Family Guy Review: "Trading Places"

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The premise of  "Trading Places" should have been a promising one: parents and children switch places to prove which is more difficult. 

I was looking forward to the hijinks that only Family Guy could provide with the switcheroo.  Unfortunately, the episode proved disappointing, as the first half focused on Peter’s determination to get his used dirt-bike. Let’s break it down...

After a Long Day of Work

Although Peter’s attempts to win this dirt bike set up the reason for Peter and Lois switching places with Meg and Chris, the actual process is tedious and not at all humorous. Yes, Peter proves to have some wit by tricking several of the other competitors into taking their hands off the dirt bike, but watching several middle-aged cartoon men sweating over the dirt bike is just sad.

When Chris and Meg decide to take the bike for a joyride, the episode becomes mildly more interesting. After Peter’s attempts to lecture his kids fail miserably, the adults decide to take on the roles of their kids while Chris and Meg become the parents. 

I’m surprised that Lois wasn’t more popular in high school because she routinely steals Meg’s attention by being hotter and “cooler.” Nevertheless, Peter and Lois are outcasts while Meg and Chris thoroughly enjoy their new roles. Meg as a gourmet cook? Amusing. Chris as an effective employee? Not so convincing.

In the Family Guy setting, it actually makes sense that Meg and Chris are more effective adults than their parents; it’s a shame that Chris has a heart attack to return things to the status quo.

Overall, I had higher hopes for the episode, although, the non-sequitor gag with the mugger in a racist Asian mask was hilarious. So were these Family Guy quotes. Check them out now!


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Utterly awful in places, but the mugger gag and its follow up was stone cold classic, and Chris's stressed out Jimmy Stewart style rant before his heart attack "nose pressed against the glass..." "hat in hand..." had me genuinely in tears of laughter, as was the heart attack scene (sorry, Chris...)


That was the worst family guy ever and i really hope the next is good if so i will not b watching


I find myself questioning if this episode was actually kind of good or if it was just better than the recent shows which made this episode look good by comparison. That's a sad place to be in. Something tells me that if this episode aired in season 3 or 4, we'd be screaming about how lame it was.
3.5 stars


Totally DISAGREE with this. Thought it was a pretty funny episode because of the "out there" comedy. Even the wife agreed it was on the best in awhile and usually shes pretty tough on the show. You gotta love the Peter scene where he dresses as a kid in a trench coat and gotta see it to know, its jaw dropping, and in my opinion that's when Family Guy is at its best when its jaw dropping comedy.


Its a lot better then it has been


Personally, I liked this episode. Chris was hilarious.

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Family Guy Season 9 Episode 13 Quotes

Meg: Chris, look at what you did!
Chris: You mean look at what two black teenagers did when they stole Dad's bike...

Chris: Hey Meg! I'm going to jump that fire hydrant!
Meg: Chris don't! You're going to wreck Dad's bike!
Chris: Too late! I already narrowed my eyes!