Judy Greer to Play Key Role on Two and a Half Men

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A TV Fanatic favorite will play a key role on the new season of Two and a Half Men.

Judy Greer, who we fell in love with at Comic Con, will recur on the CBS sitcom as the soon-to-be-ex-wife of Ashton Kutcher's character, Walden Schmidt.


On the September 19 premiere, we'll meet Walden and learn he's house hunting after recently splitting from his wife. Previews Jon Cryer to TV Guide Magazine:

"He is maladroit socially, which allows me to form a sort of mentor relationship with him. Which is of course, ridiculous, because my character is such a mess as a human being."

Greer, who starred on CBS' Mad Love last year, has actually appeared on Two and a Half Men before. In 2007, she portrayed Myra, a love interest for Charlie (RIP!), on two episodes.


OMG I can't believe Charlie did this!! Check out this video : http://ow.ly/7uANt


I agree with Fan no more, casting Herbs sister as Ashton's ex/soo to be ex wife was lame. I haven't seen Herb, will we see him at some point running into his "sister" and a reunion? I think I can speak for most when I say I really just watch hoping that Charlie will be reincarnated and show up and surprise us.


I watched the first episode....to be continued....Why...to get us to return? Well, it happened, not by schedule tho, that I caught episode 2. STUPID. Not that it was a great show before, but it had grown on me...however, the past year with all the "use your hand" humor, it was a bit gross and past its prime. Having Herb's sister return as a different character was ridiculous. Ashton can't save the show....it has jumped the shark as they say. I won't be watching episode 3, cuz I just don't care enough.


As much as I love this show, I know it will take awhile for it to find it's legs with Kutcher in there, this is a mistake. I like Judy Greer, but she was a strong presence as Herb's sister and should have remained Herb's sister and just brought her back as that, instead of Kutcher's "high school sweetheart". It doesn't make sense unless Kutcher was a child prodigy and jumped a few grades. I'm not one of those "Sheen-fanatics". I'm a fan of good writing and a conscience. As far as I'm concerned Lorre made the right move - Sheen was out of control and was about to commit suicide through his drug use. If Lorre hadn't of fired him I doubt Sheen would be alive right now to enjoy his settlement with Warner Bros. - 2 million now and 100 million through syndication. Believe me, he's not hurting. They did the characters right in the opening - letting them play their past characters correctly. Now, it's time to move on and get fresh! Sheen was playing and echo of his former character and looking very old doing it. Getting Kutcher will attract a younger demographic and for all those that don't like him, don't watch. I don't know if the show will ever be as good as it was, but this wasn't Lorre's fault, it was Sheen's and he knows it. I'm pissed that he did this to one of my favorite shows, but this is the way it is. Most of the people complaining want to take sides, but the truth is that Sheen did this to himself in a very public way. Yeah, he'll die a multimillionaire which proves only one thing, that some people get all the luck.


I loved Judy Greer's role as Herb's sister in Two and a Half Men - I thought she was the one Charlie should have married (if they had finished the series properly). Charlie couldn't quite figure her out, so it made it an interesting matchup. But Judy is too old for Ashton Kutcher (sorry Judy) - then again, so is his wife, so maybe I'm wrong !!!!


This is the same actress that played Herb’s sister from Las Vegas when Herb and Judith got married. Looks stupid when they cast an actor or actress in different roles. They did that with Jennifer Taylor as well. In the pilot, she was a stranger in the supermarket. In the episode where Rose set up the “Charlie Harper S****� website, Taylor was an old fling with whom Charlie went to Mexico and never called, and then she was Chelsea the former fiancée. Now Judy Greer gets to play her second character on the show. Maybe no one will notice, because based on what we’ve seen with the new format (with Ashton), the show is terrible and no one will be watching it anymore. Thanks to Chuck Lorre and his pettiness, Charlie can now really say that he is winning.


I love your work Judy, Judy Judy - bring Jen Garner on and act like 13 going on 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!
***************************************** 30 reasons to watch this show ALWAYS! 10. Because the EMMY's are finally over the night before.
9. Angus is now growing up and will get as many girlfriends as Sheen once did, in fact he will try to get Charlie's old ones including his teachers
8. Jon Cryer now has a Walk of Fame presence
7. Who cares about the CW's Hart of Dixie anyway
6. Glee is on Tuesday nights
5. Modern Family is on Wednesday nights
4. 30Rock won't start new Eps until January 2012
3. Shark Tank is on Fridays
2. The Simpsons are on Sundays
1. Monday night football has not started yet 10. Because Cher isn't dancing with the Stars
9. Because her daughter is
8. Kate plus 8 won't be included in the show
7. Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin may be added to the cast
6. The biggest loser is yet to be announced
5. No one wants to watch House
4. The Sing Off on NBC isn't as fun to watch as American Idol
3. Terra Nova stops at 9PM on Monday nights
2. Demi may show up with Charlie's Angels with her surfboard
1. Charlie Sheen may appear as a ghost and haunt the place with his Ben
and Jerry's Schweddy Balls 10. It's not Winter yet so you can't snow ski
9. Paris finally got cancelled
8. George Lopez won't in in the cast ever
7. Sara Palin makes a guest appearance as Tina Fey
6. Chris rock shows up in drag
5. So does Eddie Murphy
6. There are no stars in Dancing with the Stars - so who cares...
5. My computer broke and tv is all I've got
4. The zoo is closed at 9PM on Monday nights
3. The short sale on my home didn't go thru
2. The new camp ground I moved into has electricity
1. Donald Trump is for sure worth more than 200 million

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