The Mentalist Review: "Red Alert"

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Jane was at his sarcastic best throughout, "Red Alert." I loved every minute of it.

It started with him taunting the cop who pulled him over for speeding. Do you think Aquaman would give Batman a ticket? Unfortunately for Jane, the officer did not have a sense of humor.

Jane had some great lines during the hostage crisis, too. When Lisbon asks about the state of a sniper victim, he wryly replies: “For a shot person, she’s fine.”  Then, there was Jane trying to get Ron to release the injured woman first: “There’s plenty of us here to shoot later.”  The sardonic Jane quips kept me amused all night.

Red Alert Scene

Of course, it helped that Ron Crosswhite was one of the dumbest hostage takers on television. When the sniper shoots through the window, Ron is shocked and starts muttering, “They tried to kill me.  They tried to kill me.”  Well, no kidding.  You’ve taken City Hall hostage.  What did you think was going to happen?  They’d send in tea and cookies? 

Apparently, Ron failed Hostage Taking 101.  First rule, close the blinds and stay away from the windows.

When the real killer is revealed, Ron is so relieved to know who murdered his wife that even a jail term doesn’t bother him.  He tells Jane, “I can breathe again.”  I kept wondering what was going through Jane’s mind in that moment.  When he finds Red John, could seeing the man in custody possibly be enough to let Jane breathe again?  Somehow, I doubt it.

I really enjoyed Lisbon tonight, too.  The Police Chief, the Mayor, the Director, everyone seemed to be out to usurp her authority - but she held her ground every time.  And when she had to fight back, she was smart about it.  Even Director Bertram had to admit that using the reporter to get him to back her was an effective tactic.  He’s okay with her pulling some strings as long as he looks good in the end.

But watch your back, Lisbon, on the day he looks bad.

I found “Red Alert” exceptionally entertaining. Sarcasm, wit and action. What else can you ask for?


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I agree and much prefer Bertram. Please get rid of Hightower (who is a miscast) and let bertram be the boss. Or bring back Minelli. why do you guys feel a need to add in black people, it just makes makes the show seem so unrealistic.

@ mosh

Unrealistic that a black person could be a boss? My first boss was not really that unrealistic.


I feel the opposite of you Richy, I love Nathan Fillion, and "Rick Castle", but i find Patrick Jane to be a slightly more interesting character, when it comes to the ladies, i think Beckett is the more interesting character, not to mention i love the chemistry between her and Castle. But, i do enjoy Lisbon, and her failed attempts at "controlling" Jane, and i think Robin's fine for the job.


I compare this show to Castle a lot, and one big thing Mentalist has in it's favour is Robin Tunney compared to Castle's lead detective.


I agree with the reviewer. It felt like everyone was trying to push Lisbon around and with the way she looks I'm sure that would happen a lot but she never lets it fluster her. She dealt with each one and stood her ground. She was professional, smart, creative and willing to take a risk. What more could you want?


I can't hear the complaining from people about Robin Tunney anymore seriously. get a grip or stop watching.
Obviously Bruno Heller had good reasons to cast her. Imho she's perfect and one of the most believable police officers on tv.
She's the perfect actress to portrait such an intresting but complicated character as Lisbon.
And sorry but too small and wrong personality? Where is that coming from? That's really sexist I agree. If you want to watch stereotypical, tall, blonde female cops who wear high heels and lots of make up and are always smiling and happy just so male viewers have something to look at then watch something else. Lisbon is tiny but fierce, she made it so far despite being a woman in a male dominant field and I LOVE it when she barks orders at men who think less of her (especially in this episode). And student of trivia- if you don't like how a characters acts because it's written that way then it's surely not the fault of the actor/actress. So how is this a good example? Get your facts straight. I agree that she was the best thing in this episode. I love Bertram. Please get rid of Hightower (who is a miscast) and let him be the boss. Or bring back Minelli.


I totally agree with Catherina That's kinda sexist imo. I love Robin Tunney and I love Lisbon, she proves that no one needs to be tall and physically strong to be a great cop. She has brain, courage and leadership. Anyway, she was the best thing in this episode for me and I loved some of Jane's lines too, very funny. And to be honest, I like Bertram much more than Hightower, that infuriating woman. Great episode, I had a lot of fun watching. Thumbs up to Jordan Harper, another good writer.


I agree with Doug. Robin Tunney is out of her league, very predictable and hard to believe as a boss. She does make Simon look good as a bantering partner. For example in the episode with the cattle prod, could you image a more ineffective police officer who willingly puts out her hands to be handcuffed after the crazy girl has already put away her gun. Any cop would seize the opportunity to fight back and control the situation, this could have been handled differently (bad director/writer). This episode proved how snarky Patrick could be when bothered. I still don't get how he figured out whodonit. I'll have to replay. I wish the writers would not make everything so Laurel and Hardyesque, murder is after all a serious business,


I disagree, I think Lisbon is an interesting character because she is tiny and still able to blow everyone away in the end.


Love Robin Tunney, sorry she is so badly cast in the show as a figure of authority, too small, wrong type of personality.

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