Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "It's Alive"

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Pretty Little Liars kicked off season two on Tuesday night with drama, mystery, romance and fashion. It was a solid, welcome return.

What does the future hold for Aria and Ezra? Is Ian really alive? Staff members Matt Richenthal, Steve Marsi and Eric Hochberger tackle these and other questions in this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table. As always, we encourage readers to chime in with their opinion on the following topics...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: When the girls saw Ezra's diploma in their therapist's office. I know I should be prepared for all surprises on this show, but that one took me aback. I didn't see it coming.

Steve: Everything with Toby. Think of how far this guy has come in less than one season; from a shady presence I was sure had to be up to something, to a legitimately good friend of Emily's and possibly the love of Spencer's life.

Eric: Three words: Ezra. No. Shirt.

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What does the future hold for Aria and Ezra?
Matt: I got yelled at for saying this in my review, but I stand by the stance: they should absolutely break up. I know both characters are cute and the feelings here appear real. But he's a teacher. She's been his student. If it's truly meant to be, wait until Aria is of age and then they can pursue a relationship.

Steve: I'm an Azra 'Shipper through and through. I'm also a believer that it sometimes takes diverging paths for a couple to end up at the same place. So even if Aria can't get over Ezra misleading her about his ex at the moment, I'm confident she will.

Eric: An arrest for Ezra. Call me a killjoy, but these two haven't really been that subtle about their connection and "A" tipping the police off to their relationship just seems like an easy call for that stalker.

Do you trust Anne Sullivan?
Matt: No. She either has ties to "A" or is being blackmailed by "A" in some manner. I think she knew all about Ezra's diploma and I don't think the girls should tell her anything of importance.

Steve: She means well, that's for sure. But I agree with the second half of Matt's point: "A" has her claws into this therapist somehow and the girls need to be careful with what they say around her.

Eric: Honestly? I don't trust anyone outside the core four. And even Spencer gives me the creeps sometimes!

Is Ian really dead?
Matt: Yes. So what if he knew the name "Taylor?" Hasn't "A" proven that she has access to all kinds of information? Seriously, at this point, how will the eventual reveal of her identity make sense?!?

Steve: Yes. As a doornail, as Michael Jackson, as Lindsay Lohan's chances to win an Oscar.

Eric: No way. What fun would that be? Producer Marlene King says we'll find out for certain on episode four. I just hope, Matt and Steve, you're ready to anoint me Ruler of the Round Table when I am proven correct.

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I seriously wont have any desire to watch the show if they end ezria! Im sorry but they're the main reason why I watch. And I know all the taboos that go along with their relationship. But thats why its called fiction people, ie not real. And the actors that play their parts are around the same age.So i think people are reading way to into this, this is make believe not "lets watch and then go replicate in the real world!" Leave pretend, for the actors.


I love Aria and Ezra! They are the main reason I watch the show. The age difference isn't really a factor. My best friend is 7 years younger than her husband. One of my aunts is 9 years older than her husband and they have been happily married for almost 20 years. The actors playing the roles are both of age. I think they make an adorable couple and I for one would lose some interest in the show if they weren't together.
I do think the girls should be cautious of Anne and I'm not sure whether Ian is really dead or not but I don't think that he's the one sending the texts to Melissa. I'm also not sure if Melissa can be trusted right now. I wouldn't be surprised if A got to her possibly saying she'll reunite her with Ian if she plays along. And then I wouldn't be surprised that we'll find out that Ian is really dead.


I've never really liked the Ezra/Aria relationship. It's just too melodramatic and I find them so annoying when they're together. They'd be much better off with people their own age.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
When Spencer confronted her mom and told her "Your right about one thing you said yerstday that you have two daugthers, but your only protecting one." It proves how much Troian B. deserve a (EMMY). What does the future hold for Aria and Ezra?
I really don't care for this couple, yes Ezra is cute in all but no, I rather Aria date someone her age and two her storys are always about her and erza, I mean have we seen a scence where its not about aria and erza. I like to see more of just aria. Do you trust Anne Sullivan?
IDK this show is so confusing, for all we know it can be emilys mom who A is. Is Ian really dead?
Yes and I think Melissa is A!


@ Matt, Eric: I totally agree with you that Aria and Ezra should break up. I do think their feelings are real but when I see how carefree they are with their relationship in public they just look incredibly stupid and immature.
Plus the whole thing is plain WRONG. She is underage and even if the few years between them won't matter when they are both in their 20s/30s, right now these few years mean everything! Ugh, it just rubs me the wrong way when TV tries to sell me relationships that are obviously not healthy (or legal) as oh so romantic and deep. No show...,just no! Other than that, I loved the episode. Great start for season 2 :)


Im new here. I agree with tyluv. How could being with someone you love foolish. Love is about doIng what is best for you and no one else. What other people think of your relationship shouldnt factor into your. You live the way you want to, not how someone thinks you should.


The heart knows what it wants seems like a good reason to me. Since when was it ever a bad decision to be with someone you love. Why is it such a bad thing when someone chooses to be with the person they love who loves and respects them in return?Where is the poor judgement in that. Im not saying that i think all teenage girls should have an relationship. What im saying is whats worst than people falling in love when society says that its wrong, is those who are in a situation similar, forbidden relationship wise, being kept apart. That doesnt seem right to me. MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, this is a TV SHOW not real life so dont treat it as such. im pretty sure we can all agree on the fact that Ezria love each and those type of relationships, in real life, rarely happen.


The 'heart wants what it wants' is the worst excuse for poor judgment and bad behavior since 'boys will be boys.' The heart may want all kinds of things, but that's no reason to let your brain take a vacation while you do stupid things. It's just an excuse people use to justify their foolish actions to themselves and others.


.... The heart knows what it wants, and those two want each other. things that people argue against their relationship are just small matters. I guess what im trying to say is, love trumps all.


Actually the Ezria relationship is not HIGHLY ILLEGAL like some say. yes the student teacher part of it is wrong and against the law, but ezras last day as a teacher is next week and because of that, it serves as an insignifigant part of their relationship. another thing is by law, the age difference is not an issue.Look up pennsylvannia state laws and you will see this to be true.
Lets face it.... Ezria have amazing chemistry as a couple. It is plain to any viewer on the show that these two genuinely love and care about each other. Thats the important thing to remember about their relationship. They werent in for it for just kicks and giggles and a story to tell their freinds. They were for the undeniable connection and the possibility of falling in love. Were they wrong for starting their relationship despite the fact that he was her teacher?YES. But you also have to agree with the fact that they at least tried to do whats right and stopped seeing each. But that didnt get far. The heart knows what it want

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