Modern Family Review: The Gift of the Vagi

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Coming off of last week's Halloween rerun, Modern Family returned with "Treehouse" and a triple whammy of guest stars.

Jay's best bud Shorty was back with his new girlfriend, played by Jennifer Tilly. And let me just say that if your cleavage is bigger than Sofia Vergara's, it's too much. Wow. Shocked she didn't hurt someone with those things.

Leslie Mann on Modern Family

Gloria was jealous of of the fun stuff that Shorty and his gal were out doing: picnics, sunsets, dancing. Isn't that sort of par for the course when you're dating a woman significantly younger than you? Shorty has to keep things exciting!

I love the relationship between Jay and Gloria because they both do things they wouldn't normally do in order to keep the other happy. It's the mark of a well-balanced relationship. Plus, it provided Mitchell with the ultimate prank opportunity.

Jay is a smart dude and has been around the block, so what pill did he think was going to magically help him Salsa dance and give him raging... nevermind? Was it the same pill that Mitchell took when he participated in the flashmob dance last year? Ahh, the classic placebo effect switcheroo.

Speaking of love, I L-O-V-E Leslie Mann. My sister and I imitate the Knocked Up doorman scene on a regular basis. She NEEDS to be a repeat guest star and it didn't hurt that the writers paired her storyline with Cam. Though I hate to break it to Cam: his flair isn't something he can cover up. It's the best part of him!

Leslie's character was a big part in flipping the switch on Mitchell for once, the pragmatic lawyer who isn't easily fooled. Throw in a crazy Claire, Haley's attempt to write her college essay (with a pen?!?), and Phil's dream of building a treehouse and you've got a near perfect episode.

I have to say that Phil could have a boring storyline and still manage to crack me up in a matter of 30 seconds. Well done, Mr. Dunphy. Hit the comments and don't forget to vote on your favorite quotes.


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- These immediately swept me off my feet! Oh so magaicl!!! Tree house ceremony is really whimsy.I would love it even if I just had a little one in our backyard! So wonderful!


yuck tv just keeps getting trasher


@Leigh - I definitely agree about your Phil comment. Phil is just awesome!


Where's Alex?


I hope Kevin Hart stays on for a bit. Liked the possibility of a funny future between him and Ty Burrell.


Did I miss something in this episode - Mitchell referred to Cam as his boyfriend and where was Lily?!


I liked the show. Don't ever like the characters Jennifer Tilly plays on any show.But liked the little Jay never wants to do anything part. Cam is the the queen of "gay" so that was really funny.


Funny episode. I liked Claire in this, the way she dealt with her family in different ways -- ignoring Phil and the treehouse and dumping Haley in the wilderness so she could get her started on her essay: "How I Survived My Crazy Mother."


worst episode of this show. everybody acts mean or stupid, and only laughs are tired sex jokes. vagi? super clever. what happened to this show?


Really had to look up Kevin Hart (Phil's neighbour) to figure out what I remembered him from! He was in 40 year-old virgin has the guy who wanted a deal on a stereo because he was black, and so was the salesman. Funny how him and Leslie Mann both 'appeared' on the same episode, hope they both are in many more together. Didn't care much for Jennifer Tilly, just was... meh.

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If she were I would never have been that smooth. It's ironic, like "The Gift of the Vagi."


Did I just say wife gets in the way? Cause sometimes I do that.