Two and a Half Men Review: "One False Move, Zimbabwe!"

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Watching this week's Two and a Half Men, I couldn't help but feel like I'm watching a completely different show these days. Walden has become much more of a focal point since his courtship with Zoe began.

But this week, it was much more than that.

Alan was again relegated to the sideline of the A story as he played Walden's sidekick, while Jake (with some Eldritch) and Berta were barely used as supporting characters.

A Two and a Half Men Christmas

The real difference this week stemmed from guest star Mimi Rogers as Walden's mother. The episode attempted to take a more emotional route again with Walden, this time exploring his childhood.

Apparently, Walden was raised with a gorilla, Magilla, for the first four years of his life as part of his mother's experiment. The result? Walden is smarter than a gorilla. Oh, and some emotional scaring from the "One False Move, Zimbabwe!" threat that led Walden up to the top of a roof for a little King Kong parody.

Somewhere, between that rooftop scene and Walden's reunion with Magilla, the sitcom felt off and like a different show, though watching a 400-pound Gorilla tickle Kutcher had me laughing at the end at least.

The main highlight of the night for me took place on the floor during the King Kong scene. I loved both Zoe's ridiculously adorable parents meeting Walden's mother and the stoned Jake and Eldritch showing up with some pizza in hand, then leaving for some FroYo.

So what did everyone else think of the latest Walden-centric installment of Men? Are you caring about his relationship with Zoe, his mother, and long lost gorilla brother?


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Anybody who thinks this episode was anyway funny must be simple in the head ! Ridiculous, as we say in irish: pog mo hon, kiss my arse! Love and miss you Charlie Harper (Sheen)


The best comedy show of the last decade is now so boring and not funny, cannot watch it anymore, it's not only Charlie's huge absence, it's the script that sucks, the whole theme of the show has changed, who the heck is Walden Schmidt? why is he supposed to be funny, even the previously funny characters are not funny anymore ... wild guess: this is the last season of this show ...


I've always said that the show should just have gotten someone else to play Charlie -- it was done successfully on BEWITCHED and on ROSEANNE -- but I was willing to give it a chance. I'm not a fan of AK at all but I think the real problem with the new season is the WRITING. Where are Herb, Berta, Jake and Evelyn? Why has Alan turned into such an unlikable dirty old man? Why did so much have to change just because the main character changed? If the writing and characters on this show had been like this in the beginning, the show never would have lasted more than one season. It's merely resting on its laurels this season and that wont last long.


I liked last episode a lot but this one not so much. The storyline about the gorilla brother wasn't very funny and the episode depended too much on this theme. And when someone like Mimi Rogers showed up in a show like Two And A Half Men I had hoped that the plot had been more sexual. Not even cleavage :-( Yeah I know, she's pretty old but still hot.


I have nothing against the "Sheenless" show, but this episode was dull, boring, had dumb (and not funny/interesting) story, and didn't make too much sense.
I hope it improves.


since everyone is being so critical about how they don't like the show, i'd like to point out one observation and you can say what you want, it's just an opinion. their ratings are at their highest. tv shows are like radio stations, they play what you like while you're listening but as you get older, the radio station changes to appeal others in greater markets. it may seem that the AK market and all his followers since That 70's Show might outnumber CS's market. so, of course the writers are going to change it up a little. i see a little Kelso coming out in Walden. those that are old enough to understand Sheen and young enough to understand Kutcher seem to be the one's on the fence (i know i'm generalizing). but my point is, that those that were too old for That 70's Show, probably aren't going to connect with Kutcher (i'm sure there might be a small debate for the outliers, especially those attracted to him). More importantly, those too young for Sheen are probably the ones boosting the ratings because they identify with Kutcher. long story short, we are all getting older and if you don't like something anymore, deal with it and move on. spreading all this negativity sucks. but i do have to say that reading some of the pseudo Siskel & Eberts is rather funny. to analyze a comedy show, is a bit disturbing when you take it too far. if you took the gorilla episode too personally and are now wondering how the plot fits against Walden, you are taking the show way too seriously and i know there's no stock options involved so why you take it so seriously is beyond me. sheen and lorre have already mended their fences (or stopped bickering) so keeping the hate alive in the post-Sheen era is just weird. and truth be told, working with coke heads is not fun, so lorre had every right to intervene with what he thought was a friend at the time. i lost a friend to meth year ago. he's not dead, his attitude just kept changing the more he did meth to the point where he lost his friends, family and job (oh! what a coincidence). i'm going to say something really stupid, but there's a hidden meaning to it. sometimes i really wish 2012 was going to happen because i see that people are starting to prefer to stay angry rather than happy. and we just weren't like that when we were kids. maybe you "angry" people are also taking "acting like a grown up" too seriously too. i wish you would analyze that as much as you do this show. i wish both Sheen and Kutcher the best. happy holidays.


I laughed once during this episode; when Eldridge called his mom. I kept wondering why everyone was so nice. Even Berta is nice (well, nicer). With so many nice people around him Alan is just bitter and lonely. Where is his stubborn grasp on askewed optimism? This is not Two and a Half Men anymore. Its an entirely different show and not a very good one at that. I don't even TiVo it if I'm not going to be home.


This one was awful.


When the show started this year, I did not think it would survive without Sheen. I found the first few episodes pretty lame. However, The last few episodes have been pretty good, and I have been pulled into the new plot line with Waldon. BUT...what happened this week? The gorilla episode was so NOT what I would expect from Two and a Half Men. I felt like I was watching an episode from Chris Elliot's old show "Get a Life." I can't imagine what the writers were thinking. I hope that this was an anomaly and that Two and a Half Men didn't just Jump the Shark!


I actually cringed watching this episode. It is just too stupid for words, but I'll give it a try. Is this the character development that we can expect from the writers regarding Walden? It seems like they are not taking the character very seriously at all. I can't think of any show worth its salt that had a character development whereby the main character grew up with a gorilla? I mean, how stupid can you get. Sure, the rediculousness of the whole thing is sort of funny once you jump on board the reality suspension wagon. This may have worked well for a show like Seinfeld, but 2 1/2 men doesn't have a strong comedic ensemble like Seinfeld did. That said, this whole season would be a perfect "dream sequence" for Alan should Sheen ever be brought back to the show. Otherwise, milk it baby, milk it for every dime boys while you crank out more crap and run the show into the ground.

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