Wilfred Review: Grab Your Torch and Pitch Fork

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"Isolation" was much less monumental in Wilfred mythology than "Compassion," but it definitely focused on what this show is all about: the bond between a man and his dog.

People can complain that Wilfred is as mean as they come, but this installment gave us reason to believe that he is only looking out for his best friend's best interests when acting in such a manner.

A Man and His Dog

He framed Ryan for a number of break-ins around the neighborhood, and hilariously came after him with a torch like he was in an angry mob going after a monster from a 1930s movie... but it was all to get Ryan out of his funk. Wilfred just wanted Ryan to be a part of the neighborhood pack and start to live again.

Of course, his plan didn't work, so he had to rethink some things. Now, getting Andy thrown in Juvy might have been an extreme, but it was simply what had to be done in order to save Ryan from the neighborhood's hatred and/or going to prison.

Wilfred redeemed himself, though, in transferring the blame once again, this time to the recently passed away Trash Face. He might have been able to "mastermind multiple break-ins and plant evidence on [a] child," but he really isn't all that smart. It took him a few tries, but Andy was free, Ryan became part of the neighborhood, and Trash Face got what he wanted: to be remembered.

At the end of the day, Ryan was thankful for what Wilfred did for him, and couldn't help but go along with the dog's plan after hearing his own words used against him: "You're the most important member of my pack," Wilfred told him. "A pack protects its own." It was a nice emotional moment for a man and his dog.

Some other non-quotable highlights: Wilfred's brilliant plan to sneak into the house is foiled by Bear's inability to move, Wilfred's inability to contain himself as Andy tempts him with the tennis ball or the fake food, Wilfred attempting to contain his laughter while making Ryan feel like a monster for all the terrible things he's done up to this point in the season, and, of course, the sword fight at the grave of the once homeless prostitute, Trash Face.

And finally, after checking out some of our favorite Wilfred quotes from "Isolation," below let us know what you thought of the episode.

Wilfred: But Jenna's put a lot of work into this. She even took me to the groomer. Thanks for noticing by the way. | permalink
Wilfred: What's so wrong with a little beer and some small talk with the ass holes down the street? | permalink
Gene: Who's a good boy?
Wilfred: I'm a good boy, obviously. You, on the other hand, hot dogs and potato salad? How many Weight Watchers points is that? | permalink
Mr. Patel: My friend, I feel great shame for accusing you unjustly. I will not sleep well tonight, but tomorrow during the day I'll take a long nap. | permalink
Wilfred: You know what you should do? March on over to Mrs. Stevenson's house, and tell her the truth. Your neighbor's dog masterminded multiple break-ins and planted evidence on her child. | permalink
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TRash Face... lol. Excellent cameo!
Flaming torch scene! How does a dog make a flaming torch? hA!


It was a good episode...and you're right, it finally showed that there might be some actual friendship in this friendship...Nice cameos tonight. Is this show some sort of cult thing, I wonder? I also dig that Wilfred mentions he went to the dog groomer, and spends the entire episode in a sleeker dog costume than usual.

Wilfred Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

What's so wrong with a little beer and some small talk with the ass holes down the street?


But Jenna's put a lot of work into this. She even took me to the groomer. Thanks for noticing by the way.