The Good Wife Review: The Death and Desire Zone

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Based on events from "The Death Zone," is it a coincidence that an anagram for The Good Wife is "Weighed Foot."

Okay, probably. But the presence of both Eddie Izzard as opposing British council and an anagram-loving barrister - sorry, solicitor - on the team of Lockhart/Gardner made this an especially enjoyable Case of the Week. It didn't hurt that The Wire's John Doman was at his pompous, shady best, either.

Eddie Izzard on The Good Wife

The libel suit also gave us another glimpse at a newly confident Alicia, who made Will both proud and aroused when she took initiative during the deposition. There are clear problems with these two dating, but the chemistry between the characters is undeniable.

It's like Alicia said to Will on the season one finale: it's not a question of feelings, it's a question of practicality. As the hot scene inside Will's apartment last week proved, and as their role playing jokes and near-bathroom dalliance made clear here, Alicia and Will couldn't be more comfortable with each other. This relationship has been a very long time coming and both are very much into it. There's just the pesky little problem of Alicia's employment.

As always, The Good Wife blends the personal and the professional better than any show on TV. It features mature, rational characters facing mature, rational decisions, such as Diane visiting Alicia one moment on this episode, complimenting her apartment and giving her respect for how she has handled her marriage... and then telling Will the next moment that they might need to fire Alicia.

Is this Diane being duplicitous? Not at all. She's simply a strong, intelligent businesswomen who has never made any secret that the law firm comes first in her life.

It's now on Will to bring this issue to Alicia and for the two of them to formulate a plan. Let's hope the show doesn't drag that out too much, as Will also takes his job very seriously. I can't see him risking the firm, even for all the American Revolution-themed sex he can get.

This development also raises a question about Peter: is he really just trying to run a clean office? Does he have a vendetta against the company? Both the writers and Chris Noth have done an excellent job presenting Peter as a complicated, difficult-to-read individual. He comes across as sneaky behind his desk, but then as open and honest at home making dinner. My guess? He is going after Lockhart/Gardner.

Elsewhere, was it any surprise that Kalinda and Eli made for an entertaining duo? It's startling to think they had never met before, but expect to see a lot more of this savvy pair together. For all of our sakes, Eli, invoice your new employee next week and the week after that, too.

Finally, I always enjoy making a list of the current events or people name-dropped by The Good Wife each week. By throwing out Anthony Weiner and The News of the World scandal, the drama really does make you feel like Eli Gold is a real crisis manager living in Chicago. These additions add a sense of realism, although even The Good Wife has its limits: we'll likely never know the identity's of this week's potential Presidential candidate. Gotta be Chris Christie, right?

For the record, his anagram would be "Hitcher Crisis." We've uncovered the scandal, Eli! Get on that.


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Peter finally take some reponsibility with the kids,after all she caused the family break up. She was the one who lost it and blamed everyone except herself, the time is coming when she will get hit with the big bombshell.
As seen in this episode it won't be long before good old Willy will screw the pooch and leave her out to dry with no place to go or friends to help her.
Another one of his comments about ten minutes in his private bathroom, just one of his perverted moves she is blinded by her head in the sand as usual.


First let me say I love The Good Wife. I came on board for Chris Noth, but Alicia abd the GOOD legal stuff has kept me there. My only negative comment is that Alicia is doing the same thing to Peter that he did to her, the only difference is Will is not a prostitute or IS he?


as always a grest episode!


This is one of the best shows on television because it is written for adults, presumably by adults. There is just enough sexual inuendo to make one think and not too much to turn it into a orgy show having the viewer betting on who goes to bed with who. I particularly like the fact the female characters are fully developed adults and not just serfs in disguise for the princely men who have no faults. I love this show and hope its writers stay on course for many years to come.


I have been a fan of the show since the beginning,love it. The only thing I disagree with is Alicia running to Will as soon as the door closes on Peter. If you are the "Good Wife" don't you hang on before having the affair until the divorce is at least in the making? It could prove a real problem for Will and the firm.Peter has already proved he won't let up when he thinks he is owed something.The storyline was great. It is nice that they are bringing in law suites that we can learn something from,if all was really real.Please keep up the good work. And by the way it was great to see Peter finally take some reponsibility with the kids,after all he caused the family break up.


Peter was being a good father when he decided to end the discussion with Zack as it stood. He took his share of blame without going into the details that could be overwhelming to a teen.
I really appreciate the complexity of these characters. They tend to act appropriately, but then often don't. This show could be shot in black in white for all the grey areas they depict.
I like it!


I agree with what has been written. I do wonder: Has Peter gotten wind of Will and Alicia charging the hotel room on Will's American Express card? I assume that will be billed to Lockhart Gardner and an audit of their books could turn up evidence of the room charge. Is that why Peter wants the audit? I do not doubt he's out to destroy Lockhart Gardner and Will with the help of the more-than-willing Kerry (spelling?). I think Alicia is in error by not telling Diane about her separation. The last thing you ever want to do is surprise your boss, which would happen if Diane finds out from another source which she will.


I also agree with everything you said Matt. I absolutely love Will and Alicia together. In regards to them, I feel like a little kid who wants to say "Screw real life, just run away together!". But clearly that is not reality. It is painfully clear how much they care for each other, yet how many obstacles are in their way.
Kalinda and Eli are awesome together. Can't wait for more scenes with the 2 of them.
And loved the case this week-a 100% improvement over last week.


I really enjoyed this episode. The case in the English court was a learning experience if all is true without too much stretching.
Watching Will trying to stay apart from his feelings as he speaks with Diane is almost painful. He is being brought into reality where his relationship with Alicia and the firm are concerned.
Eli and Kalinda were absolutely wonderful. Neither says or gives away much, especially Kalinda. This relationship is going to be fantastic and I cannot wait to see them again.
Peter is going after the firm and Will. He figures since he was a douche then everyone would do what he has done. He has even accused Alicia already just like Cary has; doesn't matter it is untrue until recently. So sad that Alicia just can't be who she is without all the crap from these men.


*i mean YOU pin pointed everything i thought about this ep

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