Pretty Little Liars Review: Turning the Tables on A

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Our Pretty Little Liars are back in a big way! After many, many (many!) episodes of being the unwilling pawns in A's game, the girls finally got a clue on the winter premiere and started playing their own games in "Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares." It was a satisfying episode after the disappointing mid-season finale because it gave me hope that we will soon learn who A really is.

My first reaction when watching the show, however, was mild annoyance. I wondered why the girls were being so vile to Emily. I re-watched the last episode and tried to figure out if I missed something. Emily has been A's favorite victim for awhile now, causing her to end up in hospital, lose her place on the swim team and nearly die. It seemed rather messed up that Spencer, Hanna and Aria would suddenly turn on her, especially when she's totally right. 

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It's never made much sense to me that all the girls blindly follow Spencer, and so far their refusal to talk to anyone about A has only made the situation worse. That made it kind of satisfying when Emily turned on her and the two engaged in an awesome garbage war.

Once their great plan was revealed, I thought it was a step in the right direction for the show, but then the follow-through was completely mishandled. They laid the big trap for A with a very public (and somewhat overly dramatic) argument at school, with all the most probable suspects nearby. BUT then Spencer, Hanna and Aria had personal issues to deal with, making them late to the meeting and putting Emily in a lot of danger.

I have to say that I'm really impressed with Emily's character development. She's gone from a meek, closeted girl to a confident and strong young woman. She went ahead and met with A all by herself, even though Emily knows how dangerous A can be. The girls missed their opportunity to catch A, but they did get A's cell phone. I can't wait to see what juicy secrets they'll uncover with that little piece of evidence!

At this point, we should really reconsider all of the possible suspects. Spencer seems convinced that Jenna and Garrett were, at the very least, involved in Allison's death. She spent some time baiting Garrett about their "new evidence" to see how he would respond, and he did seem very suspicious. Could Garrett be A? With Jenna as his accomplice?

But, what about Jason? He's suddenly disappeared, and I'm sure we'll hear more about it him soon enough. The figure in the woods definitely looked male, but it could just as easily have been a woman.

Any other suspects come to mind?

On another note, I thought it was just bad timing for Aria and Ezra to go public with their relationship. Aria knew she had a very important meeting to get to that night, so she shouldn't have started what will be a very long conversation with her parents. Plus, I'm wasn't at all surprised by her parents' reaction (or maybe surprised that it wasn't that severe).

Does anyone really think it's alright for teachers to date their high school students? Regardless of the circumstances, Ezra was the adult and should've known better. It wouldn't have killed him to wait until he was at least working at another school. But I guess it wouldn't have been as romantic. In any case, it does give us plenty of drama to look forward to this season.

What are you most excited for this season? Watch promo now for "A Hot Piece of A" and then sound off and welcome back PLL, TV Fanatics!


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What a smashing winter premiere!
I love how the Ezria story plays out! I love Mike for having Aria's back! Ezra hater can go jump down nearest river, thank you.
And that chasing scene at the end, dayum, though I'm still cursing Aria for not using those flashlights!!! But it's a promising premiere!


Ezra WAS her teacher..besides he never forced her to do anything...Ezra never abused his authority as her teacher.he was also her teacher for just one year,and he left the school so that people wont judge their relationship,yet people are not satisfied..i pity all the ezria haters cos by season 3 she'll be 18,and she will have sex with him..i wonder what u guys would say by


Part 3!!!!!!!!
He[Byron] doesn't realize that he and Ezra are the exact same! Perhaps he is even worse, sure technically it was legal in his case but it's still wrong. Plus he was cheating on his wife! The whole time Aria and Ezra were together they knew the consequences and were willing to take the chance because of how much they loved each other.
Holy crap I wrote a lot! but it's because I had a lot to say and no one to listen.... Anyways I can't wait for the next episode!!!


PART 2!!!!!!!
As for Aria and Ezra's relationship when I found out he was her teacher I immediately thought they should break up, it's wrong. He is her teacher, sure she is 17 and he's like 25 not bad only an 8 year difference but there has to be a limit, if the police let this go because they claim they are in love, what happens when a 17 year old girl and a 47 year old teacher get intimate and claim their love? It's not right. but I am a hopeless Ezria fan. they did try to stop, over and over again. That still doesn't make it right, sure. But lets also factor in that we are watching a teen drama!!!!!!!!!! There are supposed to be people doing the wrong thing, that's what makes the show so addicting! Now that Ezra works at Hollis there is no reason they shouldn't be together. The scene where they tell Ella and Byron made me so mad, mostly because of Byron's reaction.


PART 1!!!!!!!!
The episode was AMAZING!!!! And about A, *SPOILER ALERT*, in the books the original A was Mona, but the show and the books are going in a different direction. In the show there are so many different characters like Garrett and Caleb and in the books when Aria and Ezra's relationship was found out Aria's current boyfriend found out and called the police (needless to say she dumped his ass)and Ezra was almost put in jail, so it may be that A isn't Mona but I'm not going to rule her out either.


The relationship between Ezra and Aria got lit up in the spotlight, in this episode, finally. I'm hoping his adult ex- made him see what his little head has been avoiding looking at--Aria is a kid. I don't care if she's 17--it's about the fact that he's in a position of authority. In another place, he could be a troop leader and she could be one of his scouts--both males. People would be screaming pedophilia. But, because it's a pretty girl and an ok-looking guy, people are getting their backs up, defending the relationship. No. Plenty of hot guys, her own age, for her to be with. He needs a shrink :)


Freaking awesome episode!! Yeah I was the same way with Emily and Spencer when they started fighting while doing community service I texted my sister and was like 'did I miss something' then I started to think maybe it was a plan and I liked that it was. But yeah I liked that they finally turned the table but god at the end I was just ahhhh so close yet so far I kept screaming at emily to rip off the hoodie. But so cannot wait to see what happens with A's phone.


I'm envious of Ezra. I would smash the shit outta Aria, student or not.


omg i love the episode I love everything except Mike Punching that pedo Ezra. He could have punched his slut sister lul then the episode would be perfect


lol, honestly, they all had flashlights and i don't get it: why the hell didn't the girls show light on A's face? lol, really
otherwise, it was a pretty good episode, tho, i feel bad for Toby. everything's falling apart and he's forced to watch it and has no clue what's going on and why Spcencer is pushing him away. it hurts to see him like this.

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