Pretty Little Liars Sneak Peek: Did You Miss Him?

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When Pretty Little Liars returns with new episodes (FINALLY!) on January 2, all will not be well between at least some of the couples.

As depicted in this clip, for example, Ezra and Aria won't exactly be spending a lot of time together when we see them next. What about Hanna and Caleb?

Shield your eyes, Lucas fans, because Haleb will be going as strong as ever when the calendar flips to 2012. See what we mean in the following sneak peek and then visit our Pretty Little Liars spoilers section for a look at what else is to come...

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Am I the only one that finds this scene, so, so, SO AWKWARD...! Lucas is standing RIGHT there. Yeah, a hug would've sufficed!


Caleb might help the girls find out who "A" is...but don't underestimate him/her. Obviously, Hanna has reasons to worry about her lover!! Caleb is in extreme danger now!! Poor girl!!


Hanna and Caleb are my favorite couple by far.


Hanna is so lucky she gets to kiss that hunk.

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