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Two and a Half Men Review: "That Darn Priest"

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In a rare bout of continuity, Two and a Half Men followed up with Alan's Ponzi scheme from last week's "Three Hookers and a Philly Cheesesteak." And trust us, we're not complaining.

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Watching Jon Cryer play Evil Alan is a real treat and a showcase for this actor's abilities. It's just rare for America's favorite sitcom to maintain any story arc beyond simple relationship premises.

Of course, the Ponzi scheme, like everything else in the life of sitcom characters, was resolved by the end of "That Darn Priest" - with no real consequences.  At least it was cleverly tied in this season's Rose storyline, as yet another character learned the truth behind Manny.

Now with Gordon and Alan in, it's just a matter of time until Charlie learns the truth.  Of course, the idiot came face-to-face with the mannequin and didn't put two and two together. Maybe he's blinded by love, or the constant drinking.

We just have to wonder, when Charlie does eventually learn, will he still be in love with his deceitful former stalker?  Guess we're going to have to wait a couple months to find out, thanks to Sheen's forced hiatus.

You know where to find our reviews when the show eventually returns.  Until then, we'll leave you with our favorite Two and a Half Men jokes and quotes from the episode:

Priest: Are you even Catholic?
Alan: I'm a big fan. The costumes. The music. Crackers and wine.
Priest: That's the body and blood of our Savior.
Alan: I know. Um-um good. Did you guys ever think of putting that in supermarkets like a Lunchable? | permalink
Alan: Your husband's a dummy.
Rose: To be fair, he wasn't the one who was fooled by a mannequin. | permalink
Alan: You're going to lose quite a bit of money by pulling out early.
Berta: Yeah well if Jimmy Lee did the same, I wouldn't need the money. | permalink
Alan: I hope it works out with your granddaughters.
Berta: They're 15 years old and pregnant. What should they look forward to - the next season of "Teen Mom?" | permalink


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There are many things I could say about the things I liked about this episode. I think my favorite part was when Charlie went up and discovered "Manny" and didn't think twice about the similarity between the name and the mannequin in the closet. We don't allow our kids to watch and I have to admit we don't want them to know that we watch either. We have to get it off the DVR as soon as I get home since I work at night to avoid the kids seeing it on there.


This show isn't funny any more. It's turned into a soap opera.
I'm only watching to see what happens with Rose.


I love Two and a Half Men, its hilarious, and I really hope Charlie Sheen remains clean this time and put himself together, his children need him. Just one thing, the quote about putting "Crakers and Wine" in a lunchable was too disrespectful.


I really love Two and a Half Men. Such good writing and acting. I pray to God that Charlie gets his life on the right path for himself and family and all the millions of people out there that love him as I do. He deserves to be truly happy at last.