The Mentalist Review: Jane Pokes a Fish

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"Blood and Sand" had Jane poking and prodding the island locals in search of a killer. That's certainly nothing new.

But when he and Lisbon took a long walk on the beach and then he invited her for a spot of tea, it almost felt like a romantic moment between the duo. If only there weren't a dead body washed up on the sand. Pity.

Just a Day at the Beach

There was something about seeing Jane surrounded by butterflies that was both peaceful and a little wacky at the same time. Somehow it just fit the man, didn't it?

Jane thought the deserted island was intriguing. I'd say it was creepy, with everything closed and not a soul in sight. Well, unless you headed over to Parker's boatyard.

Jane did his best to instill paranoia into this already isolated group. It didn't take much. The island was full of loners looking to escape the real world for a myriad of reasons. You'd think living in a small, close knit community like that would keep you safe. What were the odds that they had two murders living among them?

Back at the CBI, Van Pelt was having a difficult day. She dumped coffee on the social worker and punched the guy who hit her. Honestly, I couldn't fault her for either action. But when your boss receives two complaints within an hour, you know your day isn't going well.

Grace was on edge. She's been having trouble coping, whether she'll admit to it or not. It's become a question of when it will come to a head, not if. How bad will it be when she breaks?

So Rigsby's dating a spunky public defender. Eh. I didn't really care. I think both he and Grace have moved on and she's got bigger issues to deal with than Wayne's social life.

I desperately wanted more of Cho in this episode. There wasn't enough of his great dead-pan lines, I'm sad to report. Couldn't we get a peek at Cho's love life for a change? Come on, The Mentalist.

Returning to the murder investigation, I liked the twist of the peaceful butterfly enthusiast stabbing someone 18 times. You just never know what someone is capable of.

This was not one of the better episodes this season. Other than feeling for the lonely foster child, I thought it was a little dull, although the last scene certainly caught my attention. Who do you think Jane was throwing that flower into the sea for? What was his message to them and in the end, did it make him feel any better? 

Let the guessing games begin, TV Fanatics.


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Best show on TV, especially in terms of character development. Love that Grace is coming undone over her traumatic experience with O'Laughlin. She needs to learn not to be gullible and this should give her a good chance to show her acting ability as she deals with this. As for Lisbon and Jane getting together, it can't happen, giving the logic of the story so far. Jane's background won't allow it. He has been in an emotional limbo for 8 or 9 years now, with no close involvement with other people and celibate the whole time and just obsessed with revenge. No one recovers from that. His appealing public personna is a coverup for a lot of dark stuff going on underneath. He has killed two people so far (more or less deserving of what they got) but with no sign of that affecting him one way or another. Great character stuff here! It's going to end as the plot has suggested: a replay of Moby Dick, with Jane as Ahab obsessed with getting revenge on the whale as Red John. Great story! No other TV series even comes close to matching this in depth.

Uncle jackass

@addicted_to_tv, well I have to stop that trend! On the topic of Red John, the large majority of fans are exhausted with the central fixture of the 'Red John Character.' It's not just Lisbon that has been suspected by fans as Red John, but many others. I remembered somebody stating that Jane had a multiple-personality disorder where one was Red John as a conspiracy theory once. Also, want a place to discuss all things about the Mentalist. The team is a unique unit called 'CBI,' naturally there are on the network 'CBS.' The CBS 'The Mentalist' forum website is great for general discussion. As for Mentalist in general. There are tons of people these days, not calling themselves magicians, but illusionists and mentalists; like buskers. Reflex reading for example is their primary skill so it is very rare to beat them in a game of Rock/paper/scissors.


It's my 2nd comment! no one replied to the first one so I thought, why not repeat it?! no need to say how much I enjoy "the mentalist" and most of all the Patrick Jane character! I have been wondering I don't really like it if they hide the red john for 8 or 9 seasons. It would be 4 other years. Who knows if we are still alive by then or not! I know there are much more important things to think about when death subject comes along. Just saying... On the other hand, do the writers,themselves, know who the red john is? Or they just want to go on and on to see what will happen? Are they going to kill Patrick at the end of the show or they are going to finish it like MONK? To be honest, I really don't like waiting for the next episode and waiting for the next season... are there any message boards any where so we can tell the writers not to play with our souls and nerves? Don't get me wrong, I love this show and I learn a lot from it, I have learnt to look wisely and I am trying to cope. Also, I like when my brain works while watching something. But I need a closure somehow. Anyways, I like Cho the way he is. I think it's creepy to see him act like he's in love! And I would like Grace to get some help before tearing apart! As for the Lisbon/Patrick subject, it's a cliche! american shows/movies are always carrying these kind of stuff. Vibes but not love or unrequited love or loving someone while they are married and when they are dying they suddenly want to become honest and say " What the hell? blah blah blah!" in some reviews for previous episodes they are saying Lisbon can be Red John.. I would like to use Patrick's reply to something he thinks it's unlikely. But I don't know how to type it! Ehhhh! That was it. BTW, Is there any real Patrick in the world?! ;)


I don't think Jane and Lisbon should have a romantic relationship. It's cool to be friends without all that. Love Cho!!! It would be so interesting to see him in a relationship! LOL


@Uncle Jackass, I agree with both of your points in your last post.


Grace's hair reflects her mental state: unsettled. I like Grace's development this season. Grace blowing up will be riveting. Jane actually says he's poking the guy-haha. I suspected the butterfly guy when he had his talk with Jane alone. I didn't suspect the ranch hand.

Uncle jackass

I'm thinking that the reason Jane placed the flower into the water was not due a spiritual belief but a token of remembrance for the death of his family. The Tea Lady stated what an individual feels irrelevant if it is only a psychological effect should matter. As for the Lisbon and Jane walking scene, it seemed not so a romantic scene as just a simple walk amongst colleagues. I think they call it "Exercise" or "A lovely walk."

Frank lee meidere

I'm with you on the Lisbon/Jane thing, student of trivia. This show is refreshing in that its male and female leads are not one of those "secretly longing for each other but unable to consummate their desires because of what it might do to their professional relationship" things. It's not that I don't enjoy Bones and Castle, but The Mentalist provides a refreshing break. Not every story is a love story.


The ending was a bit strange since previously Jane never believed that his family were in another world etc. quite righfully, they are gone, so throwing the flower into the surf was maybe last ditch wishfull thinking or just a sad farewell to someone he will never see again, just like the sea never remains the same. It was nice seeing him taunt these islanders as he is so fond of doing, and tea with the older lady was a hoot. Why is eveybody so anxious to see him and Lisbon get it on. It will never happen, that would signal the end of the show.


continuation of previous post, I hit the submit button too soon.
...are just his way of trying to do that.

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Jane: Beautiful isn't it?
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I'm just poking at you. It's awfully instructive.