South Park Review: Natalie Portman's Vagina

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Wow. Based on the preview clip, I already knew we were going to be in for a crazy South Park. When Cartman suggested the group use a "A History Channel Thanksgiving" for its report, I was merely expecting some History Channel mocking.

South Park Thanksgiving Picture

Let's face it, the same network that brought us Pawn Stars (huge fan!), MonsterQuest (yes, it's a real show), and Ice Road Truckers deserves a little mocking after totally selling out its namesake. Where, exactly, is the History in those programs?

I loved the various degrees from DeVry and the The University of Phoenix, along with Kyle's sarcasm quickly making him an expert in History. It was all in good fun, even if a little mild by South Park standards.

Then Natalie Portman spread her legs.

Yeah. Apparently Stone and Parker must have recently seen Thor, mixed in with a little Green Lantern (don't worry, it was just the little planet no one cares about), and just turned up the ridiculous dial.

A space Pilgrim, Standish, in the vein of Thor was sent to Earth, as it all became an absurd battle for stuffing against the space Indians. I'm not even sure how to touch that without you guys accusing me of going through menopause. I should just move on.

So I'm just going to leave the comments open to the real fans and ask you to submit your favorite South Park quotes as well. Go to it!


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I really enjoyed the episode up until the Natalie Portman stuff. I found it very funny when they were watching the TG show adding aliens to it and Cartman was believing every word no matter how ridiculous and making fun of Kyle for speaking up about the nonsense lol. I have actually watched every episode of Ancient Aliens to date and while some of their ideas are really far fetched and contradictory to things they have said in previous episodes, there are some theories on the show that really got me thinking and in some cases even made sense.


i thought it was a great episode, but disagree with most of you guys about the satire about the history channel being "spot on". The history channel is great, and whether you are watching pawn stars, something on ww2, or ancient aliens, you always know what is historical fact, what is a theory and what is entertainment. ancient astronaut theory is exactly that, a theory, and the history channel always presents it as such. still, great episode, even though i felt their satire was a little off on this one


What is this? It seems like south park is turning into family guy little by little.


the portman satire was great. being stuffed is slang for being pregnat, and w/ the comment regarding puritan women missing their periods this is an obvious allusion to how nat was knocked up during filiming of black swan. notice how nat looked away and looked sheepish when the pilgrim made that comment. also how did she get pregnant. her "worm hole" got stuffed by you know what's. how do you get into her "worm hole"? take her to dinner, get her drunk, and listen to her talk about her boring-ass self.


The criticism of the history channel was spot on. For that alone, I'd give it 5/5. It's about time someone pointed that out! I don't mind reality TV but when you start presenting unproven "theories" (I'm being generous there) or pure opinions as facts... I wonder kids do think after seeing some of that garbage, especially after their parents tell them it's the truth (stop watching MTV and watch something that stimulates your brain Butters! Like the History channel!) As for the Thor/Green Lantern stuff, I thought it was good, especially the Green Lantern not being important. Ha! (Wasn't a big fan of the movie) As for the Portman stuff, I'm not sure what they're referring to... It seems to fit her personality in every movie I've seen her in (though I haven't seen them all). Don't forget the 1/16th Native American and the network executives, oh and making fun of Devry University and how people love their stuffing!


Natalie Portman shaking her head saying "Mhhhhhhhhhhhhm... No." made me laugh so hard. Hilarious stuff in this episode..


this episode sucked, i didn't laugh once, i loved last weeks occupy episode, but i didn't find anything funny in this one, yes i agree with what they say about the History Channels Ancient Aliens, but there was just nothing in this episode that made me actually lol


The Portman spoof was great, it wasn't really about her part in Thor rather than a parody of her personality, which reminded me of old good south park episodes. "Open your wormhole" was one of the greatest lines they have ever written, compared with the raping of Kurt Russel, the Jolie-Apocalypto spoof and similar great moments. Also, if you don't live in the US thanksgiving seems really stupid with no meaning at all. Corn was a great symbol during the whole episode, bringing back memories from the Britney Spears' Children of the Corn-like spoof. Great episode 5/5


It was literally the best South Park episode in years. I was laughing from start to finish. F***ing incredible! When the portal shot out of Portman's vag I thought I was going to die from laughter. 5/5


I loved the history channel criticism, but the whole Natalie Portman bit missed badly. 4.5/5 until they Natalie portion.
1.5/5 after.

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