Royal Pains Review: Clear Communication

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Hank treated a little boy and his babysitter. Paige called Hank for help with her mother. Evan finally discovered the truth. One thing was for certain on Royal Pains this week:

"Me First" was an emotionally charged episode.

Hank and a Young Patient

There are few images that make my list of unforgettables. But when Evan proceeded to smash the windshield of Hank's convertible, I nearly croaked. We've never seen the mild-mannered CFO of HankMed act out in a more uncharacteristic way.

He should have stuck to pastry golfing. I know he put a distinct effort into making them, but it was pretty funny to see the goodies lined up on the green as he chucked them into eternity... or at least partly down the driveway.

I was relieved to see that the medical emergency Paige has tended to throughout this season was her mother and not some hidden pregnancy. While I think it's tragic that her mother suffers from such severe bouts of depression, I couldn't imagine what Paige was dealing with, and it was starting to bug me.

She really should have told Evan. He knows how to keep a secret. I don't think she should have been concerned with the health of the campaign over the health of her relationship.

Paige really is a good girl. She went above and beyond planning and managing her father's fundraiser. It is a lot of pressure to be perceived as perfect, and it was important for her to recognize that even her imperfections are something with which Evan is willing to deal. I think it's more than just dealing, I think it's his love. That's something we can all get behind.

In the meantime, I enjoyed seeing Hank interact with Simon. He really has a way with children. It was especially cute when he played super villain. I hope to see him as a super dad in the future. But I have no problem waiting on that.

I also have no problem waiting on Divya to enter into any new, potentially romantic, relationships. Van Dyke doesn't appear to be her type at all. Does that make him a perfect match for Divya? He's attractive, seems fun, but he's definitely awkward.

Next week is the summer finale. Looks like it's going to be another intense one. If nothing else, we know the drama surrounding Paige's mom didn't end tonight. We can only wonder what impact it will have on the future of Evan and Paige, and possibly for HankMed.


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Royal Pains has TURNED into a SOAP OPERA! It won't be long before the show goes off the AIR due to TERRIBLE ratings! Just watch!


what happened to that guy divya kissed when she was engaged?? why not bring him back for her. btw hank is not a family oriented man. just got a big head since he moved there. starting not to like him much. might stop watching the show.


people no one is more selfish than hank!!! he is nNEVER there for evan. and hey. evanis absolutely right. hank's lil whiney butt would be no where with out him. if evan goes so does the show. evan is wayyy tooo self righteous. he makes me vomit.


Okay just wanted to say two things regarding Evan, because I think people are being a little too hard on him. Not to say hes my favorite character or anything and he doesn’t deserve any of it but I do think EVERYBODY (including) the writiers underestimate how influential he really is.
1 while he doesn’t have a medical degree or anything credit does have to go to him for creating Hankmed. If it wasn’t for him dusing hank off from wallowing in self pity and dragging him to the Hamptoons WHO KNOWS WHERE hank would have ended up. So you have to give him some credit for that. And not only that, he is the main one managing the business. Without Evan Hank would have a MUCH harder time seeing and treating patients. As I said before I think a lot of people just underestimate what he does. And im not trying to undersell what Hank does either, but it is a symbiotic relationship, they both benefit from each other its not just all give on one side and all take on the other.
2. I firmly DO NOT believe that if hank would have violated doctor/patient confidentiality, by telling evan anything short of “paige’s mom is depressed.� Paige was never a “patient� to Hank, she never discussed anything medically related pertaining to her with Hank, so Hank had no confidentiality to her.I think that hank didn’t tell evan about paige out of RESPECT that she clearly did not want him to not NOT FOR CONFIDENTIALLITY reasons.
Also did anybody else notice the “trick writing/cuts� to make us think Hank knew more than he actually did. ALL Hank knew was the someone paige knew had some kind medical issue. So unless all a bunch of conversations happened off screen, He had no idea it had anything to do with Paige’s mom, he had no idea where paige was, he had no idea about any of that until he got the phonecall.
So yes telling Evan Paige’s mom was depressed and fell and hurt herself would have violated doctor/patient confidentiality. Telling Evan paige was in town would not have.


Do Psych and Royal Pains have the same writers??? both on USA and both have a immature main character that run a business acting like a 2 year old. Sick of Evan and sick of Shawn acting so dumb - he can catch everything to figure out some things but then doesn't have a clue about anything else.


It may be time for a writers shake up. Evan's character is not cute anymore just childish and annoying. And the whole thing where no one ever checks him on his selfishness is getting annoying too. The whole resolution of the issue between him and Paige was just too simplistic and unimaginative. Tired of Evan always reminding Hank how he would be anything without him too, like HE has a medical degree. Hope the finale is better


Plus, I hated how quick page got back with him. I blame the writers. He is such a spoil douche who gets what he wants and if he doesn't, he goes off on people. I especially disliked how he told Hank if it wasn't for him, hank would be in a dark room somewhere. Grrr. Send him to Juarez to start a "hank med" there.


Can they please eliminate evan from the show. Have him killed, or sent on a never ending vacation somewhere. I am getting tired of him. Such a jerk and very immature. Is it the actor or the character that's no good? Mhhmm


Her name is Madeline Zima. She was the little girl, Emma, in The Hand that Rocks the Cradle. Her sister, Yvonne, was the girl in the Long Kiss Goodnight


Does anyone know the babysitter's name or what she has been on b4?

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She's like a Comic-Con Mary Poppins.


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