Two and a Half Men Review: Nine Magic Fingers, Two Big Guns

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Wow. Two and a Half Men is really busting out the big guns to try and make up for the lack of Sheen. And by big guns, I am, of course, referring to Jenny McCarthy's breasts. Did she always have those things!?

Walden and Alan

Seriously, though, this episode was probably the strongest of the Kutcher-led series, mostly thanks to the guest starring beauties (McCarthy and Courtney Thorne-Smith). And not just Courtney's cell-phone raising qualities.

Thanks to the two ladies well-developed characters from multi-episode arcs, the show almost felt a little more like home. Especially for Alan, who's even back in his bedroom thanks to "Nine Magic Fingers" and looking out for his latest rich man.

Now, I'm far from saying this sitcom is the same or as good as seasons past, but for the first time this season, I was actually enjoying scenes and not being embarrassed for the cast and crew. Yes, Kutcher is still my least favorite part. But luckily this episode had its distractions.

Hopefully, there's enough guest stars and and past Two and a Half Men storylines we can explore to keep me interested. Heck, there's enough of Charlie's exes to last a lifetime and that's not even touching the Alan story lines.

Let's keep Lindsey around! Or bring on more Judith and Herb! Like Alan's bromance with Herb or his possibly daughter with Judith. As long as we leave his sister out. That could lead to a casting paradox and possible a rip in the space time continuum not even Doc Brown could fix.

Anyways, here's hoping for as much nostalgia as I can have with my remaining man and a half.


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I've said it before and I'll say it again-If you loved Charlie Sheen then STOP WATCHING THE F'ING SHOW-HE'S NOT ON IT!!!! I'm so sick of all you people complaining about the show. I'm glad they brought in some new blood the show was getting old and boring! They just need to focus a little more Ashton and Angus's characters and less on Alan.


Stupid, stupid, stupid! Bring back Charlie Harper. He didn't make the show, but made it complete. The acting with everyone was hilarious. Ashton plays the most stupid part ever and as an actor, he should be embarrassed. What billionaire would act so stupid and like a child? I like Ashton as an actor but in this role, he is truly horrible. Come back Charlie, we miss you!


Charlie Harper actually can come back. Remember, the body in the casket had been smashed beyond all recognition. So, the return-of-Charlie story would involve some 'splainin' of some weird Rose and/or Charlie scheme, but it could be done. Figure a half dozen episodes of people showing up angry that Charlie is alive after they had expended so much emotion (be it sadness or happiness) over his death.


The only thing that will revive this show is if Charlie returns from the dead. I couldn't even stand the first episode and switched it in the middle. Gosh I'm mad at Charlie for screwing up his life because I lived to watch 2.5 men every night when he was in it. Well, there's always the re-runs. Sigh.


Let me know if you think this could've saved the show:
First, let's start from the first episode of season nine. Forget all that Walden Schmit crap.
Alan manages to just barely purchase his late brothers home thanks to his ponzie schemes. Soon after the funeral, Alan receives a book that Charlie was thinking about publishing before his untimely death. It comes with a letter that says, the book is for Alan. It's a gift that makes up for all the years he never looked out for Alan when they were kids. The book is all about how to seduce women. It's actually called "Drink, Gamble, and Hump"!
The other Alan in the mirror encourages Alan to read the book and carry on Charlie's legacy. Between the ponzie schemes and learning how to become the New Charlie Harper, Alan is living the dream. Until of course Judith throws Herb out for investing money in Alan's ponzie scheme and losing thousands behind Judith's back. Herb moves in with Alan and Jake and a new era in Two and a Half Men begins..........................Ah well, would'a, could'a should'a.....What's done is done I guess...


The problem is the lack of tension between characters. Tension is needed to create humor. What's more there is no structural vehicle to create tension. Family was the central bonding element, you don't have to like each other. Here friendship is the bonding element, they have to like each other.


really stupid!! WTF is not funny, Alan dont have chemical with Aston, the walden spouse is not hot and is so insipid. I think that Charlie need to rescue the serie ASAP. And walden could be death in ocean finally and finish the walden history in two and a half men. Really suks!!


Sheen might do a cameo in Scream 5. That's beyond Anger Management - his own sitcom where he won't have to do fart, poop, and pee jokes while wearing those stupid bowling shirts. So why is he going to make nice with Lorre at this point? He just got a huge paycheck for not showing up in his own television show. Sad but true. Let the existing cast do a "placeholder" bit until the end of the season but get rid of Kutcher right quick.


Drunk, womanizing Charlie was hilarious. Ashtons character is ridiculously immature and lame. Even Alans lines are lame and fall flat. Sorry Lorre, it's just not funny anymore. After much anticipation, I gave the show 4 chances ( I nearly threw in the towel after the second show). I'm DONE.


I HEREBY MAKE THE PLEA THAT ALL SHOULD AGREE: Chuck... Charlie... Make up already and get back to work. Save the show or bury it.

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