The Mentalist Review: The Talking Dead

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"My Bloody Valentine" featured Grace facing her past, while Rigsby was confronted by his future.

Grace couldn't seem to catch a break. She got shot at and crashed her car, probably had a concussion, was being chased by a hired killer and was stuck with a grumpy hooker. Of course, the hooker was also a killer but we'll get back to that later.

Then, visions of her dead fiance started to pop up. Was this her head injury, her post traumatic stress disorder or simply a ghost from her past coming back to haunt her?

The moment Lisbon shoved that necklace under her nose you saw Grace's tenuous hold on her emotions begin to crumble. Lisbon actually seemed a little blase about it. I would have thought she'd offer to hold onto it for Grace until she was ready to deal with it instead of telling her she could have the necklace auctioned off. That came off a little cold.

Jane at the Crime Scene

I knew from the start that our prostitute was trouble, but I was surprised she was actually the murdeer. At least it wasn't a hooker with a heart of gold story. We'll save that one for Cho and Summer. This hooker drove a Lexus and tried to bash Grace's head in. I think that made her a little worse than grumpy.

The entire team was worried about Grace but Wayne was the one to track her down. Rigsby's never been one of my favorite characters, yet I liked him the best when he was paired with Van Pelt. I loved how O'Laughlin disappeared from Grace's vision just as Rigsby came into view.

Are Grace and Wayne destined to find their way back to one another? Well, not so fast.

Sarah was all but forgotten as Wayne worried about Grace. Granted, she was missing and in trouble but I doubt he ever even thought about calling Sarah back or keeping her informed. 

We'd never seen Sarah appear so needy before and it made me wonder if this was the beginning of the end for this duo. Apparently that would be too easy, though... I was floored when she confessed she was pregnant. I sure never saw that coming. This will certainly complicate things.

It was Grace's story that took center stage but Jane had a few good moments too. I loved listening to him ask Porchetto to let him borrow the man who killed his son and then he'd give him back and the gangster could do what he wanted to him. Because if anyone would understand the need for vengeance, it's Jane.

Lisbon jumped into the thick of Jane's plan fairly quickly at the hospital. She's been doing more and more of that lately. Questioning him less. Taking the leaps of faith and trusting his methods. It's nice to see but it makes me wonder where that leads next. It could bring them closer together or it could bring Lisbon nothing but trouble.

In the end, Grace didn't get many answers from Craig. How did he become Red John's pawn? Was Grace simply a means to an end or did he truly love her? Could it be both? She'll probably never know for sure but perhaps she'll be able to find some peace and move on.

As for Rigsby, I think his problems have just begun.


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Very interesting to see a slow downward spiral in Jane's character. That spell of amnesia must have triggered more of his sleazy huckster past that was obvious at the time. I noticed in the previous episode with Susan (the detective) that he remarked on her having "great legs." So not like Patrick Jane. He has always stayed away from admiring women beyond noting someone is attractive in connection with investigating a murder. Combine that with his increasingly questionable, somewhat unethical crime solving behavior and one has to wonder where this is leading. Jane has spent, what - 9 years or more seeking revenge, got misled when he killed the wrong "Red John" and came near dying when he almost drowned. He may be getting desperate for a final resolution without caring much about the consequences. Who knows? Regardless, great story line, great acting. Love this series!


I loved Grace in this episode. This season she finally has depth. Far too often on other shows something traumatic happens to a character and then there is never any follow up on it. I like how the Mentalist has shown Grace being truly troubled by what happened with Craig. And it is obvious that Rigsby is still in love with Grace. Of course, now he has a responsibility to this other woman. Really liked this episode last night. Poor Grace, the writers just are not giving her a break but it does make her more interesting.


I admist that Lisbon was very blase about the necklace, since she's the one who was there when V.P. shot her fiance, and Grace hanging the locket over her Orchid was a good sign, just like Jane likes to revisit the room where his wife was murdered so as to remind himself of who he was and what it cost him. Rigsby on the other hand is still like a puppy dog who refuses to be trained, and he's getting in more deeply with Sarah.
Lisbon is trusting more in Jane's instincts which shows the direction the show is going to go now that Jane has stepped over to the dark side. Baker has even warned the audience that we are going to have to follow him into this journey like it or not. Kudos to the writers to ceate a charactor that is evolving into something less likeable and more sinister and devious that previously entertained.


OMG, Sarah is pregnant??? What the hell... What do you guys think this development? do you think is true, or is Sarah those woman who do anything to keep men. And what this means to Rigspelt? Loved, LOVED the hugging scene!


I was thinking during the last episode and this one confirms the idea for me that Lisbon is treating Jane like she treated Bosco, her old partner -- accepting and trusting his intent, but not too hesitant to criticize his methods and keep him grounded. I like it because I like cop partners in mysteries I read and even on other shows (like NCIS, for instance).

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Loved this episode. What a great insight in Van Pelt's character(pretty much my favorite side-part of the main cast, as Rigsby is generic and Cho is mostly enjoyable in his dynamic with others like Summer). Very good episode in terms of her character and explains quite a lot about her decisions through last season.

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