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You're as pure as the ether that puts you to sleep.


I can't stand to see one of my female children unhappy.


God, if you don't bring my Lisa home safe, ants will burn tonight!


Prepare to have everything you knew about milk cans challenged!


In 1957 I saw him turn turn the Secretary of Agriculture into the Secretary of the Interior. It was hell on their wives, but it sure brought down corn prices. Built a house out of corn. It was the worst home I ever owed? when it got really hot it smelled like Frito's.


Great Raymondo: This is a house of magic.
Lisa: Sounds like most of it is owned by the bank.
Great Raymondo: But the rest of it is magic.

Hello boat store, I'd like to order a boat. What do you mean dial tone?


Masseuses - half doctors, half hookers that solve everything.


First I work? Then I pay? Then I have to eat fruit? Why was I ever born?

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