Two and a Half Men Review: Hey, It's Jake!

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Welcome back, Jake! For the first time this season, Alan's son was actually in an episode significantly enough to warrant his own narrative - and he was even given the line of the episode that I'm sure many of our readers cheered on:

We have to get rid of Walden. He's got to go. | permalink

This storyline was minor, and a bit re-hashed from previous tutoring scenarios the show has run, but Jake's interactions with Walden and rate of success kept it entertaining enough.

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Then there was Alan relying on the show's Charlie crutch, as he read the deceased's journal. It led to some pretty decent jokes and minor insight into the beloved character, while never getting nasty enough to offend Charlie lovers.

Speaking of nasty, there was Walden's storyline. Sorry, that was the closest thing I could make to an double nintendo. As little as I normally care for Walden, at least his adventures with Alan have been somewhat enjoyable.

His shopping for "Those Fancy Japanese Toilets" with Evelyn and eventually ending up in bed with her? Not so much. Watching Evelyn giggle at everything the man says just felt out of the character I've fallen in love with. She came across like a school girl.

Much like the school girl, Megan, that fell in love with Walden this week. Now if only I found Walden as funny as she did. It would be less statutory rape, but, man, I'd enjoy my Monday nights a lot more.

So what did you guys think? Did this episode feel vintage Two and a Half Men enough, thanks to Charlie's journal and Jake's tutoring? Sound off now.


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If you don't like the show anymore, then don't watch it! I am so sick of people writing, "Bring back Charlie" (like that's an option!) or "I don't like the show anymore." then don't watch! I'm watching to see if it gets better. That's my choice. You have a choice too. Don't watch.


Show is not funny anymore, I hear the laughter but I do not see what is funny? We love to watch the reruns. Two many other shows on at the sametime and we are not watching this show, sorry but the connections between Ashton, Alan and Jake just does not work. If you never saw Charlie, Alan and Jake then it might work as a new show, but not Two and a Half Men


OMG!!the Evelyn scene with Walden in bed, to be TOO creepy for me,
and the scene with the 16yr old girl falling over Walden (which will give him 20 yrs) Maybe it was for Halloween that's why it was creepy :)


i say bring Charlie back!!!!!!!!!!This show is not any good!


I am not into the show anymore, i really don't like the character Walden. They are really trying to hold on to the "Charlie" legend and Walden is no copy, he only has the looks but humor ...borrrring! I am glad that they woke up Jake!!!


Best one yet but still not good!! Too bad it wasn't money instead of the journal that was found. Alan could have bought the house from Walden and Walden could go back to his wife. Far, far away!!


I think the mistake was to make this guy a billionaire they should have figured out another way to keep the house. Or even invest in a new set and forget about the house or adding a replacement to Charlie.


This show now feels so slow and whit no point It well never be the same and if they five it another season I well kill my self and its true I well do it...


Sorry to say Ashton can never replace Charlie Sheen. It went from one of the best shows ever on tv to I'll watch it if othing better is on at that time.


Bring back...please

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