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The Simpsons Review: "The Blue and the Gray"

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After taking a few weeks off thanks to small little events like the Super Bowl, The Simpsons returned last night with a funny, albeit unmemorable episode, "The Blue and the Gray."

Marge with Gray Hair

The episode opened briefly with Valentine's Day, only to pave the way for Marge to notice a gray hair for the main story line and Moe to seek Dr. Kinssingher's help to improve his love life for the B story.

Marge's empowering decision to go gray, and eventually equally empowering decision to go back to blue was far from a brilliant pot device, but it was able to bring plenty of laughs like the Simpsons kids' freaking out about their hairlines.

The wingman storyline, while a little late at poking fun at the Mystery Method and various wing man dating schemes of years ago, worked because it was sprinkled in and tied in so nicely with the main story along the way.

Our only real complaint?  Marge seemed to have no problem with Homer going to singles clubs as Moe's wingman.  Maybe Marge's decision to fight for her man, rather than with him, was the best decision for their relationship, but it just didn't feel like Marge.

Overall, it was funny, mediocre episode and we'll leave you with some of our favorite Simpsons quotes, including a quote by the always amazing Ralph:

Dr. Kissingher: If you're watching this, your love life is like Sister Act 3 - no Whoopi. | permalink
Homer: A lot of great movie stars have gray hairs. Like all those women we loved in the 80's. | permalink
Moe: I'm Moe Szyslak. Growing up, I had roundworm. Heck I was more worm than man some months. I dabbled in satanism until I was asked to leave. Oh and one month I ate nothing by aquarium fish. | permalink
Bart: I just have one question about hair, where does mine start? | permalink
Ralph: Grandma had hair like that when she went to sleep in her forever box. | permalink


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    The Marriage Preservation Committee was hilarousssss!!


    That episode was funny.... But i like marge's hair blue....

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