued his bullying ways, which lets the audience know that what he has done and what he is still doing is wrong. However, as you pointed out, the recent lazy storytelling can lead people to think that all is forgiven and that we should embrace the bully.

Matt richenthal

One more point I must make regarding Karofsky: has he expressed an ounce of regret over what he did to Kurt? No.
And yet simply by dancing at halftime - in front of Kurt, no less! - Will and Finn wanted him to join glee club, all seemed forgiven, etc.
Is that really the message the show wants to send? You don't need to apologize, you don't need to evolve in any way... you simply need to sing/dance - for your own selfish reasons of wanting to play football, no less - and all is forgiven. How do you think Kurt felt watching his friends dance around with Karofsy?

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