Two and a Half Men Review: Nine Magic Fingers, Two Big Guns

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Wow. Two and a Half Men is really busting out the big guns to try and make up for the lack of Sheen. And by big guns, I am, of course, referring to Jenny McCarthy's breasts. Did she always have those things!?

Walden and Alan

Seriously, though, this episode was probably the strongest of the Kutcher-led series, mostly thanks to the guest starring beauties (McCarthy and Courtney Thorne-Smith). And not just Courtney's cell-phone raising qualities.

Thanks to the two ladies well-developed characters from multi-episode arcs, the show almost felt a little more like home. Especially for Alan, who's even back in his bedroom thanks to "Nine Magic Fingers" and looking out for his latest rich man.

Now, I'm far from saying this sitcom is the same or as good as seasons past, but for the first time this season, I was actually enjoying scenes and not being embarrassed for the cast and crew. Yes, Kutcher is still my least favorite part. But luckily this episode had its distractions.

Hopefully, there's enough guest stars and and past Two and a Half Men storylines we can explore to keep me interested. Heck, there's enough of Charlie's exes to last a lifetime and that's not even touching the Alan story lines.

Let's keep Lindsey around! Or bring on more Judith and Herb! Like Alan's bromance with Herb or his possibly daughter with Judith. As long as we leave his sister out. That could lead to a casting paradox and possible a rip in the space time continuum not even Doc Brown could fix.

Anyways, here's hoping for as much nostalgia as I can have with my remaining man and a half.


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this was my fav show when charlie was in it!the new two and a half men is a disgrace to be honest!ashton isnt the man for it!alan is carrying the show he is so funny but ashton has got to go sorry mate but u just aint good enough!!the show is ruined forever!il never watch it again!


Alan (Jon Cryer) has always been my favorite out of the two in all the season.. So I am watching this season for him only.. But now it seems, he too has lost his charm when he is not around Charlie. In fact, if you observed closely, he DOES look sad (as if his beloved someone has indeed died in reality) even when delivering the funny dialogues.


Yeah this is getting worse and worse. Do these people actually think that parading Jenny McCarthy's breasts around on the set is going to save this show? She wasn't any good when she guest starred in the previous episodes! I know Sheen is not coming back. He and Lorre are not likely to share the same soundstage any time soon. But couldn't they have done something with the existing cast to prop this thing up in its last season? Gotta get rid of Kutcher too.


I actually just realized after watching some reruns of 2 1/2 men today that Walden's ex is Herb's sister. Clearly they were not thinking when they casted her, because otherwise it makes no sense as to why they'd use her as another close relation, that it's obvious we're going to see more of her in her current role!


Having been a watcher of the show from the beginning, it's hard to take this season. Lorre is so good with his other series, TBBT, MM, that it is hard to watch this show decline as much as it has. I really wanted to give it a chance, but, like others have said, Kutcher is parroting himself from the 70's Show and the other characters seem just sad. It is not the belly laugher it used to be. It is running on fumes of its past glory. Sorry Chuck, but until you make me laugh again, this show sucks and I used to look forward to it every week like a dessert to a meal. I know it's not your fault that Sheen had a substance abuse induced meltdown, but I don't know what you could have done differently to have made the show better.


I'd rather watch the reruns with Charlie than Ashton stupid character.


PLEASE hurry up and bury this!!! It's starting to STINK!!!


Really? Strike three, you're out. It is over Lorre. You really screwed up.


Bring in John Stamos as Charlie Harper's long lost brother .... Wally Harper
Wally Harper is the younger brother who made millions in the Alaska oil field.
Dump Ashton Kuchner ... the idiot goes back to his wife and out of the show.
Wally Harper buys the house from the idiot Walden and bingo you have the built in family again with Wally Harper having the wit, Charm and personality of his older brother Charlie.
Berta stays ... the idiot brother and kid stay and you have a new show with the old theme.


The story line and the character development for Walden is devoid of any personality except being, duh, lame. His wife is played like a wet noodle. no personality. I watched four shows and have not had a good laugh yet.
I'm hanging up the remote to find the old reruns with Charlie Sheen.

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