Shameless Review: "But at Last Came a Knock"

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I’ve been watching Shameless for the past two months now and it’s kept me entertained. I’ve enjoyed the weekly adventures just fine, but tonight was a GAME CHANGER. This show has officially taken it up a notch and I’m feeling it big time. In particular, Emmy Rossum’s performance blew me away.

Frank’s weekly moneymaking scheme ends up bringing a lot more drama to the table than it usually does. And we’re talking about a guy who has woken up in a different country and faked his own death. So what’s the only thing that could top the Gallagher father?  The absent-until-now Gallagher mother, Monica.

Steve and Fiona

In "But at Last Came a Knock," Frank is waiting for one of his many pending settlements to go through. He gets a call that the settlement, for the time the train doors closed on his ankle, is ready to be signed. The hitch is that it has to be signed by Frank and his ex-wife. Finally we get to meet the elusive mother. We should be excited right? Wrong.

Frank has been portrayed as a colossal a-hole for weeks now, but as Lip says, he’s really not even the worst one. Monica is a damn piece of work. Who the hell shows up after abandoning their children and expects to be greeted by happy smiling faces? I don’t know how Debbie wasn’t completely hysterical when she burst through the door, but it didn’t take long for the waterworks to start.

I expected there to be a great reason that Monica left the family. I mean, sure, Frank is an absurd, alcoholic, degenerate, but what about her children? Including one that isn’t even Frank’s? Monica’s as big a piece of trash as Frank, probably even bigger. Boo-hoo that you had your heart set on a teddy bear, Monica, your kids had their hearts set on having a mother! As much as the Gallaghers struggle, those kids are better off without this petulant child as a caregiver.

Fiona was so passionate in her monologue that even “Ghetto Godzilla” knew not to step in. Sitting there in jaw-dropping shock, tears brewing in my eyes, I hoped that Fiona would clock her mother in the face. But, as we all know, especially with females, words can often pack the hardest punches of all.

It turns out it was perfect timing for Steve to drop the bomb that he bought a house. Last week, I was ready to hate on him, but that smooth talking fool worked his magic once again. Honestly, I can understand Steve’s hesitation in telling Fiona the truth. After all, she’s a tough cookie. Remember their first date when she gave him a lot of crap for being born with a silver spoon in his mouth? Turns out she was dead on. All of that aside, he seems to love her. I’m sad to say, I don’t think Fiona would’ve been nearly as receptive about the house if she hadn’t had a family meltdown a few minutes earlier. Either way, it’d be nice to see these two kids experience a little bliss for a while.

Before I sign off for the week, let’s just hit pause and touch on the fact that Kash is bonkers. He shot Mickey in the leg for all the wrong reasons. Not that violence is ever the answer of course, but he didn’t shoot Mickey for being a thief. Kash popped him in the leg because he and Ian are having sex.

Did anyone ever stop for a second here and notice the fact that Kash is a total pedophile? Not only is Kash married with kids, but he is sleeping with a guy who is still clearly a minor. Granted Mickey was baiting him, but this whole twisted Lolita love story had to come to an end. On a side note, does Mickey ever wash his face? Just wondering.

After weeks of suspense, I was glad we finally got to find out some backstory on these Shameless characters. I have a feeling it can only continue to get more intense and entertaining from here.


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The British series of Shameless used to be amazing. Series 1,2 and 3 were very similar to the US, in its focus on family etc. But then it went downhill because they lost many of the main characters and the plot lines were completely under developed. I'm hoping they can avoid this happening on the US version because it's almost like a second chance. Although Fiona's speech to Monica at the end there wasn't as emotional as the original, but her acting was amazing.

C f ohara

Was it my imagination or did Monica and Frank almost make out right in front of Large Marge and the kids.
Great episode and feel for the show Leigh.
Favorite Frank follies we when he told the sorority to girl "Chins Up" and when he bribed Sheila with the promise to dress up in whatever she wanted with no safety word.
Debb really waxed poetic this week with lines like "love is fleeting Jimmy what are your intentions" and her comment about how nicer things usually do what they claim to do.
I had wondered what role Ian took in the relationship with Mickey. I shouldn't have been a surprise to see him in the dominant role back seat driving. He is a Gallagher after all. Great stuff there and was nice to see that Mickey actually cared about Ian when he showed up desperately in need of a friend.
Lastly what with Steve's jeggings. I guess he would have to have a baby's butt to fit into those things. His mom was a riot. Love this show.


@Damon, Showtime picked up Shameless for another 12 episodes second season. Hopefully it goes for many more too! Emmy Rossum is great.


This is seriously the best show that's on television right now, and this episode was sooo great. I was crying so much when Fiona yelled at her mom. I'm glad the American one is better than the British series!


I loved this episode. I felt sooo bad for Fiona. Deep down most kids want to feel loved by their parents and Carl and Debbie are young enough where they're not completely jaded, but it had to be a slap in the face. I also think what hurt her the most was, she had made piece with giving up her life for those kids. I have to say I was surprised that Liam was not Frank's. I always assumed that he had a different mother. Especially with that bit in the opening about how he looks like Frank's first sponsor. I guess that's ambiguous too though.

Leigh r

Thanks for reading! There is a second season for sure. Showtime made the announcement, we will post!!


Love this show... hope there is a 2nd season !!
The music is great


Thanks for reviewing these episodes. I absolutely adore and cherish this show. I was simply wondering, on TV Fanatic there has not been a mention about the show getting a second season with a 12-episode order just a week or so back. How come? :)

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