The Mentalist Review: Cho Smiles!

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Kimball Cho has always been a fascinating character and one of my favorites on The Mentalist. My general complaint has been that we don't get to see enough of him, which is why "Rhapsody in Red" made me so happy.

For once Cho, with his dead pan delivery and stoic looks, got his chance to shine.

Jane and Teresa

When Anthony picked Cho's keys and jacked his ride, it should have shaken that cool demeanor. Even with Jane calling him Starsky and offering him a ride, Cho's self control was firmly in place.

He never seemed angry with the kid, even when he had to handcuff him to the file cabinet because he reminded him to much of his younger self.

Can you just imagine what a smart mouthed, little gang banger Cho must of been? That picture is the exact opposite of the imperturbable man we know now.

I appreciated the scene when Cho went head to head with the DA's office. ("I agreed I shouldn't help. Didn't say I wouldn't.") Yet the look on his face told us he was worried about the fallout for the CBI.  It was a great moment of doubt that played over his face, but his conscience obviously wouldn't let him walk away from that child without trying to help.

The case of the week didn't really hold my interest, although I liked the music almost as much as Jane. When Jane played on the drums it was such a little boy moment. I enjoyed seeing Jane's mischievous side just having a bit of fun.

And I loved it when Teresa immediately knew Jane had started the rumor about the victim having a scandalous affair. She knows him so well now that she didn't miss a beat.

All in all this was a light hearted episode to hold us over before next week's season finale. A Red John confrontation awaits. I can't wait.


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Cho Smiles! Priceless...


This was worth it just to see Cho laugh, but the main story was pretty weak. Jane never really did figure out who killed the girl. He just rattled all the cages until somebody cracked. (The false story of the affair was a red herring, too, since it didn't lead to any usable information.) At no time did he tell us how he knew it was the oboist - so I can only assume he didn't until the guy played a sour note. And a single hydrangea petal on a dark urban street was the big clue? Come on. I really don't like the Red John episodes, so I may be skipping the season finale. I simply don't buy the invisible supervillain who never makes a mistake, stays one step ahead of the police, can hack any computer, and has a network of minions who have infiltrated the CBI. It's just bogus.


I love Patrick and Cho. It's great!!!! but Lisbon is homely and not a very good actress...... anyway i still love the program.... keep it coming


Cho was quite engaging this week, and that smile...Not one of Jane's best moments, eally, the oboist and the hydrangeas,, a bit far fetched but I suppose once in a while we have to let the other players shine. The Jazz bit at the end was a bit over the top albeit pleasant. Is there no end to Jane's talents, or Mr. Baker for that matter.

Sue ann

Cho is my favorite character on this show -- the rest of them annoy me in one way or another, but Cho is just fascinating. (And very handsome, which does not hurt.) It's good to see him flash that big grin. I also liked the way he punched the banger in the nose and just kept walking. I can always do with more Cho and less Patrick Jane.


Loved seeing Cho smile for the first time!! And last week's episode featuring Rigsby's father. It's nice to get some insight into the supporting cast's past. Can't wait till next week- it's gonna be a tough summer!

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