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  • An Atlantic City casino owner is found dead in NYC. The boys head to the casino while Beckett works the case from home with Gates.
  • The boys speak with the co-owner of the casino who admits that they were being blackmailed and that $10 million had been stolen. The victim had been trying to regain ownership of a building who co-owened with his ex-wife in NYC to pay off the loan they had borrowed from the mob.
  • The computer security worker and concierge had stolen the money as leverage to get Sam, the victim, to give the building up for the concierge’s parents. 
  • The ex-wife did not want to sign over the building and later admitted to killing her husband because of the abusive relationship she endured.
  • The boys throw a bachelor party for Ryan while in AC and Alexis has a party at home.
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nie odtwarza mi nic


dear mr marlowe,
i am disappointed...the worst castle episode ever. come on andrew...you are not blind....nathan is no more capt malcom reynolds...he is much elderly and "bulky" to carry off the kinda role you made him play....he doesn't fall in the category of "boyz" any more...let the guy grow up...for he is physically different now..... Heartbreak episode broke my Heart...and I have a feeling (hope I am wrong); that this episode marks the beginning of the end of Castle....well...it was probably too good to last and I wish you had ended the series with "Knockout"....History would have remembered Castle as a classic then.......SAD indeed.....


This episode reversed every baby step forward in the Kate Rick relationship. It was not just a lack of moments for them. It was boring. The best moments were between Kate and Gates ...not what I'm looking for. Rick seems negative and only too willing to ditch Kate and be the Season one playboy. And frankly Nathan is not up for that role any longer. I love the guy and his acting ...he is wonderful but looked horribly grotesque like the overweight Elvis and I worry for Nathan. Very blah and disappointing episode, not one to bring in the new viewers, especially with a two week hiatus.

Castle Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Let's not let a little thing like murder get in the way of having a good time.


The last time I saw you in your pj's after eight am I think you were four.