Bones Midseason Finale Pushed Back to January

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Bones' short fall season just got shorter.

This week's episode, "The Twist in the Twister," will be the last of 2011. The show’s December 15 midseason finale has been moved back to January 12, where it will lead into the premiere of new spinoff, The Finder.

It's a scheduling move unlikely to be received well by fans, who already had to wait until November 3 for the show to premiere, and who were promised a six-episode mini-arc this fall that's now been cut to five.

Seeley and Tempy

But, from Fox’s perspective, the network is looking to guarantee The Finder - which will air an undetermined number of episodes this winter before Bones returns later in the spring - decent ratings in its first week out.

Bottom line, after January 12, Bones is likely gone again for two months, after which episodes filmed after Emily Deschanel's maternity leave will air. Too bad, since the show really hit its stride with last week's episode.

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The Finder stinks. How come they don't know that -- or don't care?

Amy jackey

she should have already taken leave. im not going to watch finder.


guys, they are not testing us...the main female character had a baby like...2 months ago? let her be a mum!!! stop complaining!!!


bones is one of my fave....shows on tv..... there are only 2 i look forward too...... please stop testing the fans, we are loyal, REALIZE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!


Bones is the only good thing on FOX and they need to quit messing with the viewers. Bones executives need to push for the fans and if FOX won't listen then go to other stations... there is more than FOX.


nooooo! hate fox!
im not going to watch the finder!!
they should just aired the midseason finale this year instead of jan 12.. this is really going to confuse the viewers, and the its going to affect the show in viewers!!


The Finder is a lousy concept. I most certainly won't watch it, the preview of it last season was the low-point of the S6 episodes in my opinion.


You bet I am unhappy with what you are doing to my show Bones, I waited and waited for it while it was off now you are not giving us all of what the fans have been waiting for it just isn't fair...I Love that show and it sounds like you are trying to slowly stop making the show and that would be a big CRIME.

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