Castle Review: Jackpot!!

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Cha-ching! Another winning episode for Castle. The latest installment centered around the murder of a co-owner of an Atlantic City casino, giving the boys a chance to throw a bachelor party for Ryan; and for Gates and Beckett to spend some time together. So get ready to make a bet. Let's discuss and debate "Heartbreak Hotel."

Case Time. How much fun was this investigation? The boys were pretty much front and center, taking the lead down at The Sapphire. One thing this season has continued to deliver is more screen time for Ryan and Esposito and they have totally been pulling it off. A couple weeks ago we had Esposito dressed like he was on Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and now we had some Elvis impersonators. This was classic Castle. How could you not laugh out loud at the three of them in their Elvis costumes? Loved it.

Guest starring was the ever popular Richard Burgi. This man is always spot on in whatever character he's playing on any show. Why isn't he a leading man somewhere? I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who would watch that series. He just gets better looking as time goes on. But anyways...

A Casino Case

Girl Time! Leaving Beckett back in NYC put her together with the more present Captain Gates. These two work pretty well together, as Gates immediately laid out a challenge to the detective: I’m looking forward to seeing what you can do without him.

This is really the first time Beckett was without her non-cop partner. What did you think? Can Beckett keep up without Castle at her side? She definitely was still quick on her feet with the facts, but she admitted to Gates that Castle’s wild theories and not being a cop are what make him so good. Last episode she didn’t deny he was her boyfriend. This one she defends him. Looks like a pattern...

Bachelor Party!!! The boys throwing an “Impromptu Bachelor Party While On Case” was great. Although we didn’t get to see the actual party (big loss on our part), we got to see Castle stumbling in and Esposito got his moment of being the fake best man. The only thing that could have made this better would have been actually being a part of it.

Side Notes...

  • Castle had been a guest at The Sapphire before and definitely enjoyed himself. Disorderly Conduct? Check. Mattress on fire? Check. Jam on the curtains? Strange but check! Rick Castle should be a standard staple for any parties thrown in the future.
  • Alexis was acting out being a normal teenager post break up by having a small get together party while her dad was away. I was worried she may not stay true to her character, but sure enough, girlfriend kicked out the crashers and cleaned up. Plus, she reminded me of the high school boys I absolutely do not miss. “He has the IQ of a squirrel.” Perfection.
  • Lanie finally made her way back into the footage, sharing a small scene with Esposito. This felt awkward and a little forced. We know they broke up, and while sad, not too many people care. We weren’t given enough time to become emotionally invested. Unless they are going to get back together at the hands of Castle or Beckett or at Ryan’s wedding... time to leave it alone.
Another enjoyable and light-hearted episode of Castle. Nothing makes Mondays more fun than an hour of Nathan Fillion. Bad news? Next week we will not have that hour. The show will return in two weeks with an installment that looks much heavier than the party we just discussed. 
And the winner is...
So after reviewing all of the viewers comments, there is one combined name that stuck out by a landslide. The official shipper name for Kate Beckett and Rick Castle will be Beckle CASKETT!! TV Fanatic readers have come out and debated their names, shutting down Beckle and a few others. Thank you everyone for making your voice heard and let’s keep the comments coming!
Okay, ladies, gents, and Caskett fans - meet me back here, same time, same place, two weeks from tonight! Until then, sound off and let us know what you thought of “Heartbreak Hotel."


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Count me in as one who'd love to see Richard Burgi get his own show. He's a hunk and always brings an extra bit of fun to any role he plays.


although Esposito and Laney are over, i see them having one or two hook ups over time.


The Gates character seriously detracts from the chemistry of the show and is demeaning to Beckett.Gates makes the dialogue very tedious; especially when lecturing on how to conduct an investigation.


I caught up with this as I dvr'd it and watched Hawaii but I'm not feeling the Castle love at all this season. Think I'll probably stop watching and free up space for other shows. Like Revenge.


the review was better than the show.."Hearbreak Hotel" wins the title of the the worst episode of castle...looking forward to "Kill Shot"....


Great show all around....wish there was more of Beckett and Castle..not digging the "Caskett" name however, kind of morbid! Hilarious seeing the boys in full Elvis gear last night. New Captain is ok but I miss the old one.


yep I actually enjoyed most of the program, the guys together on the way out the look on Ricks face was one of plotting some fun.
The 3 Elvis's cracked me up also a decent reminder of Castle's sordid past comes to light, jam on the curtains certainly had me thinking what was he doing at the time?
I think after some time they may soften gates character it's not the way I would have written it but there you go.
Alexis proving to be responsible, well, no huge surprise there, noted that as hungover as Castle was he still noticed the small things missing, wonder what he would have noticed had he not been massively hungover :)
Kate worked fine on her own, I never had any doubt that she would.Kate was a good detective before Castle ever came along and she was trained by the best so no doubts she can handle herself alone. Her response to gates trying to demean Castle was excellent as I have mentioned before.I have no time for the gates character having seen similar in real life. So as long as she doesn't try to bust up Caskett I don't really care that much.
Still would have liked to see Caskett share a personal call together but as someone mentioned the next 2 eps will more than make up.
Funny thing seeing the guys trying to stop Beckett coming down to Atlantic city and her lack of surprise in seeing the 2 pelvises in the parking lot.
1 complaint, We gotta wait for 2 weeks for kill shot!!! grummmmblesss..
Since the whole "I love you, Kate." Castle has kinda been sitting on that statement.
I'm hoping to see a change in ep kill shot, where Castles love for Kate comes more to the fore in Caskett. Also I'd like to see Caskett alone and without the peanut gallery. Certainly a holding in arms together or a kiss. So sue me I'm a shipper :)


The Captain wanting to see what Beckett could do without Castle was an interesting point. Maybe Kate will start to think about what her life is like without Castle, she wasn't to sure what to think when Castle could go, but she had to stay behind. It's nice to see Beckett and Captain working together without the bad attitudes towards each other. I think the Captain will be good to sharpen Kate to be a better cop and not rely so much on Castle at work. The Captain sees something more in Kate and is trying to get her to develop it. But of course, when the boys needed Beckett's help she was off to save them. She's Castle's knight in shinning armor! Didn't care for Alexis comment to the friend about you're right Dad wouldn't care, but I DO. I do believe Castle would have cared, otherwise, why fix the broken vase? I think he would have surprised us if he caught the party going on, maybe Alexis too. Some how I do not see him as promoting underage drinking. Writers you missed a good opportunity. Would have been cool if Alexis called Beckett for help~would have made for some good bonding time without Castle. A secret Kate and Alexis could have had between themselves. In 2 weeks looks very exciting for the Caskett relationship. Just how will they react to each other when Kate flashbacks to the accident? It's not easy remembering and reliving a traumatic event. It can happen when you least expect it too.


Frankly, I find Castle to be MORE cop than Gates. I have yet to see how she made her position beyond affirmative action, or worse... using lawsuits and ratting on peers to climb the ladder. To me, it seems like Gates has never been in the field, never had to see things from the grey areas that come from time to time, and couldn't supervise her way out of a paper bag with a wide opening. Im not sure where the writers and producers are going with her character, but in reality, she could kill the show much more than enahnce it if something doesn't happen to change her profile. Now... imagine an episode where Castle saves her and she has no choice but to accept his abilities, skills, and necessity to the team.


Any Firefly fans in the house? Richard Burgi was in an episode - "The Message". Funny, that episode was also regarding ownership of questionably obtained assets... I loved this episode. I'm of the opinion that the bromance is just as important as the romance - so having the opportunity to watch the three guys together was just golden. Every scene of theirs was just SO much fun. And why am I not surprised that Nathan Fillion does a killer Elvis impression? Seems like "Iron" Gates isn't so iron after all. I thought Gates and Beckett worked well together, and I don't think Gates was hating on either of them. I don't think it's out of the question for her to want to see Beckett on her own. Besides, she certainly didn't argue at the end when Beckett pointed out that Castle's advantage was the lack of a badge. It was great to be reminded of Richard Castle's bored-rich-boy-pre-Beckett lifestyle. Disorderly conduct and jam on the the hangover walk of shame to his apartment. My opinion - best line of the night goes to Esposito: "What? Elvis can't be brown? I'm ELVEZ!!"" Hilarious.

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