South Park Review: "Bass to Mouth"

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What, exactly, was the target of Matt Stone and Trey Parker's vengeance this week?

It seemed like quite a bit when South Park took on WikiLeaks, our nation's celebrity gossip obsession, and the recent outcries over cyber bullying, all in one fell swoop - while simultaneously resurrecting a character from nine season ago, to boot.

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After watching "6 Days to Air," I would have killed to have been in the writers' room just to see the path that led Stone and his team to realize the similar names between Lemmiwinks and Wikileaks and to resurrect one of the most ridiculous characters ever.

Okay, not kill. That sounds a little harsh in an episode about child suicide. But definitely throw-under-a-bus cripple to be in there.

On to the adventure! First, it was nice to see Stan completely back in his element, effectively undoing everything from the midseason finale and premiere. His change from finding the gossip funny to a serious problem when his addiction to (butt) crack came up? Classic.

Joining back up with Lemmiwinks and his animal ghost brethren, Frog King, Sparrow Prince and Catata "Bass to Mouth" Fish, was not only a great source of nostalgia for me, but equally hilarious the second time around. The bit where the animal ghosts infer Lemmiwinks emotions while he simply acted like a gerbil? Never gets old.

Even the songs were a fun throwback to the "Ballad of Lemmiwinks," which I still idiotically sing with my cousin to this day. Okay, maybe it was just my nostalgia that made me enjoy their scenes so much. But isn't that what still watching South Park for 15 straight years is all about?

And has anyone else noticed what a chef Cartman has become this season? First making "ass burgers" and then laxative-laden cupcakes? Just why all the knocks on Arby's horsey sauce? That stuff is totally delish.

I definitely thought the cyber bullying satire was perfectly timed. CNN, and I'm sure other networks, have been constantly obsessing over this silliness. It was good to see Stone and Parker give it a healthy little mocking through Cartman and the faculty.

Fun during his adventure? The literal throwing under the bus, the Selena Gomez beating, Mr. Mackey's actually writing "mkay" during the suicide note and his fully-baked revenge plan.

Then, of course, there was the whole WikiLeaks parody. While a little late by South Park standards, the blonde hair on WikiLeaks and his relationship to Lemmiwinks more than made up for any lack of timeliness.

Overall, I thought it was a good episode made much stronger by its ties and throwbacks to past South Park installments. What did you all think? And more importantly, best poo nickname: Poopy Pants Pete, Mushman Melman, or Soft Serve Simons?


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this hole season sucks i like southpark but its getting kinda gay and they have too much money now to try and make a funny show... i still love my season 1 vhs tapes...


The message below is by me. I just noticed there was another dude commenting earlier. He is not I. Or whatever.


I had the soundtrack for the animated Hobbit movie as a kid in the seventies and I listened to it about 12 thousand times in the seventies. So this was a great trip down memory lane. I love the fact that they skewered Julian Assange. He is an insufferable twit who has done more to tarnish Wikileaks both through his decisions and his arrogant persona than anything any government could do. South Park, 15 years in, is just getting better. Stone and Parker are national treasures. They are like a shot of pure oxygen in a suffocating world polluted by crass idiocy on an industrial scale. Thanks guys. And to those who feel the need to state contemptuously that South Park is finished...well congratulations on your superior hipsterness.


If you note that David Assange is already in the course of trial over his own sexual misconduct, that Mr. Assange says are "without basis," The whole Catatta Fish thing is all the more funny. He totally didn't do it... totally. Wikileaks may do some good, but they're just as much of a joke as anyone South Park spoofs in some ways. Matt and Trey just made people realize they can laugh at it, unless you're all butt hurt about anyone saying bad things about Wikileaks of course.


Comparing Wikileaks, who is exposing government officials and corporate overloads in their corruption, to tales of elementary school kids crapping their pants and making public fun of it is the height of intellectual dishonesty. . even for comedians. My response to the rat named Wikileaks was "F*#% you Matt and Trey" Call me crazy, but I guess this whole "forcing government and corporate corruption out into the open" is kind of a serious issue to me. Comparing them to Newscorp or the National inquirer is just stupidity pretending to be satire.


This episode and the previous Lemmiwinks episode reference the old 1977 Rankin and Bass animated Hobbit movie, as pointed out by a previous poster. Most current South Park viewers are too young to remember that movie, so maybe they should rent that movie before dismissing this episode.


It wasn't a bad episode, not the best, but enough to make me laugh.. I liked how the school staff had all but given up trying to discipline Eric as a student and pleaded with him as if it was post-court ruling or post treaty signing. i think lemmiwinks is up meanbrew's ass, cuz the first half of this season was genius! Especially the timing on ripping on jim carrey and adam sandler's latest crappy movies.


Ridiculous episode, which is to say classic Southpark. The first half of this Southpark season was horrible, but Matt and Trey seem to be back on their game now.


wtf you talking about this episode was great


Great episode, as always in South Park beyond stupidity, transcending stupidity, thereby allowing us to reach a state of higher consciousness through uncontrollable laughter. Thank you, Lemmiwinks.

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