Glee Review: Take This, Dina Lohan!

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Despite the expensive price tag and the endless hype for "The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle," producers insisted: this was essentially a regular episode of Glee.

They were right. The hour was comprised of the typical recent formula for this musical comedy: a significant majority of public service announcing, with a bit of teenage soap opera mixed in to get fans talking.

William High Football

Everything about the plot was predictable:

A feud over how lame it was to sing in choir; an attempt at peace with the football players; a cliche-filled speech from Puck to recruit Karofsky and company back on to the field; a wholly unrealistic ending to the game (no team in gridiron history has lined up in shotgun formation with 11 seconds remaining and a lead); and then a random, unexpected kiss - with no build-up between the characters - to conclude the installment, leaving fans in our Glee forum to debate their favorite couples.

All this said, I didn't even hate the episode.

I haven't come to expect much from Glee in the way of plot development, except for the occasional eye roll over how much it feels to be preaching to its audience on a weekly basis and how lazy it can be in its storytelling (I said it from the outset: making Karofsky gay is a major cop-out in how to handle the issue of bullying).

I mostly watch at this point for the musical numbers, and there was a nice mix on this episode (from an understated Puck/Rachel duet to the elaborate "Thriller" mash-up) and the quotes, of which there were also a few classics (who knew Brittany likes One Tree Hill so much?!?).

There was also the incredible question from Katie Couric to Sue, the one that hilariously took on Dina Lohan and her whining about the show mocking Lindsay back during the Gwyneth Paltrow installment:

Katie Couric: You beat out the following losers: the economy, Mel Gibson, Dina Lohan... and Sparky Lohan, who is Dina Lohan's dog and, apparently, also a loser. How do you deal with that?
Sue: I've been drinking a lot of bleach. | permalink

That exchange practically made the episode on its own. It also opens up an intriguing storyline: how will Sue handle defeat?

What did everyone else think? Are you invested in the ongoing Karofsky storyline? Or does it feel too obvious that he will eventually come out and make things right with Kurt? Also, sound off now: yay or nay on Quinn and Finn?


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my favorite Glee quote it's from this episode!
no complaints!

Matt richenthal

@Adam: As long as you write in and say I was correct when Karofsky comes out and everything ends in a nice message about embracing who you really are, then I very much welcome your point of view.
I'll do the same if I'm mistaken in how this plays out. Are you really trying to argue, though, that the treatment of Kurt being bullied and Artie being slusheed is the same? Moreover, a well-written show actually draws/plans out storylines and character developments. It doesn't consider a pair of longing glances in the course of 45 minutes sufficient build-up to something as major as a former couple (one of half of whom is taken) kissing.


I am so annoyed right now. Ive been rooting for Finn and rachael for forever and now that they just broke up he is going t start going for quin again. That just bugs me but rachel is still my favorite character, not really liking finn right now. Loved the puck and achel duet, so cute. I really liked the songs,i dnt know just the whole quin and fin thing turned me off to the episode. But whatever still lov the show. Cant wait for tuesday.


Last night's episode of Glee was amazing. On so many levels. I am really proud of the writers and am highly disappointed in the staff member: Matt, commenting in this thread. I'm guessing the American winter may be a bit too cold.
"and then a random, unexpected kiss - with no build-up between the characters" - Um, were we not watching the same show? There were multiple close-ups of both these characters exchanging lusting looks as well as compelling scenes between the two of them. Hmm.
"Are you invested in the ongoing Karofsky storyline?" - Yes I am. It's also totally NOT predictable that'll come out and apologize to Kurt etc. There are many things that may happen. If that was the case, in Glee fashion, it would of happen before the break, or definitely in last night's episode. In how delicate the writers are making Karofsky out to be, I think it'd be more predictable for him to kill himself or to be beaten into a coma by the football team (for him being 'gay'). On the note of bullying too. It is handled through multiple vehicles in the show, not just Kurt. Are we honestly watching the same show? Artie being slushied didn't get ignored? You may want to rewatch the scenes. And from working in a mainstream school, I can fill you in on the fact that a Glee club and a football team isn't the only concerns of the teachers involve and principal. There are countless ongoing instances that these professionals have to deal with. As for the behavioural management system the school has in place, it isn't the best but Figgins does seem pretty fair. I also have worked out that although hot, cut and charming, Schuester isn't the best teacher.
I think some how, people are over estimating the show, or hoping to watch it for something different from what it is. The complexity, charm and humour in the show makes for the most enjoyable watching.
If Matt believes the show is too predictable, then please, do enlighten everyone with how the rest of the season will pan out?
Thinking could do with a more positive and astute reviewer,
that's me for now,


Oh ya...why did Lea get rid of her fringe????!!!!It looked nice on her.


I thought that glee was a huge disappointment.Come on!!The only good things were the songs,Britany's qoutes,Sue's rage and Lauren's enthusiasm for football.Other than that,it was a let down.Quinn and Finn....stupid.If Finn was to kiss someone it should've been rachel.Think about it..Finn forgives Quinn even after she cheated on him with Puck and had his baby,and yet he won't forgive Rachel who only went second base,and then told him almost afterwards...come on!!!


The episode was a huge fail to me, except for a few epic moments and lines from Brittany's mouth and Sue rage attack, but that's about it. The whole episode was a cliche, and I almost thought the team will actually lose (because it's glee, they're trying to be unexppected by making everyone lose, but that's even more cliche).
Bottom line - Hype for nothing.


xomeg I agree with most of your post except not liking the hockey team and their mullets. I'm a big hockey fan as is my boyfriend and we got a kick outta that part. So many things about this show are cliche (like Britney being such a dumb blonde, she's funnay as hell but some of the stuff she says is just way too stupid to be realistic) and it can be silly but I think it's fun. Obviously hockey players don't really have mullets anymore (except Kane from Chicago and Van Reimsdyk from Philly) but I still thought it was funny. I agree with your points on why Finna and Quinn doesn't make sense and that even though they would hate it, the football team would cooperate with the Glee Club so that they could still play in there game. And thankfully they didn't get all cheesy and make everyone buddy buddy afterward. Bullying is definitely not solved that easily.
I loved Lauren playing football she was hysterical. And I liked Tina wanting to be more involved then just lieing down, I felt that actually worked for her character.


I just got kicked out of the Fox community forum for some sharp comments about what the show has to do to get from a cute little exercise in escapism to the most important show in the history of television. Of course I'm angry, but this is the first entertainment tv show I've tried to follow in over 10 years and I feel personally responsible for its content.
The Sue Sylvester dilemma represents the condition of the writers at this point. Everyone is expecting them to outdo themselves with each new episode and they really don't have much left in their arsenal.
Everyone expected the show to be cancelled in the middle of season one, so it began to deteriorate with forced episodes like Madonna and Lady GaGa. Will had to get a divorce, but they didn't plan ahead to give him a proper bachelor life, for example.
Sue has done almost everything she can do on this show, and even though she won the Emmy, she is often a distraction to the plot.
The show is considered a comedy, but this was the first time I laughed during an episode. I laughed at "Brains!"
Kurt's appearances are getting more and more forced. I don't think they can stretch into the lives of the Warblers without straining the budget.
Speaking of budget, there are not enough people on that football team. Extras don't cost that much, do they?
I'm glad Santana quit the Cheerios. Now she can wear some low-cut blouses and display her enhanced breasts.
I'm sure the losing football team will protest based on eligibility requirements, that's worth a few more scenes.
I predicted they'd get Sam and Finn fighting over Quinn and now it looks like it's going to happen.
In case you're wondering what I did to get kicked out of the Fox community:
First they deleted a whole thread when I asked someone whose advice they followed if he got a royalty check.
Then they deleted two posts that claimed Kurt was raised to be gay, contrasting his childhood planning weddings and going to Sound of Music dressup events and mine playing with soldiers and watching war and horror movies.
Finally I suggested that Britney should get aids for having unprotected sex with almost every boy in the school.
Trust me, that will make Glee the most important television show of all time.


Ughh Quinn and Finn is so crap. You can't just pull a relationship out of your ass. Come on. A couple nice things said and all of a sudden Quinn is on Team Finn again. Seriously. It's ridiculous, to have the build up of Sam and Quinn and then as soon as their 'together' together break them up. And I haven't watched the early season one episodes but i remember Quinn barley liking Finn let alone love him. I remember her being head over heals for Puck but going out with Finn because he wouldn't hurt her or she trusted him more or whatever. Now she loves him. Seriously. And the hockey players with mullets was not funny or clever. It was just annoying. As a huge hockey fan the bit actually made me mad. The music was great. Love the Puck/Rachel duet. I really hope those two get together. Those two, to me, have chemistry. The bad boy with the goody-goody classic love story. Like that Kurt, Blaine and Rachel, Mercedes all hang out. I liked that scene alot. It's nice to Kurt with the McKinley glee kids too. And the girls playing football killed me. I thought that was funny. Even though it was cheesy and cliche i enjoyed the football team working together with the glee club. As for Pucks speech i thought it was somewhat realistic that the players would do the half time show to be able to play in the game. And I was glad that Karofsky joined in later that made it more realistic for me. Last play of the game sucked. Should have been a long throw down field. Why in the world would they keep the zombie make up on. Soo dumb. I was glad that the football team and glee club weren't all buddy buddy after the game. That would have been way too after school special.

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Funny, Karofsy, how you call everyone gay all the time. But you never seem to have a girlfriend.


Brittany, please remind me how I single-handedly put cheerleading on the map.