Modern Family Review: Hit and Running for Office

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What do you get when you try to run with other people's money? Tackled by four dudes, that's what. "Hit and Run" definitely depicted its fair share of fleeing the scene, no matter how predictable.

So what would you do if someone hit your car and then ran? Or jacked your money and then ran? I mean, if Mitchell can take down a perpetrator with just with a hoodie grab, and admire his skinny jeans while doing so, it's safe to say any of you could do that same.

Then again, he did have some major help in the form of his overweight hubby jumping on the guy's back. Poor Cam was having a rough day, he needed to kick some butt. First, he struck out trying to warn that guy at The Muppet Movie and then he scratched the roof of his mouth when the car got rear-ended. That can really hurt!

David Cross on Modern Family

Jay may not have been able to picture Dirty Harry in that pink shirt, but I'll tell ya, Cam could be wearing a fuzzy pink bunny costume and still take a mofo down.

That goes for Claire, too, she's not a woman I'd want to mess with. I'm pretty surprised she didn't get her stop sign after last week's compelling argument and video. Even though Gloria says she'll probably lose the bid for town council, we have to remember what Phil said: Claire will not stop until she wins. Ever. I have faith in our girl.

I also have faith that with Sofia Vergara's rack beauty, could probably sell a dumb young guy any product. So that kid wanted to be wowed like he was after one drink in South Beach made him unconscious for two days? It's called a roofie, you moron. I'm so glad Jay barely had to break a sweat to win that deal.

It's the little moments on the show that make me laugh, from Luke literally freezing his money, to Manny swigging his milk from a brandy glass, to the fact that Haley's voicemail would obviously be full, those little details make this comedy so perfect.

Speaking of Haley, how and when did you all get your first fake ID? Hit the comments and don't forget to check out our favorite quotes from the episode!


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So I know I'm a year and a half late to this party, but I wanted to comment anyway, largely because I'm a bit sad I don't have a story like Jay's. However, I will say that a fake ID is a bit superfluous when you've got a beard at age 14. Just wish I'd done cooler things with it. XD Since this is my first "Modern Family" comment (having just recently got into the show), I'll also take this opportunity to mention how much I'm loving the series. And yes, Sofia Vergara's breasts could sell ice to... someone who already had a considerable quantity of ice at hand.


Since not everyone is from the United States, I'm not sure everyone follows Richard Hurts. "Dick" is short for Richard -- and in the U.S. (and maybe elsewhere, but I don't know that???), that is one of the slang words for a part of male genitalia. So the name is about junior high level, like really young locker room humor (locker room humor is off-color giggly adolescent guy humor). Off-color is ...


No need for fake ID's in the Netherlands,
we can drink from 16 years old.


I think he is just referencing to the fact that he used that name Dr. Richard Hurt on his fake id to get the bowling shoes.


Need an explanation regarding Phil's comment about how he used his fake id to get some bowling shoes which he never returned. Then he says, "Dr. Richard Hurts. Think about it!" What is that referencing?


@JustMary...what is the nickname for Richard?


Need an explanation for Phil's comment after he talked about how he used his fake id to get bowling shoes and then did not return them. He said "Dr. Richard Hurts. Think about it!" What is that a reference to?


cause canadians get it! americans dont. great episode. and i mean season 1 great.


No need for fake IDs in Germany. You are allowed to drink beer with 16 and everything else with 18. Good episode. I watched Happy Endings, Up all Night, Suburgatory and Modern Family today and MF got the most laughs out of me.


Maybe it's being from Canada where the legal age is 19, but I never had to get a fake ID!

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Modern Family Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Manny, sometimes you can be a little old fashioned. Remember the first time you saw the kids with the backpacks with wheels and you thought they were a little flashy?


Manny: I wanna be home-schooled.
Gloria: Really Manny? You want me to learn you English?