Royal Pains Season Premiere Review: Back to the Hamptons

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Vehicular traffic wasn't the only thing entering and exiting the Hamptons on the season three premiere of Royal Pains.

After a year on separate paths, Hank, Evan, Jill and Divya found themselves in town for another run of treating patients. A quick primer on whre each stands:

Hank was jilted by Jill; Evan and Paige's relationship might be on the rocks; and Divya has been excommunicated by her parents. Furthermore, Hank and Evan were invited to move back into Shadow Pond.

Hank and Judy

We were quickly welcomed back to the Hamptons with Evan being used as a human shunt. That's what happens when you practice hardcore medicine in the middle of a traffic accident.

But what really made the episode were all the relationship dynamics that changed, most notably between Jill and Hank. Back from Uruguay, the former drops into the Hamptons to break things off with Hank, only to fly out the next morning. Makes you wonder just how much of Jill we’ll be seeing this season, and what might lay in store for Hank in the romance department.

On another love front, Evan and Paige’s relationship proved a source of confusion. Just where was Paige, and what changes are to come for the once sickeningly sweet pair?

Meanwhile, I think the real character to watch this season will be Divya. Crashing with Hank and Evan on a more permanent basis, what aspects of her life will change now that she’s been cut off? Will it cause a strain on her professional relationship or bring this trio closer together?

(Side note: I can’t help but entertain the wish that Divya builds a new life and eventually meets back up with that cute blonde she kissed in season two.)

The real shocker in tonight’s episode, though, was Boris inviting Hank and Evan back to Shadow Pond. Most likely it’s a move to appease Marissa and ensure the best care for her and the baby, but what other purposes will their return fulfill?

While some things look like they’re returning to normal, the field of possibilities for what’s to come is wide open. All in a Hamptons' summer, right?


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i so agree with gabrielle, i want divya and evan to have romance and want to see more of them together! Besides i never really liked Paige. Also, we all know how annoying both divya and evan get with each other, maybe its time they realised they might actually like each other :-)


I loved the first season of this show, but lately I abhor it. Hank is just too cutesy on his own. I mean does this guy ever have a bad thing to say? Evan and Paige just make it unbearable gooey. I admit I glad for Divya breaking away from her parents, but at what expense to the viewers? None of this characters have any substance. At least not any that is being built up any more. All of them are just too nice... well besides Evan. I'd love some emotion back in the cast this season.


Enough with Henry Winkler and now the old grandfather. Go back to what we love about the show: young actors and solving medical issues with whatever is on hand. Royal Pains used to be a great show; why make it a showcase for washed-up actors?


name of the show should be: Royal noses


Jill should go back to Urugury. Hank should move on. Jill said she was going back, so WHY is she STILL there in the Hamptons? She should be written out - everyone else is outstanding!


I desperately want to the new living situation to create a romantic dynamic for Evan and Divya that hasn't been properly explored since mid last season.


Ken "Killer" Keller hosts a charity football tournament on his estate and invites Hank to play along. The contest gets fierce as Keller gets injured and Hank must put his competitive nature aside to treat him.


This weeks guest star is Natalie Zea who plays Winona, ex-wife of Raylan Givens on FX's Justified.


Anyone know the name of the actress from the season 3 premier that had the pulmonary embolism? I know her from some other show but can't put my finger on it.


It was great to have 'em all back and together, so to speak... I love Divya and think that her bonding with Hank & Evan provides the 'family support' that she's been shunned from... they're more fun anyway... I liked the fiancee from prior 'seasons' but he was not right for her... keep her looking; and bring back the hunk that someone else mentioned... great show; and Mark is great too!!!

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Royal Pains Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Newburgh: Your father called form prison.
Evan: Well, that's a fun segue.

Hank: It looks like Summer has arrived.
Evan: Her name is Divya.