Pretty Little Liars Canadian Promo: The Truth Hurts ...

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... But Can It Kill?

The just-released Canadian promo for the January 2 return of one of our favorite shows asks that very question, and adds to the flurry of trailers, clips and Pretty Little Liars spoilers we've posted in recent weeks.

In the new installment, entitled "Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares," the girls are at each other's throats, and a major reveal may await us as we pick up the action a month after the summer finale left off.

This looks like a particularly intense episode. Do you want to see what you're afraid of?

Check out the latest teaser for the much-anticipated winter premiere here and see.

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Ezra: i love aria, your daughter
Someone over the phone: she is sixteen, she is sixteen
Emily: your afraid we found something, must be driving you crazy, 'crazy'
Emily: you wana know what we found?
'you've got nothing.' 'you've got nothing.' - sounds sort of like spencer
Emily: you know you made a mistake dont you?
Emily: do you wana see what your afraid of?
Spencer: no.
Emily: something in this box, something about you (you, you, you, you)
Spencer: (whispered) that's A's cellphone.
Emily: do you wana see what your afraid of?
Emily: do you wana see.. (phone rings) what your afraid of?
Spencer: no.
'crazy' yeah i have too much time on my hands.


Dude could they cake on any more makeup ? Even by hollywood standards


Totally agree with Aquariuz (=liarsunited). This promo is so awesome, I can't wait. I love Aria and Ezra together, I hope they find a way to be with each other!


IS THAT A ON THE PHONE TO THEM?!? does that mean we finally get to hear their voice?


THANK YOU @Dexter Idolizer! i completely AGREEE!!!!!!!!


Can I just say that this is the "best" promo I've ever seen? Can't wait too guys!
And Ezria is fine. So, no bashing on them. Love isn't all about sex!


I love it.


this was one hell of a promo, damn, it's going to be epic!


Wow. So much hype. I can't wait till January 2nd!
As for Ezra and Aria, it's only a 6-7 year gap. As long as they haven't had sex, I'm fine with their relationship.


Ezra and Aria - PUKE!

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