Weeds Review: A Growing Problem

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It was a busy, forward-moving, funny week on Weeds, as "A Hole In Her Niqab" introduced viewers to the season's main guest stars.

But it also highlighted a problem I have with the series: the storytelling is anything but organic. Yes, there are humorous lines and, yes, the characters are entertaining. There's just no slow, and most of the arcs are predicated on random, dumb luck.

Aidan Quinn on Weeds

Nancy happens to see a drug dealer on the street? And it's the same drug dealer who supplies the building at which she works? And the CEO just happens to crush on Nancy and be into marijuana?

It's all very convenient.

The same goes for Andy. That guy cracks me up, but it's a bit of a stretch for him to constantly get involved in utterly unrealistic, ridiculous romantic entanglements. Still, I laughed pretty hard when he found that husband's sock.

I'm also happy to see Aidan Quinn and, especially, Martin Short on board. Both are strong, fun actors. This is the second consecutive guest-starring role for Short as an attorney, following his Emmy-nominated work on Damages, but I have a feeling his character here will be a bit quirkier than his straight-laced lawyer on that Glenn Close-anchored drama.

Look for Short to get involved in Nancy's custody battle with Jill and for me to crack up every time he wants to hear gory details as payment.

Seven seasons in, Weeds is what it is - and that's still an entertaining series with great performances all around. I can accept some easy, lazy storytelling as long as it makes me laugh. It does take away from Nancy as a character a bit, though, doesn't it?

How resourceful is she, really, when everything just falls so easily in to place no matter where she goes?


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@ jmaddi
the scene with the afgan wife blowing up the drug lab was almost funny if it wasnt so random. that scene was not random it explains why the brother from lights out Pablo Schreiber could not sell her anymore for 1 month.


The series, to me, jumped the shark at the end of season 3 when Nancy burned down Agrestic. The show was at its best then -- especially with Celia, Conrad and Helia. But I've kept watching because I am already so invested in the series. I want to see how it wraps up.

Matt richenthal

@jmaddi: It wasn't a cameo. Short will play a key role throughotu the season.


and what a waste of a martin short cameo. did anyone really care about the story nancy told him and what was in the box?


so this whole season is going to be about nancy trying to get her son back? what a buzz kill. weeds used to be about funny silly drug dealing plot lines involving the botwin family surviving and learning the drug business. this season is just depressing watching the show try and put nancy through rehab and turning her family into a bunch of idiots. first, why is silas being such a dick to his mom when we all know he needs her just as much as she needs him. second, why is shane so oblivious to what is going on. he acts like he never grew up in the last 3 years. third, why is andy basically a hobo lving off of the botwins with no real purpose this season besides laying on bricks. and doug's doing steroids to win a softball game. this whole season seems like one main plot with a bunch of dumb subplots to try and keep us interested. not one episode yet has been good. i even miss ed from the half way house cause at least he had some jokes. everyone this season just seems boring and out of material to make them seem fresh. this whole season sucks so far. i dont like anything going on. nancy prints a bunch of signs and throws them off a building and were supposed to believe thats how she got rid of the competition. yea right. lazy lazy writing and even worse direction for whats looking like the last season. no one cares about stevie and nancys annoying ass sisters and her ugly kids. the scene with the afgan wife blowing up the drug lab was almost funny if it wasnt so random. i think ill just wait for this season to finish and watch the rest of the episodes back to back cause i feel like im wasting my time and patience waiting for something to actually happen that is as good as the last 6 seasons. but that doest look like its going to happen. who cares if nancy gets stevie back. does she really need another kid to mess up like silas and shane?

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