Entourage Review: "Whiz Kid"

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It's about time, Entourage!

Last night's episode was utterly brilliant, from beginning to end. After weeks of waiting patiently for this season to heat up, this week the action took off like a shot ... through Carl Ertz's head.

What, in poor taste?

But before we get to the business of Vince's, er, business, we have the story of Ari and Dana Gordon. Not to root for the Gold's marriage to fail, but I really like him with Dana.

The Boys of Entourage

They're like an adorable, blackberry-wielding power couple. With potty mouths and lots of intimidated employees. The more we're shown how far gone Ari's marriage is, the easier it gets for us to wish he was free of the yelling and was just happy.

Except what would make him happiest is to have his family back. Oh the conflict...

At first when he was sitting in Bobby Flay's restaurant with Dana, I almost thought she was aware of the situation (because, as Shauna said, everyone knows who's buttering Mrs. Ari's bread these days). But, then it became clear that she would never have allowed herself to be used in such a way, and when she sped off I wanted him to go after Dana.

Obviously he can't fight for both women, but I wish he'd figure out which one he wanted and then dig deep for whatever fight is left in him at this point. When Ari told Vince, "I've got nowhere to be," it was a sad and genuinely vulnerable moment. Oh how the mighty fall, Ari. Hopefully we haven't seen the last of Dana, though, and they can put down the blackberries and call a truce.

The real action on "Whiz Kid" was in Vince's pants. Literally. When Drama tried to get them to all drink vinegar it was a sign of how desperate their situation was, even if he is the champion of "secreting substances out of his body." Ew. If Vince had done anything shady in Ertz's house, that would've been one thing, but for him to face having his career (and freedom) jeopardized for taking a few hits of weed would've been a crying shame. 

Luckily for him, Billy - the straightest arrow of them all these days - swooped in to save the day. Wasn't he supposed to be done with all the trouble? Call me naive, but I didn't realize that such a device actually existed nor did I have any idea what Billy was referring to at his house. I actually gasped out loud when Vince whipped it out in the men's room. A-ma-zing.

Though E always has to be the voice of reason, the fact that he didn't get pissed (pun intended) when Vince revealed he never took his fake junk off shows that he's still more of a friend than a manager. Granted, we could've probably all done without seeing the prosthetic penis being tossed about like a phallic hot potato when they found out he passed the test, but this is the kind of content we live for on this show.

Vince is right - this chapter is closed. It's time for them all to move on to clearer skies and bigger things. Maybe not everyone's ascent back to the top will be as easy (cough *Ari* cough) but with Air Walkers approaching, Turtle's new restaurant venture and Drama's series kicking off, it seems promising that the boys from Queens will get their feet under them again. I, for one, can't wait.


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i agree. Mrs.Ari is BEYOND ANNOYING. how can that lady be so proud to play her?! she should be apologizing to entourage fans! i seriously cringe everytime she's in a scene, just bcuz i kno she's gonna do more bitching and complaining about how bad of a husband Ari is or how he didnt do this or that to live up to her standards or expectations. it got old SEASONS AGO. as much as i feel for Ari, i just dont kno why he cares so much about a woman that treats him like that ALL THE TIME. it is redundant. as for Vince and Eric's friendship, i miss them being close, too. love how great turtle's looking these days and its nice to see drama succeed as ive always felt sorry for him. lol great show, gonna be so sad when the last episode airs. looking forward to the movie tho. really hope they make it.


cmon..the whizanator is so 10 years ago..didnt dana have kids a few seasons ago as ari made a point of going to that school to see dana when she picked up her kids..now she's a lonely 40 yr old..someone not lonely is exec prod doug ellin who im sure is getting it on with his protege ally musika..can you blame him


This was one of the best episodes in AWHILE in Entourage, definitely in the Entourage top 10. Hollywood is not all fun and games, especially if your coming out of rehab, or going through a divorce and the whole town knows about it. E was pissed that he used the penis, but it worked, so why would he stay pissed at him? Every actor and actress in this show is going 100% at their job right now. Even the expressions make it look like they are really going through this. Great fucking episode. BTW i used fake piss to fool a judge and it worked, not a fake cock thoguh.


A 20 minute episode in your final season? Are they kidding? It was okay but I couldn't believe it ended so quickly.


I still have the feeling a lot of things do not work out well in this season. There's the lukewarm friendship between Vince an E, that has yet to come back to the point it had been in all other seasons. I mean nowadays Vince has to specifically point out, that he needs a friend before he starts talking about his problems. It always feels set up. In former episodes, Vince and E always knew each other and knew when they were talking about business and about private life. Now, they suddenly have to start each conversation off with: "Now, I need a friend!", "Now, I need manager!"... It seems redundant to say that. The guys acting performance were solid though; obviously they're not the cause of the bad scripting. Still, I feel there has to be a more substance where this season is heading.


i know vince is a super star now and all, but it was kinda stupid how many fans with already made "free vince" signs were at the police station in what seemed like 30 mins since the media caught hold of the situation. the whole fake weiner thing was vunny i admit, but i guess thats the part turtle wrote in for the episode. and to be fair, without that subplot, the episode would have been a really boring one. i swear im gonna break my tv the next time i hear mrs. ari screaming. is she not the most annoying wife/exwife. if ari needs to choose between hearing her nag or match wits with dana, i hope he chooses dana. mrs. ari looks like she took a visit to somalia and came back with a stick up her you know what. can some one get her a sandwich.


Ari is so much better with his Mrs Ari, I like Dana but not romantically involved with Ari! The rest of them just rocked!


Very reasonable review. I thought some scenes were incredibly childish and I did not like how E was pleased with Vince's decision.

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Entourage Season 8 Episode 4 Quotes

Turtle: I saw Brains.
Ari: That's great. I'm guessing they weren't Dramas.

Johnny Drama: The guy was a mess.
Scott: Yeah, even more so now. What do brains look like?
E: Jesus.
Scott: Come on, I'm curious.
Turtle: They're gross. They look like mashed up spaghetti and meatballs.
Johnny Drama: They used kosher egg noodles and cottage cheese when I got shot in the head on New York Undercover.