Castle Round Table: "Heartbreak Hotel"

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Castle hit the jackpot this week, as a trip to Atlantic City resulted in yet another fun-filled hour of television.

What did our Round Table panel of Courtney Morrison, Jim Garner, Chandel Charles and Christine Orlando think of "Heartbreak Hotel?" We're so glad you asked! Find out now.


What was your favorite scene?
Courtney: This is a tough one because there were several small moments throughout the hour that were awesome. The boys' drive to Atlantic city, Alexis' party, and the Elvis scene were all great, but if I had to choose one, I'm going with the drive to AC. Castle's IBPWOC (Impromptu Bachelor Party While On Case) and Esposito's disappointment that he wasn't going to be Ryan's best man were classics. Plus, how can you not love that Castle called shotgun and got to ride up front and made the real cop sit in the back.

Jim: I loved the final scene with the look on Castle and Alexis face of relief. I guess what happens on case stay on case.

Chandel: Castle leaving Beckett at the station when Gates told him he could tag along with Ryan and Esposito. It's just one of those moments that reminds you what a big kid he is!

Christine: I have to I loved Alexis watching her girls night spin completely out of control. Here reaction to the jock who was talking to her: "He has the IQ of a squirrel.”  And he did. Then her mad dash to clean up before Castle got home.  It was the Alexis we all know and love.

Castle RT - depreciated -

Who made the best Elvis?
Courtney: Castle's outfit was by far the best, but I'm going with Esposito for the pure reason that he said "What Elvis can't be brown? I'm El-vis." Super smooth, super funny, and most of all, super hot.

Jim: Castle, hands down. From the accent to the lip twitch he had it all.

Chandel: Esposito. It's all about the attitude for me, and he certainly had it, especially he said, "What? Elvis can't be brown? My name is Alvez." That's priceless stuff right there.

Christine: I'll agree that I loved Esposito's attitude but I couldn't stop giggling every time I looked at Castle in that getup.  It was so good but so ridiculous at the same time.

Is Kate making any headway with getting Gates to accept Castle?
Courtney: Well, she is definitely trying. Beckett is taking every chance she can get to explain why Castle is so good and he's an important person to have around. I think that Gates is moving towards that because she is starting to see what we see, that his theories and outside perspective are what get the detectives to the next lead on a lot of occasions.

Jim: I think Castle is making headway. I think Gates split Castle and Beckett to see how much he contributes. She's softening to him.

Chandel: I don't know that anyone has that ability except Gates. She likes to be top dog, so I think she'll decide to accept Castle when she's fully ready. That doesn't mean she doesn't recognize him as an asset in the meantime, though.

Christine: Kate certainly had his back. She never stopped trying to show Gates that he's a valuable member of the team. If nothing else, Gates might at least start to respect Beckett's opinion of him.

Should Ryan have manned up and picked his own best man or was he right to take one in the name of family unity?
Courtney: I understand the difficulty, but come on Ryan, it's your wedding too!!! I would have loved for Esposito to be his best man, but you do have to think...he probably has friends and family outside of the precinct. Even if it wasn't Esposito, it could have been someone else. Hopefully if we get to see the wedding, Esposito and Castle will find their way to that alter with him.

Jim: As a married man, I plead the fifth in the name of family unity.

Chandel: I think he mostly didn't have the heart to choose between Castle and Esposito, so the easy out was to allow the cousin to be involved. It was kind of ridiculous that he was sixteen, but I think that just adds to the comedy.

Christine: Hopefully he's only going to do this once. I think he should have stepped up and asked Esposito. The 16-year old can be an usher or something.

Is Castle as big a party boy as he makes himself out to be?
Courtney: Well, we have been hearing a lot of big talk from the man himself but we have yet to see it. Although, The Sapphire pretty much confirmed it when looking up his casino record. Arrested, lighting a mattress on fire, and jam in the curtains? I'd say Castle can most definitely be the life of the party.

Jim: "The mattress was set on fire and the drapes were covered in jam, from Castle's last visit to Atlantic City. I think that says it all.

Chandel: No, he just likes to have a good time, and if that's interpreted as "party boy" than so be it. I don't think it's a title he necessarily strives for, I just think it's one that seems to follow him around!

Christine: I think he can be depending on the situation. The casino report was from almost a decade ago. I'm guessing that after his divorces Castle dove into party/playboy mode. The party boy ways seem to have fallen off since he's been unofficially part of the NYPD.


1. Favorite scene: Castle's "moment" with the showgirl. 2. Favorite Elvis: Castle captures the spirit of Elvis like no one else since the King left the planet! 3. Gates: The Captain is a plot devise to add stressors to Kate and Castle's relationship - either to drive a wedge between them or to draw them closer together... or both, sequentially. Whichever, she's neither purposed nor designed to be cuddly or viewer friendly. 4. Best Man: I have never EVER heard of a bride picking the best man for her groom, maybe because any woman who would try it hasn't managed to get her man to the altar. And rightly so. In the case of a groom being a cop, the man standing beside him at the altar should be the person who's saved his life multiple times - his partner - so he can be standing there for her. 5. Party Boy: Rick had a conversation with Alexis recently about how he was growing up. Castle was her "nanny" - a heavy responsibility for anybody, much less a big kid like Rick - apparently broken up by sporadic "guy vacations" where I'm sure he was blowing off a lot of steam. But now I think the party boy is slowly fading as Alexis spreads her wings AND as Kate inspires the adult in him to blossom.


1 - My favorite scene was definitely seeing the guys in the car on the way to Atlantic City. The dynamic was great with Castle and Esposito in the front seat, looking to take advantage of the situation, and Ryan in the back trying to keep the lid on things and stay focused.
2 - Nathan really looked the part of Elvis in his later years and he has the swagger to sell it, but how can you not love a brown El- vez?
3 - I see headway being made with Gates but I wouldn't say it's just because of Kate defending Castle. I think Gates is going through the same thing Kate did when Castle first came on the scene. She's a type A linear thinker and she's slowly seeing the value of someone who thinks outside the box. It'll be a long while before Gates will admit that Castle is a valuable asset to the team, but she's already starting to think it.
4 - I think Espo should have been the best man - end of discussion. It wasn't Jenny's place to choose or lean on Ryan so hard that he gave in to keep the peace.
5 - I see Castle as a 40 year old guy who likes to think back to his 'glory days' when he's with the guys but who, in reality, would rather spend time with the people he loves, doing fun things that don't leave him with a hangover. As I looked at him in that last scene, with his head thrown back on the couch, I could just imagine him muttering, "I'm way too old for this!"


1. My favourite scene was the one at the crime scene. I loved the banter between the three guys. When Ryan said he wanted to go camping and Castle laughed out, and when Ryan ran off and Esposito said 'what the fff...he sidestepped me!" I knew we were in for a great bromance episode! 2. I'm torn between Castle and Elvez LOL. Nathan Fillion does a GREAT Elvis impression. And those sideburns were a thing of legend. 3. I think she is. I still note that at the end of their last conversation, Gates didn't press or argue when Beckett pointed out his non-cop value. 4. Meh - I'm okay with Ryan's decision. Esposito's a grown man and will get over it - it probably means way more to a 16-yr old kid brother. Family unity it is. 5. I think he WAS a party guy, but because he was rich and bored. Now that he has Nikki Heat and Beckett and a "job", the boredom is gone and there's not as much partying. But he's still got it in him...the walk of shame with a hangover back home in the morning.


I loved the constant provocation that Gates does to Kate about Castle. Is like the captain wants that Kate explodes and confesses something. Like a test.
The episode was good, not awesome like Others are!


I'm well know about my feelings about gates so nough said however if the writers had some sense there could be a interesting gates back story somewhere down the line. Right now I'm tired of her.
The best man thing, well how did it come about? Did jenny just come in and lay down the law "This is your best man no arguments" or did she just pressure Ryan over a period of time and play the guilt trip, we never actually knew, however being that the best man is on the grooms side and not the brides I definitely would have picked espo.
Ryan's kind of a wuss for not standing up for himself, doesn't bode well for their future.
There's little doubt that castle has, as one time, been a playboy, however that seems to have dissipated since he met Kate.
Fav scene, dunno, I'm still trying to work out the look Kate gave when she turned away after being told she was on her own and Castle was going to Atlantic city.


1. Castle running off/in the car
2. Castle
3. Nope
4. he should have picked Espo
5. Insufficient info.


1. The look on Castle's face when he was riding shotgun with Esposito and Ryan to AC. It was a look of pure glee! He's such a big kid! Kudos to Nathan for his facial expressions. 2.I gotta go with Javi..simply because of one of the funniest lines of the night about Elvis being brown. Love him! 3.I think Gates gets it..she doesn't always like it but she gets it. She's a tough woman and she'll never really admit to respecting Castle but she does, and it's not jut Kate making headway with her on Castle's behalf it's Castle himself..and just watching the entire team work together. 4.Man up Ryan. I don't think it was a matter of choosing between Castle and Esposito because Castle is close enough to him to know that Esposito is his best friend and he wouldn't have been offended. I think it was the family thing. I get wanting your brother in the wedding, but you don't force your future spouse to make him his best man...he could have been a groomsmen but not the Best Man. He should have fought that one a bit harder. 5.I think he is and he isn't. He's not nearly as outragous as he likes people to think (the Castle outside the precinct has consistently been a bit of a homebody who likes staying in with his mom and daughter and playing games or watching movies). But he has his outrageous throwing the hotel party that led to burnt mattresses.


-Not a favorite episode overall but I liked Ryan squirming about picking a best man. Wedding's can be torture. -Castle made the best Elvis but how can you not love El-Vez? -I'm tired of Gates. I was hoping she'd be more interesting. I was bored with her in this episode. -I'm hoping Esposito and Castle will somehow end up at the front of the aisle with Ryan. -I think he's been the party boy but he's obviously also a responsible Dad so it doesn't happen as often as he makes it sound.


I agree with most of what was said, except for Ryan's best man situation. Ryan should have picked Espo as his best man. They are closer to each other than Ryan is to Jenny's half-brother. I understand the use of the storyline to cause some strain but the half-brother shouldn't be best man, not when Ryan isn't that close to him. Groomsman, sure. Best man, definitely not.


get rid of Gates. Demeaning to Becket and strictly an ass kisserg

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