The Simpsons Review: "The Great Simpsina"

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After a typical Simpsons random intro involving a peach you pick it farm with a guest voice by Jack McBrayer, the second act naturally involved Lisa stumbling into a foreclosed house of magic. 

Ricky Jay, David Copperfield and Penn & Teller on The Simpsons

From there, "The Great Simpsina" because a typical Lisa episode of The Simpsons.  You know you're in for a clever storyline with plenty of heart, but not so much in the humor department.

Academy Award winning actor Martin Landau lent his very distinct voice as The Great Raymondo and he and Lisa had plenty of cute, funny visuals bits as they parodied various magic tricks. "Prepare to have everything you knew about milk cans challenged!"

There were also some fun bits by the various guest starring magicians, Ricky Jay, David Copperfield and Penn & Teller, during the third act.  Especially Penn and Teller's supposed witch curse.  Good stuff.  But my favorite bit?  The sweet ending where Raymondo got to dance with his deceased wife thanks to a little too much Ether.

Overall, the episode was entertaining and flowed nicely throughout, but just lacked the funnier moments I've become accustomed to during this strong season.  We'll leave you with our favorite Simpsons quotes from magic-filled half hour:

Homer: First I work? Then I pay? Then I have to eat fruit? Why was I ever born? | permalink
Grampa: In 1957 I saw him turn turn the Secretary of Agriculture into the Secretary of the Interior. It was hell on their wives, but it sure brought down corn prices. Built a house out of corn. It was the worst home I ever owed? when it got really hot it smelled like Frito's. | permalink
Nelson: God, if you don't bring my Lisa home safe, ants will burn tonight! | permalink
Lisa: You're as pure as the ether that puts you to sleep. | permalink


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Im searching for the name of song like half year :\ if anybody have an idea just tell me. I was searching everywhere.


great episode the ending was...sad :/
What the name of the last song ( classical music ) , when the magician was dancing with his wife ?


great episode the ending was...sad :/


worst episode ever. Totally unfunny, as most Lisa episodes are.


they should have let the guy inside the milk can...


I believe the ending as a veiled reference to suicide. Breathing from a tank of helium is the method of choice by the hemlock society et al. Raymondo had passed along his magic to the child he was never able to have, completing his life. As she stepped out into her own, he excused himself to a quiet corner, and in the end, he was dancing with his long deceased wife.
A character who exuded dignity throughout the entire episode ends with dignity. This episode was a class act, to treat it as a disposable comic strip designed only for laughs is to miss the point.


Pretty awful, as most episodes centering on Lisa tend to be. The fight scene was a waste. I expected more from Penn and Teller, although the bit about witch curse was pretty funny if you know Penn's attitude toward such stuff.

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First I work? Then I pay? Then I have to eat fruit? Why was I ever born?