Pretty Little Liars Season Two Premiere Review: Romance & Mystery

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"It's Alive."

The title of this episode was likely a reference to Ian's body, but it could very well have been talking about the ongoing drama, mystery and romance of Pretty Little Liars - because this episode made it clear: all are alive and well on season two!

Therapy Visit

Let's start with the love that remained in the air. Both Ezra and Caleb dropped the L word on Aria and Hanna, respectively. What was your reaction to each admission?

I don't doubt both men meant it, but I'm over the icky relationship between teacher and student. There were plenty of reasons all along while these two shouldn't be together, but the arrival of Jackie really should seal their demise. Best to end it now before one of them really gets in trouble.

I'm down with the rekindling of the Haleb flame, however. Haven't we all been tasked with gathering intel on a frenemy of our blind pal, only to eventually take that individual's virginity inside a tent and develop actual feelings for her? I can sympathize with Caleb. I see a future here.

Moving on to the mystery, we were introduced to a therapist, a new "thing" and a bevy of questions. Foremost among them:

Is Ian still alive? No way... right? There was a hooded stranger in that bell tower on the season one finale and I've gotta assume he/she simply moved Ian's body and created the tale that he left town. How would this account for the episode-concluding text of Ian and Melissa's proper baby name?

I have no clue. But there's plenty of information "A" seems to somehow know, all of which will be a challenge for writers to explain when the stalker's identity is finally revealed.

What role will Anne Sullivan play? A key one, creator Marlene King has said. I was certain the girls would tell her about "A" and then we'd learn that Anne has some connection to the mysterious character. But the show took a different turn instead.

Unless that scene with her racing to her car while being seemingly followed was just a red herring. Two more questions: Would four friends ever be permitted to attend grief counseling sessions together? I doubt it. Is there a reason PLL named the therapist after Helen Keller's famous mentor?

Noel is back... and dating Mona? I didn't see that one coming.

What is the Jason thing? I don't know. But it will come up again this season, and Aria will get involved with the man behind the "thing" to which Jenna referred.

How good of a carpenter in Toby? The guy can slice off a section of wall and instantly make it appear as if nothing ever happened? Wow.

Will Emily really move to Texas? Of course not. But the more appropriate question is: how will she avoid it? Seems like a keen opportunity for "A" to swoop in, help out and then demand something in return, sort of like she did with Hanna last season when she helped out with the bank money problem.

Overall, a solid start to season two, wouldn't you say? Granted, the episode somehow didn't show us any of the clothes Hanna purchased during her shopping spree (come on!), but it delivered the sort of intrigue that will force us to tune in on Tuesday nights all summer and ask: What's next?!?


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I totally love aria n ezra as a couple...and the jason angle is pretty interesting and creepy at d same the toby angle with spencer felt before...But i love caleb n hanna..and feel like they are perfect for each other..even lucas seems adorable..!!


I dnt like Caleb and Hanna only cuz I think Caleb isn't hot enough he looks to old but besides that I luv every relationship on the show hehe


It showed Hanna's scarf!


@Shannon i agree 100% with you. if Ezra and Aria break up im going to be so upset :(
oh and ian cant be dead, i think A is going to use Ian in his/her next plan.


i think Emily will lie to her mother that shes got feelings for Toby and that the two of them will have a deal and be boyfriend and girlfriend. And knowing that Em:s mom is anti-gay, she will let Emily stay and pray for her to become hetero again.


Are you seriously kidding me?
I LOVE Ezra and Aria together! That's the only reason I even watch this show. Also, I dislike Caleb and Hanna, Caleb doesn't belong with her!
And, I don't like the therapist, there's something definitely fishy about her; I don't know if I'm paranoid, but that's just my opinion.


Aria should totally NOT dump ezra..
Thats what i meant xD LOL


Also, I don't trust the therapist, so the girls BETTER not spill the 'A' thing. I just hope the girls can still see eachother, i relaly dislike the therapist, for some weird reason . .


Okay, I totally disagree with the Ezra and Aria thing. They BELONG together! I think Aria should totally now dump him--end of convo!
Also, You have to remember the end of Season 2 Episode 1..
Remember, When the guy in the black hoodie, (the guy to examine the house) deleted the hardrive and everything on it..
Wouldn't that be A?
The man who deletes all Emily's stuff..
This is getting sort of fishy. He's supposed to examine the house so they can sell it.. But.. He...


I agree. I want the Ezra/Aria relationship thing to end. It just feels creepy to me. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but teacher/student is just wrong. I do like Caleb and I'm glad he's back. I kinda want to go out and get the books and read them, but I'm afraid it would ruin the show, so I haven't. I just hope Hulu keeps showing them. I aslo don't think I trust the therapist for some reason. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but this show will do that to you LOL

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