Two and a Half Men Review: "One False Move, Zimbabwe!"

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Watching this week's Two and a Half Men, I couldn't help but feel like I'm watching a completely different show these days. Walden has become much more of a focal point since his courtship with Zoe began.

But this week, it was much more than that.

Alan was again relegated to the sideline of the A story as he played Walden's sidekick, while Jake (with some Eldritch) and Berta were barely used as supporting characters.

A Two and a Half Men Christmas

The real difference this week stemmed from guest star Mimi Rogers as Walden's mother. The episode attempted to take a more emotional route again with Walden, this time exploring his childhood.

Apparently, Walden was raised with a gorilla, Magilla, for the first four years of his life as part of his mother's experiment. The result? Walden is smarter than a gorilla. Oh, and some emotional scaring from the "One False Move, Zimbabwe!" threat that led Walden up to the top of a roof for a little King Kong parody.

Somewhere, between that rooftop scene and Walden's reunion with Magilla, the sitcom felt off and like a different show, though watching a 400-pound Gorilla tickle Kutcher had me laughing at the end at least.

The main highlight of the night for me took place on the floor during the King Kong scene. I loved both Zoe's ridiculously adorable parents meeting Walden's mother and the stoned Jake and Eldritch showing up with some pizza in hand, then leaving for some FroYo.

So what did everyone else think of the latest Walden-centric installment of Men? Are you caring about his relationship with Zoe, his mother, and long lost gorilla brother?


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Ashton is not the best fit, and what happened to the lines for Berta, Evelyn,Jake etc. They pretty much sucked all humor out. It now revolves around Ashton and the soooo annoying Zoey. It's boring and I have stopped watching, too bad they messed it up so badly. It was a great show.


This was the absolute worst show. It was boring and unfunny. It almost looks like the writers are trying to get through the season with an eye to cancelling it. Just terrible now.


A post by JT looks like posted by the producer of the series.
Terrible and stupid show; the old 2 and half men was very good


i cant beleive the fcc hasnt stopped that show after you had jake smoking weed . he is underage . You guys are running out of ideas so now your trying to make it like that seventys show ecxept jake is underage in real life .. thats soooooooo wrong .. heres an idea . have charlie come back on and get rid of aston .. its not working . allen is suposet to be the dumb ass now the is two dumb asses .. the older brother thing was working .. it made it a family show .. keep smoking weed on that show and you guys will be gone


why do you guys have jake smokeing weed. he is underage in real life and on the show.. that show sucks now , it was great when Charlie sheen was on it , now its just two and half naked ashton kusher


what were you thinking Chuck Lorre when that Gorilla episode was shot ??
Bring Charlie Sheen back - he had the Winning Formula , believe it or Not !!


PLEASE RESURRECT CHARLIE !! We all need a good laugh these days. The show stinks now and is riding on his coat tails. There is no one who can carry the show like he did.


done, done and done. Beg charlie to come back please......from the dead! Ashton chugs balls.


The show is over. Too bad. It was real funny with Charlie Sheen. Ashton Kutcher is not carrying the show at all. Hopefully Jon Cryer will find work soon, he's a great talent.


I think this show is not the same after Charlie's departure. It became too childish, less funny, more like a drama for Alan, overall it creates completely different mood than the original. Do not enjoy :(

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