Family Guy Review: Disabled Ladies Night

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Although the majority of "The Blind Side" was all about Brian and his never-ending saga to find a girlfriend, I was more focused on other matters. For starters, Family Guy does not like True Blood; in fact, this is the second time that popular series has been lampooned this season alone.  

Marlee Matlin on Family Guy

Secondly, Stewie is simply epic. To wit:

1,2,3,4 I'm dancing from my vagina.
1,2,3,4 I'm grinding, I'm grinding.
Orgasm-eyes, Orgasm-eyes, and we're done. | permalink

Enough said.

I’m going to ignore the part where Peter fell down the new stairs repeatedly because I didn’t find it funny or relevant to the story.  And I almost forgot that Marlee Matlin was part of "The Blind Side" at all. To give such a prominent deaf actress a few paltry lines in the beginning was a waste of talent.

The bulk of the actual story fell on Brian and his wooing of Kate. Did anyone think that Brian’s ruse with Stewie would pan out? Considering that Brian beat up a rug and a ham leg and convinced Kate that he took her to the Eiffel Tower, I thought perhaps he would get away with it.

Tonight’s Family Guy reminded me why I loved it so much in the first place. Stewie is one of the best and most unique characters ever to grace our television. The best of Stewie here included his Qi-Gong, roller-derby names, interaction with Batman, and, of course, the choreography to Showgirls. When he showed up as a nurse to Brian, I just about lost it. 

What did you think?What was your favorite Stewie moment? Catch the best of Stewie and everyone else, updated each week in our section of Family Guy quotes.


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I died laughing on this one. Funniest Family Guy in ages. Good thing too because I had begun to worry.


Loved this episode. While your lampooning of the staircase falling for not being funny it did tie in loosely to the plot of the house falling down. It was good old fashioned Family Guy fun and random stupidity that we know and love from the series. This is what the die hard fans want, silly escapism for 30 mins. Not creepy old pedophiles fighting each other or weird mushroom trips. It's nice to see the show finally getting back on track. The story while rehashed proved quite refreshing, and there was only one scene of violence where Stewie cut off Brians tail, but it was so funny by Brian's reaction it wasn't as gratuitous as women split in half by quagmire after he had viagra or evil stewie's rampage.

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Family Guy Season 10 Episode 11 Quotes

Stewie: "Brian, if I take up roller derby what od you think my name should be? Bruisin' B. Anthony, Alicia Sleaze, or Quo Hag?"
Brian: "How about Harlot O'Scara?"
Stewie: "You dick, that's awesome."

Disabled Girl: "Mine are made from teak, what are yours made from?"
Pirate: "Mine are just press board with wood veneer, I can't get wet."
Disabled Girl: "Oh...I think I see my friends."