Two and a Half Men Review: "One False Move, Zimbabwe!"

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Watching this week's Two and a Half Men, I couldn't help but feel like I'm watching a completely different show these days. Walden has become much more of a focal point since his courtship with Zoe began.

But this week, it was much more than that.

Alan was again relegated to the sideline of the A story as he played Walden's sidekick, while Jake (with some Eldritch) and Berta were barely used as supporting characters.

A Two and a Half Men Christmas

The real difference this week stemmed from guest star Mimi Rogers as Walden's mother. The episode attempted to take a more emotional route again with Walden, this time exploring his childhood.

Apparently, Walden was raised with a gorilla, Magilla, for the first four years of his life as part of his mother's experiment. The result? Walden is smarter than a gorilla. Oh, and some emotional scaring from the "One False Move, Zimbabwe!" threat that led Walden up to the top of a roof for a little King Kong parody.

Somewhere, between that rooftop scene and Walden's reunion with Magilla, the sitcom felt off and like a different show, though watching a 400-pound Gorilla tickle Kutcher had me laughing at the end at least.

The main highlight of the night for me took place on the floor during the King Kong scene. I loved both Zoe's ridiculously adorable parents meeting Walden's mother and the stoned Jake and Eldritch showing up with some pizza in hand, then leaving for some FroYo.

So what did everyone else think of the latest Walden-centric installment of Men? Are you caring about his relationship with Zoe, his mother, and long lost gorilla brother?


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stupid, stupid, stubid


This whole season has been a tremendous disappointment. My wife and I loved it until Kutcher replaced Sheen. Don't get me wrong, we think Sheen is an ass and deserved to be fired but the story lines are really pathetic and Kutcher is a terrible actor. We keep giving it another chance but enough is enough!


Sorry, folks....the gorilla episode was pure crap. It's all downhill from here.


Hey Joe....that was bugging me too...was able to find out it was Jane Carr, she was on an 80s sitcom Dear John.


i've been on the fence about this season for past episodes. i would sit and watch the show and notice i don't laugh as much but there are funny parts. the gorilla episode was funny. it had a good feel from the start and was hilarious at the end. zoey's interesting and her parents are awesome. can't wait for the parents to meet evelyn. hopefully the sob stuff is over with. the bedroom scene at the beginning was funny too. i like that they are transitioning between groups more often so it doesn't drag like the sobby episodes.


All this hate is pure idiotic! These claims that this season sucks, do some research, this is one of the highest rated seasons to date! It's not slipping one bit. Yes I do agree the writing could be better, and I do think that having Herb replace Charlie would have made for a better storyline. But all this hate has to stop! Charlie Sheen is NO GOD! So stop bowing down to him all the time! He is a self-abusing drug addicted whore moger that seriously needs help. This kind of behavior should not be parated on cable television! Anyway Ashton does just fine on the show, in fact I think I'd rather see Waldon than Alan. Alan has become a sick and warped character that people would rather see him vanish from the face of the Earth than see him on their tv screen. As for the gorilla plot line, I thought that was brillant writing. Yet I think they could of showed some more respect towards the gorilla. This could of been used as a great opprotunity to educate the public about one of man kind's closest relatives. Yet his intellect was made a mockery in the public eye as well as the misconception of a gorilla being a monkey, which in fact they are a species of great apes just like humans are. They are NOT monkeys! Not only that but they didn't even think to consult an actual primatologist/anthropologist who cares for gorillas to provide an actual realistic view of gorillas as well as volunteering to bring a real gorilla onto the show, just to film his or her's expressions and mannerisms so the gorrila isn't exploited and that a human double be used with Ashton for saftey reasons for both the gorilla and Ashton. Otherwise having a gorilla for a brother isn't at all that far feched. Back in the times between the 1920s to the 1970s many experiments were done involving non-human great apes to test the intellectual and behavioral aspects of non-human apes growing up in a human atmosphere and around human children.


I agree with Liz we all know Charlie was loaded the money should've went to Jake or Allen and the idea of Evelyn going broke is awesome come Chuck 2.5 men needs some help.


brother to a gorilla really? Are your writers over 8 years old? Unless the story lines pick up I won't waste my time watching this anymore when I previously looked forward to it.


I would like the name of the actress who played Zoey's mother in last night's episode of Two and a Half men. Anyone know? Regards Joe


At the end of the episode tonight, it had a comment from Chuck Lorre with a picture of a gorilla , which said-" "Oddly enough , this was not my worst day this year! Happy Holidays" Chuck Lorre""
What happened to the original writers from this show!! It went from what once was a hilarious sitcom when Charlie Sheen was part of the show -to the stupidest show on TV!!!!
This week`s episode with Magilla the gorilla and Ashton acting like a three year old child was ridiculous!
It pains me to see what Mr. Lorre has done to what once was the best show on the network-

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