The Simpsons Review: "The Falcon and the D'Ohman"

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The summer's over and we finally get the answer that's been keeping Simpsons fans up all night since last season's finale: did Nedna stay together!?

Yeah, you forgot about that too? It definitely seems like The Simpsons writers did, or that maybe the popularity failed, because the gimmick only got the intro, ending and a brief cameo during the episode.

Kiefer Sutherland on The Simpsons

Clearly they decided to try their fellow FOX star Kiefer Sutherland's guest voice role episode, "The Falcon and the D'Ohman," instead, and merely hack in some Nedna. Do I really care? No, but it just made the whole Nedna voting of the May finale feel cheap instead of the creative opportunity it could have been.

As far as this week's premiere goes, Sutherland was, of course, a natural fit as a highly trained government employee on the run shoved into the role of a disgruntled security guard. His character didn't feel too Jack Bauer-ish and actually came across like pretty natural part of the story. Unfortunately for Sutherland, despite having some of the best lines of the show, he just doesn't have the comedic delivery to keep up with some of his voice acting cohorts.

The episode, luckily, still had plenty of laughs thanks to the ridiculous cast of characters that is The Simpsons.  You can check our Simpsons quotes archives for some of our favorites.

But did anyone else notice this episode seemed to have more cutaways than usual, mostly in the form of flashbacks?  Heck, the show even seemed to be making fun of it in the form of a flash forward. 

Again, it's not nearly as distracting as when Family Guy overdoes it, but it just felt a little less Simpsons. But without them, we never would have had that Kim Jong musical. And that would have been a tragedy.


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@Eric - hated the episode as much as you did, but do you know how much it'd cost to write, film, record and produce two episodes? I don't have the figures, but it's not pocket money. Saying they should make two episodes is very unrealistic. But I do agree with you, inasmuch as it's their own corner they painted themselves into. If they weren't gonna be able to do it properly, they shouldn't have had the public vote thing. Rubbish publicity stunt, didn't really work. Wish I was surprised.


Very entertaining episode,kept me on my couch the whole 30 minutes.I hope THE SIMPSONS legacy stays for years to come.I love THE SIMPSONS


@Simpsonology - Then next time they should make two episodes for the two outcomes and air the appropriate one if you're going to make the claim.


@Eric, most don't have any cutaways or 1-2.


If you have any concept of how long it takes to make a Simpsons episode, you'd know that there is NO WAY they'd be able to work the outcome of the Nedna voting into the episode more than short snippets. Seriously, complaining about the episode because it wasn't about the Ned/Edna relationship shows major ignorance of the time and work it takes to make an episode.




Nice one - the DMV


LOL Little ukraine


To responde them i do not know't how many kievs are there


Mashed potatos coming out of ears!!

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