South Park Review: "Bass to Mouth"

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What, exactly, was the target of Matt Stone and Trey Parker's vengeance this week?

It seemed like quite a bit when South Park took on WikiLeaks, our nation's celebrity gossip obsession, and the recent outcries over cyber bullying, all in one fell swoop - while simultaneously resurrecting a character from nine season ago, to boot.

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After watching "6 Days to Air," I would have killed to have been in the writers' room just to see the path that led Stone and his team to realize the similar names between Lemmiwinks and Wikileaks and to resurrect one of the most ridiculous characters ever.

Okay, not kill. That sounds a little harsh in an episode about child suicide. But definitely throw-under-a-bus cripple to be in there.

On to the adventure! First, it was nice to see Stan completely back in his element, effectively undoing everything from the midseason finale and premiere. His change from finding the gossip funny to a serious problem when his addiction to (butt) crack came up? Classic.

Joining back up with Lemmiwinks and his animal ghost brethren, Frog King, Sparrow Prince and Catata "Bass to Mouth" Fish, was not only a great source of nostalgia for me, but equally hilarious the second time around. The bit where the animal ghosts infer Lemmiwinks emotions while he simply acted like a gerbil? Never gets old.

Even the songs were a fun throwback to the "Ballad of Lemmiwinks," which I still idiotically sing with my cousin to this day. Okay, maybe it was just my nostalgia that made me enjoy their scenes so much. But isn't that what still watching South Park for 15 straight years is all about?

And has anyone else noticed what a chef Cartman has become this season? First making "ass burgers" and then laxative-laden cupcakes? Just why all the knocks on Arby's horsey sauce? That stuff is totally delish.

I definitely thought the cyber bullying satire was perfectly timed. CNN, and I'm sure other networks, have been constantly obsessing over this silliness. It was good to see Stone and Parker give it a healthy little mocking through Cartman and the faculty.

Fun during his adventure? The literal throwing under the bus, the Selena Gomez beating, Mr. Mackey's actually writing "mkay" during the suicide note and his fully-baked revenge plan.

Then, of course, there was the whole WikiLeaks parody. While a little late by South Park standards, the blonde hair on WikiLeaks and his relationship to Lemmiwinks more than made up for any lack of timeliness.

Overall, I thought it was a good episode made much stronger by its ties and throwbacks to past South Park installments. What did you all think? And more importantly, best poo nickname: Poopy Pants Pete, Mushman Melman, or Soft Serve Simons?


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This episode was junk. A tabloid written by Lemmiwinks' brother? This is beyond stupid.


This episode was just f*cking stupid.


Worst Episode I've seen in quite sometime. I didn't come close to laughing once. Started nodding off 10 minutes into it. Show is pretty much over.


I think it was a great episode. So many great scenes, but highlight for me was mr mackey poo rocketing in the end. I think this season is turning out to be pretty hilarious. First episode was alright - nice follow up from season finale, but the second episode was great. I really enjoyed butters as the "last mexican". And the last episode was great as well. Cant wait till next episode. Hopefully tjis srason will stay strong..


I have no clue what is wrong with Matt and Trey. I hope they get their act together soon or else I'll have to literally throw this show under the bus


Eposide made me cry...Catatafish scene was classic South Park.


Outstanding! This was so funny. My vote is for Soft-Serve Simons. The ending where Mackey was poo-rocketing down the hallway was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. Can't wait for next week!


Dave I dunno what the fk your problem is, but this episode was absolutely hilarious. Best episode since the break for sure!


Sorry, but i totally disagree. This episode was just bad. Very few to no laughs. The lemmiwinks throwback was poorly executed.


Both episodes that feature lemmiwinks are referencing the old Hobbit cartoon movie that was made. Makes the two episodes a lot funnier when you've seen the movie.

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