Supernatural Review: Sam's First Kiss!

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How does a show that's been on for seven years attempt to stay fresh and exciting? Get back to what made it popular in the first place, of course!

That seems to be the direction Supernatural is headed and, frankly, it's a good idea.

Who doesn't miss the old days of Sam and Dean on the road together, taking down ghosts, haunted scarecrows, or whatever creature that decided to rear its ugly head? It was about the job of the week, the growth of the brotherly love, and the understanding that things really do go bump in the night. It was the wild scares mixed with the great humor and family dynamic that had me from the get go.

Bobby and Dean

Don't get me wrong, I loved the addition of Castiel and his assistance for the boys along their journey. He brought another great aspect to the show and a different opportunity for Sam and Dean to play off. (I'm even still wishing he had a couple more episodes before poofing away.)

But it was tonight's installment that proved that following just Sam and Dean isn't a problem. In fact, that's exactly how it all started: two boys and an Impala.

Aside from the quick wrap up and escape from the hospital (and Dean's tense and hilarious morphine induced attempt to leave), "The Girl Next Door" felt so old season that if I didn't know any better, I'd forget this was the seventh year of the show's existence.

It was back to hiding out in cabins, looking up information on what type of creature was causing problems, dealing with local authorities, and plenty of dark, desolate woods. No grand scale saving the world, just helping a few people from a local town. It was simple and basic, but at the same time filled with complications and even managing to progress the here and now.

Additionally, the episode gave viewers another glimpse into Sam's past. Except this time, he wasn't just a small boy following Dean's every word. He was a young hunter, wishing he was doing anything else, but still smartly and expertly attempting to handle the family work. And he was getting in his first kiss.

She was a creature though, so, does that still technically count?

The flashbacks gave insight into how early Sam didn't agree with killing "monsters" and introduced the concept of a "good" creature. Destroying them wasn't as black and white as John Winchester had made it out to be. Those past memories were also important that it revealed that Amy, a kitsune, was still killing. See how everything ties together nicely?

I didn't really understand Sam's reference to his father's drinking problem. I always knew that John Winchester was hard on the boys and passionate about defeating the supernatural, but an abusive alcoholic father? I'm not sure if I like that addition to his name.

It was good that Sam wanted to stop Amy from killing, but was compassionate enough to let her live and protect her son. I was even surprised when Dean agreed to trust Sam. Things really seemed to be changing.

So, I was shocked when Dean showed up and straight up killed Amy. To him a monster will always be a monster. That's cold, Dean. So, cold.

I thought this concept was argued about before between the brothers, but I guess Dean has been swayed far too much from his long and arduous journey that to him, everything still is black and white. So, how does that make him feel about Castiel then? And what does not choosing to agree with his brother mean if Sam ever finds out he was betrayed? I smell a problem between Sam and Dean on the horizon.

While the creature of the week seems to be returning, the larger story arc of the Leviathan was still highly in play. In fact, it's because of their dedication to hunting the Winchester brothers that Sam and Dean have been forced to lay low and return to hiding out in random out of the way towns. Now that they seem to be infiltrating all parts of human society (and tracking credit card fraud!), the boys are going to have a tough time fighting the vast reaching enemy that can't be killed. Yet.

I'd also like to point out that Jensen Ackles did another phenomenal job in the director's chair. He did have plenty more scenes than in his first outing, but I think he did a great job in them. He also used a variety of camera angles and maintained a nice transition between past and present scenes. I hope he's still having a great time in both his roles, because I'm certainly enjoying them.

So, will this returning to the roots, end up being a good idea? Time will tell, but for now, it's a welcome introduction. It really does have a Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid vibe as the two brothers are forced to rely on each other as they run from the Leviathan. How long can they last alone and will they ever find out how to stop the quickly spreading Leviathan? Onwards and upwards, Supernatural. Keep em coming! Here's a look at next week!


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On MW2 I was lagging ralely bad and at the start of search and destroy I lagged in front of some guy on the other team and he threw a random tomahawk in my face because I lagged in front of him sucked


The story could of been better but other then that it was good. It just seemed as if the story was a paint by numbers style. There was some much more they could of done with the guys (Dean, Bobby & Sam) but also with Jewel Straite and Colin Ford.


Pardon my mistake..... Fixing An Error:
Dean's decision is not mine, but valid. Far from being "black and white" the shades of grey were such that a sure killer left with no option other than to kill or die was let go, """""""while a remorseful penitent one, with the means to avoid more killing was EXECUTED.""""""""""" (I sure wish there was a period of time for editing on this site)


Yes, Thing, this is true. Letting the son live certainly means that there's gonna be more deaths. If he was going to kill the mother, he had to kill the son, pragmatically. Agreed. Unfortunately, and this extends to any system of punishment, there are criteria that can be manipulated or interpreted that allows those that are a danger to slip through the cracks. A very VERY common one, is that you can't punish someone for something that they haven't done yet. The kid, by his own admission granted, hadn't killed. By the criteria that Dean subscribes to, he gets to live. ----now, you'll no doubt say that Dean's stated reasoning was that she would kill again. True. The criterion that she HAD killed had been met. That would entail "punishment", it was reasonable to assume she WOULD kill againg, that would entail "protection of the innocent". A reasonable judge, without emotion entering into it, would lock the woman away. Dean doesn't have this ability and his ouvre is far more violent....Good night, sweet monster. Dean followed a set of conditions. Those conditions had been met by Kaylee. They allow a certain interpretation, sure. The character interpreted things one way. I interpret them differently. (I would have greased the kid too.) Maddie would have let Mom go. Dean's decision is not mine, but valid. Far from being "black and white" the shades of grey were such that a sure killer left with no option other than to kill or die was let go, while a remorseful penitent one, with the means to avoid more killing was allowed to live. I said, last week, that this ep was clearly meant to start this debate. Having seen the trailer for the upcoming ep, where Dean is judged for his crimes by a deity, it seems a safe bet that this most recent decision will feature heavily. Everybody who likes the show has an opinion. And now we will get to see how an All Powerful judge will decide. I have to assume that was the point. The whole ending scene with the son wasn't necessary unless it pays off. Chekhov's Gun and all.


Why didn't Dean kill the son and let Amy live?


@Piecar Here's the dilemma - is the point simply to kill "monsters" or save lives? Whether one agrees or disagrees that Amy should have been killed, no one can deny that her character clearly had made a conscious decision to live her life NOT by feeding on others, and wasn't exactly planning to run out the motel and chomp down on the next appetizing pituitary gland that walked by. She wasn't like the ancient gods enthusiastically having human pie for dinner or werewolves unknowing devouring their neighbors. True, she might do it again to again save her son - so one could argue that killing her saved possible future victims. But now there's a seriously traumatized kid who also must feed on pituitary glands or die, who's too young to get a job that would allow him to quietly acquire dead brains - and while he hasn't killed yet - because after all he was being taken care of by his mom - will more likely than not end up having to kill to survive and end up being dispatched like his mother.. but only after leaving a large enough trail of hole-in-the-head corpses that could catch the attention of his future hunters and executioners. Now this isn't an argument that he should have been killed - after all, he hasn't done anything but be born with a strange dietary requirement - but if the point was to save lives and prevent more victims, this was the most piss-poor way of going about it. While not killing Amy ran the risk of more deaths - killing her has all but ensured a new body count. But then, the kid "monster" will eventually get dispatched and all would be well once again....


Haha, wow! The beginning was so suspenseful! I didn't know what was going to happen! XD
Either way, I'm glad Bobby's alive. If he had died, I'd be so freaked out!
Also, what the hell was with Sam's storyline? "Ice Pick Killer" was some girl he met when he was like 15? What the hell? Although, I was impressed on how it tied into hunting like the good ol' days. However, regardless of whether or not she's eating humans, she's a demon. So I am with Dean on that one.
Speaking of which; GO DEAN! Punching Sam in the face like that! I hate Sam so much and every time he gets injured, it makes me enjoy the episode even more!


Yes, I'm telling you that Dean would kill Sam or Bobby before killing random defenceless humans. If it was Sam or some guy walking his dog in the park who was in no way related to the goings on? Sam would be dead. This is the role the Winchesters have cast for themselves. Why didn't he tell Sam what he was doing? Sam is currently a delusional basket case who is seeing Satan at the breakfast table. And, of course the three guys would try to save Castiel if they could. It is, as you say, about family. Emotions enter into the equation and resolve is sicklied over the pale cast of thought. A clear head, a hunter who was NOT invested in a friend, would have greased Castiel early. And this is the mindset that Dean is in right now. We've seen him mulling this over as he fixed his car. It's internal, sure. But a clear monster, a clear choice, with no emotion in the mix. Death to the monster. Even then, the kid comes, and Dean gives him the benefit of the doubt because he hasn't killed, (though, he must. He's no mortician) That's Dean following a set of rules he built for himself. Funny that you have gone from "Don't kill Mama!!!" To "Why not kill the kid, too!?!?!?" Good that you're coming around. Kaylee had to go. It was cold, but necessary How 'bout I call her JenKeller? Better? Lighten up, friend. Hell, Dean makes names up all the time. You take stuff too seriously.


@Piecar Yes AMy Pond is from Dr.Who but that's the charcter's name not Kaylee!!!
And I said that Dean was doing everything he cold to try and save Cas at the end of season 6! Not the first ep of this season! And even after calling up Death....Dean was still ready to give Cas that second could he do that when it's possible that Cas will try to find another easy way out in the future. Also, if Dean was so sure that what he is doing was right then he would've told Sam about it...he wouldn't of lied about it. Also, how is letting th kid live a good idea? Dean asked him if he had a place to go and if he's ever killed anyone. Yet, he doesn't know where that kid is going or how long it's going to take him to get there....what happens when he gets hungry? Dean letting the kid go is irresposible and it's seem much more likely that Amy's kid is going to kill been as he has just watched his mum get killed and is wanting revenge.
Also do you really expect me to believe that if Dean needed to kill humans in order to save Sam or Bobby...that he wouldn't do it. Dean would go through any human that stood in the way of his family but I doubt he would then put a gun to his head and pull the trigger.


Amy Pond's just a stolen name from Doctor Who. It's a joke from another show..So's Kaylee....Anyhoo. So Kaylee DID try to be a decent citizen....but the temptation is always there, and eventually a set of circumstances will appear that make her kill again. Dean got Death to come so Death could kill Cas. Dean attempted to kill Cas. That's the story. That it failed (mostly because Death could see that Cas was about to bite anyway) doesn't take away the intention. We'll have to agree to disagree on killing Kaylee. I would have been just as happy to see her get away...But Dean's got a responsibility FOREVER by letting her go. He constantly has to make sure she's flying the straight and narrow. Too risky because all he can do is react to a death that already happened. He gave his reasoning *right in the show* She'd kill again. Dean was always the hard nose. Nice to see him back.

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