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The girls complete their court-ordered community service, but a fight between Emily and Spencer extends their sentence and indicates a rift in the group. As Spencer, Hanna, and Aria do their best to ignore her, Emily tries to cut a deal with A to ensure her own safety. However, all the animosity between the girls is really a clever trap for A, and they use their public sparring to convince A that they found some crucial evidence.

Emily baits A with the supposed evidence and gets a one-on-one meeting, which is the perfect opportunity for the girls to catch A. But, Spencer, Aria, and Hanna are delayed by their own individual dramas. Toby confronts Spencer about their breakup, but she begs him to give her more time. Hanna is excited to have Caleb back in town,but her father arrives and tells her that he and his new family are also moving to Rosewood.
Meanwhile, Ezra finds out that Jackie caused his breakup with Aria and suggests its time to tell Aria's parents about their relationship. Aria's mother and father are so upset that Aria has to sneak out of the house (with Mike's help) to get to the meeting with A.For a few tense minutes, Emily is left alone with A and is brutally attacked before Spencer arrives. The girls fail to capture A, but luckily A drops his/her cellphone.

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Thank you, Sophie! xx


i don't know but i really want to know 2
plz help us!


Hello I was wondering if anyone knew the song that first played in "Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares" episode 14, the scene at the very beginning where the girls are doing their community service, the lyrics are: "I think I'm in trouble in trouble again.
I've been a bad bad girl and it's always the same its a bad situation. And it just gets worse" how come this song is not posted. I really like this song and would like to know who sings it and what it's called. Any help?