Bones Midseason Finale Pushed Back to January

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Bones' short fall season just got shorter.

This week's episode, "The Twist in the Twister," will be the last of 2011. The show’s December 15 midseason finale has been moved back to January 12, where it will lead into the premiere of new spinoff, The Finder.

It's a scheduling move unlikely to be received well by fans, who already had to wait until November 3 for the show to premiere, and who were promised a six-episode mini-arc this fall that's now been cut to five.

Seeley and Tempy

But, from Fox’s perspective, the network is looking to guarantee The Finder - which will air an undetermined number of episodes this winter before Bones returns later in the spring - decent ratings in its first week out.

Bottom line, after January 12, Bones is likely gone again for two months, after which episodes filmed after Emily Deschanel's maternity leave will air. Too bad, since the show really hit its stride with last week's episode.

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Since Bones just started up again I feel they are loosing a lot of people to the mind you stupid Finder. I feel that if they had never put that show on everyone would be the better. I am a Bones lover by heart and have not missed one episode but now I am beginning to wonder if they are going to take the show off permentally if so I guess I need to spend more time watching something different.


Those TV execs have bull pucky for brains. They finally get a series that is actually worth watching...and they have to muck it up. There isn't much of anything decent on TV that is even worth turning it on, and when there is...the idiots change or cancel it. What a bunch of losers.


The Finder was extremely boring, to me anyways. With all the crappy reality shows Fox keeps throwing at us I am surprised they made any room at all for Bones. I am very disappointed that it started so late in the season & is gone again. And I will definitely NOT be watching The Finder. Most likely find something that I have DVR'd to watch.


I am thinking that for me Bones has run out of time. I got tired of will they/wont they, so it stopped being appointment TV. Now they are screwing with when they are being shown and a massive shortened season. SO ... Hey, bigwigs - maybe all drop in end of season, if I don't have something else to do.

Sue ann

I had just (last week) started to remember that the show is on, on Thursday nights. Today I got an email about it from TVFanatic, and literally jumped; I had forgotten that it existed again. They do seem to be doing a truly splendid job over at Fox of killing off a perfectly good program. At least, it was for the first four years. Stupid, in my opinion, but then, they did not ask for my opinion. Nor for anyone else's on here. I think my attachment to the show is severed already; if it was not, I would remember that it is on, but Thursday nights on TV to me means I need to be home in time to watch The Big Bang Theory, and then, whatever. Read a book. Bones is so over. This delay is not going to help. When I think about the episode they wasted last year on The Finder, I see that actor sitting on the john with his pants down. Trash. They are trying to give a big start to trash by trashing a successful show. Fox is badly run; just my opinion, of course. They were the ones who trashed Firefly.


ahhhhhhrrrrrrr cmon........


Awful move, Fox... just, awful.
The postponing has nothing to do with Emily. They're just using Bones as a lead-in for The Finder, because it's a new show and it can't stand on its own. Following this logic, Fox will have a big surprise, because the frat-boy humor that we saw on the backdoor-pilot does nothing for the long time Bones fans, hell, even the humor we're seeing on Bones these days is not the same witty, dark, intelligent humor we were used to...
I still love the show and I want to know where the journey ends, but it's getting harder and harder...


Yeah this is not going to turn out well for Bones. And for the people saying she just had a baby and what not, that has nothing to do with this not being aired. It would be one thing if Emily went into labor early and they weren't able to shoot the episode but this episode in already finished. The delay has nothing to with Emily being pregnant, only that they want a lead in with The Finder. Problem is they probably aren't going to get it because one random episode in Jan is probably going to be missed by a lot of people. Add to the fact the it is at a different time which means the DVR might not record it and this will end up being a disaster for both Bones and The Finder


Fox is always messing with their schedules. Bones is the only show left that I watch on Fox an now I DVR it.
All of the moving around and especially this year, I am losing interest. I dont blame the actress. I would rather it came back in January and played straight through. Even the cable shows with 13 episodes have more continuity than Bones.


Nooooooooo! So crazy they're pushing back a well-established show with a strong fan-base to premiere a show that sadly, probably isn't going to make it.

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